HodlBot Review 2024 : Is This Platform Worth Trying?

About HodlBot

HodlBot is an intuitive automated trading bot or pre-programmed software that can be configured to buy and sell top-performing cryptocurrencies, solving two major problems – lack of speed and time. HodlBot was launched in 2018 and is used as a portfolio management program that indexes the entire cryptocurrency market and helps crypto traders maintain their cryptocurrency portfolios according to their requirements.

HodlBot‍‍‍ Summary

Official Website https://www.hodlbot.io/
Established 2018
Available Payment Options Crypto Payments
Cloud Based Yes
Supported Exchanges Binance, Kraken, Kucoin, Bittrex
Mobile Support No
Plans and Pricing Account Value Under $500 -> $3/Month
Account Value $500 – $1,000 -> $6/Month
Account Value Over $1,000 -> $14/Month
Free Trial Yes
Academy Program No
Affiliate Program Yes
Customer Support FAQ Support

HodlBot is one of the most popular options for crypto trading bots that buys and sells digital assets and ensures that a trader can exploit the ever-fluctuating market trends without being physically present while the trades happen. These crypto bots have allowed new and seasoned traders to ensure that they hold a certain percentage of various digital assets any time they want, irrespective of how the market moves. This HodlBot review highlights the bot’s pros and cons, features, registration process, price plans, affiliate program, and more.

HodlBot User Interface

How Does HodlBot Work?

HodlBot is one of the most affordable and customizable cryptocurrency trading bots that allows active traders to create, automatically rebalance, and backtest customized portfolios. Irrespective of the best crypto exchange account type or a subscription plan, traders can receive the same features offered by other trading bots but with an additional subscription payment determined by the number of funds in the account.

The fully customizable trading bot automatically allows traders to rebalance and diversify their dynamic portfolios. It also allows them to build custom portfolios and deliver market indexing with a much tighter focus on indexing and rebalancing than technical trading and signals. To implement the HodlBot, traders must plug into the exchange account and use API keys to execute orders.

HodlBot Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
HodlBot‍‍‍ services are affordable. Users who are experienced traders may not find the website suitable.
Users can keep their returns. Only offers portfolio diversification and management.
The rebalancing period can be adjusted.
HodlBot‍‍‍ is an easy-to-use website.

Key Features of HodlBot

Crypto Trading Bot

Both new and experienced traders can grow their portfolios with the HodlBot cryptocurrency trading bot that ensures an institutional portfolio management software that anyone with the most user-friendly interface can use and free and paid plans.

Cryptocurrency Indices

Traders can diversify their portfolios using advanced metrics and mitigate risks using HodlBot. Research has revealed that 95% of active traders need help beating crypto indexes. HodlBot has built a unique HODL index for traders to diversify their portfolios instead of choosing an individual coin. They can construct dynamic portfolios with advanced market metrics by selecting any cryptocurrency, choosing a weighting strategy, and monitoring how the currencies performed in the past. They can also create a cryptocurrency index composed of the top crypto coins.

HodlBot Cryptocurrency Indices

HODL20 Index

The HODