HaasOnline Review 2023: Is This Trading Bot Legit?

About HaasOnline

One of the most sophisticated automatic crypto trading bots in the world is HaasOnline. HaasOnline is essentially a technological business that focuses on high-frequency solutions to trade, which includes a set of great cryptocurrency trading strategies. HaasOnline Trade Server, which is their current flagship product, is especially well-liked by experienced traders who have come from traditional markets like Forex and are trying to optimize efficiency and profitability in cryptocurrency markets. In this HaasOnline review, there is information available about all aspects of HaasOnline, such as crypto trading, trading strategies, complex automated trading algorithms, etc.

HaasOnline Overview

Official Website https://www.haasonline.com/
Established 2014
Available Payment Options Bitcoin
Cloud-Based Yes
Supported Exchanges 24
Mobile Support No
Plans and Pricing Beginner – ₿0.006/3mo; ₿0.008/6mo; ₿0.013/12mo
Simple – ₿0.008/3mo; ₿0.016/6mo; ₿0.023/12mo
Advanced – ₿0.014/3mo; ₿0.026/6mo; ₿0.038/12mo
Free Trial Offers 14-day free trial
Academy Program No
Affiliate Program No
Customer Support Live Chat, Email, Support Center, & Social Media Support

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How Does HaasOnline Work?

The HaasOnline review states that the cryptocurrency trading platform is essentially a technological business that focuses on high-frequency solutions. Using crypto trading bots, the HaasOnline Trade Server, a current flagship product, is especially well-liked by experienced traders who have come from traditional markets like Forex and are trying to optimize efficiency and profitability in cryptocurrency markets. HaasOnline has also created its own proprietary programming language, called HaasScript, which is comparable to other robust scripting languages like PineScript. With cryptocurrency trading, traders can develop, test, and improve techniques that were previously impossible with a great trading strategy.

HaasOnline Trading Bot User Interface

HaasOnline Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
A profitable business for crypto traders with a highly profitable integrations API, great customizable dashboards, and provides an advanced scripting experience for its advanced users. It is difficult for beginners to trade since there are no trial options available.
It provides great security, profits, and a trade server cloud with more features for profit. The bot works – advanced crypto trading bots and will be difficult to set up without strategies.
Secure servers, powerful backtesting engines, unrealistic profits, quant-sourced marketplace. Ai stock trading tools cannot be used by beginners with full fledge.
Haasonline offers AI robots, and another Haasonline supports buying and selling many popular exchanges. Crypto trading bots are a bit expensive.

Products Offered by HaasOnline Trading Platform

The following are the products offered by HaasOnline. They are:-

  • TradeServe Cloud
  • TradeServer
  • HaasScript

TradeServe Cloud

TradeServe Cloud is the ultimate forex charting software with grid trading and the best free crypto trading bot that can automatically trade currencies. With this TradeServe Cloud, custom automated trades can be made, and customers can keep track of all their crypto accounts under a single portfolio, thereby managing portfolios.

Cloud Management and Trading Bots

The management of the cloud of the site allows people to concentrate on monitoring and to improve the methods while leaving the management of the website’s safe, quick, and global infrastructure to the team of experts with profitable trading experience.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Users will never again stress about downloading or implementing software updates. They eliminate the hassle of running this sophisticated online platform with simulated training.

TradeServe Cloud by HaasOnline

24/7 Trading

The entire toolkit for copy trading is always connected and prepared to process signals from various sources while also making deals.

Configurable Dashboard 
Set up many dashboards to keep an eye on important sources and data. Market data, portfolio data, trading bot activity, and more are all covered.

Leverage Signal 

To perform buys and sells with active HaasScripts, use third-party signals, enabling copy and trade for transactions involving the same transactions as another authorized user, creating an advanced position and thereby enabling them to secure enterprise infrastructure.

Access Anytime and Anywhere 

Utilize effective automated tools for using the tablet, smartphone, or laptop of private traders. With an Internet connection, you may trade without installing any software from anywhere with the best investment advice from the site and top trading bots.


Haasonline’s flagship product, TradeServer, helps novice traders to become expert cryptocurrency traders and optimize profits; other trading bots; charting tools; paper trade options; robust coding API, web-based scripting ide; and advanced indicators.

Advanced Crypto Trade Options

Utilize cutting-edge features like portfolio management, market scanners, bespoke order types, and bot extensions for markets.

Complete Privacy 

HaasOnline offers complete privacy for its traders from other traders. Utilize the HaasOnline TradeServer to avoid the cloud. This secure hardware is where the trade data and API keys are kept, out of the reach of prying eyes.

No Fees or Restrictions

These plans cover all of the integrated crypto exchanges, have no volume limits, and never take a cut of any profits in trading markets work.

HaasOnline TradeServer

Reduce Emotions

Users are less likely to experience emotional reactions during difficult occurrences when they spend more time perfecting their methods with the Haasonline cryptocurrency trading platform.

Improve Efficiency

When users replicate and automate the manual operations, they may save hundreds of hours over the course of their entire career with crypto trading software in the cryptocurrency market. They can develop custom bots, take care of crypto exchanges, execute trades and be active traders with any trading bot without having to worry about the prices fluctuating rapidly.


The Haasonline server is a volatile and exciting world of the world’s leading & safest crypto exchange with a productive bot coding workflow and exchange integrations. With crypto trading bots designed for certain market situations, customers may add extra layers of risk management to help safeguard existing holdings or capitalize on volatility.


The HaasOnline trading platform has an advanced crypto scripting language on the Haasonline trading system since the scripting is a proprietary scripting language apt for professional algorithmic traders. Automated bots and crypto trading bot options are available for smart trading, but with no free trial for a trading analyst. Everyone may confidently develop technical indicators, automated bots, strategies, safety nets, insurance policies, and much more using HaasScript.

Minimal Coding 

The clever text-based editor or the user-friendly drag-and-drop graphic designer are both excellent tools for creating HaasScripts and simulated trading algorithms.

Complete Control 

Use the built-in overall functionality of HaasScript to handle the laborious tasks while customers concentrate on the broader plan or exercise total control.

Execute like Pro

Invest in several places with a single HaasScript. Create original tactics, like market-making with several entrance and exit points.

Take It Easy

By reducing risk with carefully designed safety measures, insurance, and technical indications, HaasScript makes it simple to secure your cryptocurrency investments.

HaasOnline HaasScript

Calculations and Signals

Use our plug-and-play simple indicators for minimal configuration or extrapolate raw data from low-level indicators like RSI, SMA, and MACD.

A Command Library of 600+

Choose from over 600 commands in a growing library to do computations, create charts, handle signals, manage positions, and more.

HaasOnline Key Features

There are several key features of HaasOnline in their production version, which make it easier to copy and help users review HaasOnline before becoming a trader on the great platform. Profit from the site is not limited to bot usage only. The following are the key features of the HaasOnline trading server:-

  • Crypto Trading Bot
  • Exchange Integration
  • Backtesting and Paper Trading
  • HaasScript Editors

Crypto Trading Bot

The trade bots are far more adaptable than other custom bots, which are pre-built for certain profit margins (npm). This enables the user to quickly reproduce virtually any strategy by configuring technical indicators, chart settings, safety nets, and insurance. Its pre-built methods are used by traders who are just starting with automatic crypto trading. These customized bots are packed with historically tested tactics, and all that is needed to put them on an exchange is some configuration.

Exchange Integration

Utilize the relationships and in-depth integration they have with these important Bitcoin exchanges. With this level of flexibility, users may use sophisticated techniques, such as the Inter-Exchange Arbitrage Bot. Users have control over the transactions using the crypto trading platform; there are no limitations based on trade activity. No exchange limits are currently in effect. Every exchange that supports it is included in every one of the plans.

Backtesting and Paper Trading

Utilize the backtesting tool provided by HaasOnline with reliable historical data. Crypto trading strategy simulation allows users to see how crypto trading algorithms respond to changes in the market. Using historical exchange data, improve automated techniques, and examine how they would have responded to different historical market moves. Use several price closing techniques to precisely assess the accuracy of the automated trading strategies logic. Use the simulation engine with various crypto trading algorithm variants to test the scripts’ responsiveness to real-world market situations and make improvements as needed. With other risk elements like slippage, the simulated engine offers traders a broader understanding of how well algorithms operate.

Backtesting and Paper Trading by HaasOnline

HaasScript Editors

By putting together logical building blocks that translate into well-tested code, anyone may create workable tactics. With the 500+ graphic blocks—which feature mathematics, graphing, pricing data, trade actions, automated trading bots, and so much more — can create sophisticated crypto trading strategies.

HaasOnline Account Sign-Up Process

Signing up with the site is an easy process, as discussed below:-

Create Account

The types of accounts that can be created with the automated crypto bot trading site are based on the trading bot usage and have information and trades that are limited to traders. The following are the different types of accounts on the site:-

  • Beginner Account
  • Simple Account
  • Advanced Account

The Beginner account is for traders who have just entered the crypt bot world; the Simple account is for markets that work for having informed and profitable trades experience. Users who have knowledge of smart crypto bot currency can choose this option, and the advanced account creates advanced positions for professional traders to buy and sell cryptocurrency from any grid trading bot from trade bots or other crypto trading bot platforms without a free trial.

Set Up Your Accounts

Setting up an account with the site is an easy process, as discussed below:-

  • Click on the “Pricing” option from the site and then choose the best plan (i.e.) Beginners, Simple, or Advanced.
  • Once the plan is ready, click on “Select plan”.
  • On the next page, review the order, create the order, process payment, and the order is complete.
  • Finally, a confirmation message will be sent to users’ email addresses once the registration is completed successfully.

HaasOnline Referral Program

HaasOnline Referral Program

Join the 8,633 affiliates who already benefit from the best referral program in the sector. It is clear how successful the referral program has been given that over $1,216,962.45 has been paid out. Starting at 10%, commissions can go up to 25% depending on how well their campaign does. The average commission per order is $72, so users will rapidly see a return on their investment from advanced bots.

HaasOnline Bug Bounty Program

The professionals go above and above to provide the crypto community with a crypto strategy and top-notch financial goods and technology. Although there is always room for improvement, they would want to collaborate with ethical security researchers in their ongoing efforts to protect their clients. They provide rewards and recognition on the Wall of Fame for serious vulnerabilities to buy and sell signals.

Pricing Plans for Account Available at HaasOnline

Features Offered Beginner Simple Advanced
Charge 0.006 BTC/ 3 months 0.008 BTC/ 3 months 0.014 BTC/ 3 months
Active Trading Bots 10 20 Unrestricted
Backtesting and Paper Trading Available Available Available
Insurance Accesses 11 13 Unrestricted
Safety Accesses 10 20 Unrestricted
Access to Indicators 20+ 40+ Unrestricted
Core Features Restricted Restricted Unrestricted
Trades Unlimited and No Fees Unlimited and No Fees Unlimited and No Fees
Visual Editor for HaasScript No Yes, both Yes, both
Exchanges 22 22 All exchanges
Upgrades TradeServer Cloud Yes Yes Yes
Developer License No No Free
Chat & Ticket Support Yes Yes Yes
$100 VPS Credit Yes Yes Yes

HaasOnline Customer Support

All users of HaasOnline have access to live chat and a ticketing system for customer assistance. You are taken care of whether you have the Beginner, Simple, or Advanced plan. Because chat isn’t constantly active, you’re basically directed back to the ticketing system. In keeping with most of its rivals, HaasOnline doesn’t offer phone assistance. But they do offer support with documentation and Q&As so that users can solve their queries very easily.

HaasOnline Live Chat Support

HaasOnline Review: Conclusion

The most sophisticated crypto programming language in the world, HaasScript, was created by HaasOnline. You may develop intricate automated trading algorithms and technical indicators, produce and decipher signals, and much more with HaasScript. With paper trading, you can monitor risk-free in real time how your crypto trading bots are doing. In its sole discretion, HaasOnline will decide whether a report qualifies for a reward.


Is HaasOnline Legit?

Yes. It is a legit platform for users from throughout the world.

What Exchange Does HaasOnline Support?

Basically, the Haasonline platform supports 24 exchanges.

What Does It Cost to Use HaasOnline?

The cost starts at 0.013 and goes up to 0.038 Bitcoin annually.

Is HaasOnline Trustworthy?

Though Haasonline is a bit difficult to use, it is helpful regarding security and its key features. Hence, yes, It is trustworthy.

Can You Try HaasOnline for Free?

Unfortunately, the web platform is not free to use, which usually affects first-time users.

Is HaasOnline Easy to Use?

Yes. Once the sign-up process is done, the platform will be easier to use for any sort of crypto exchange and managing crypto profiles.

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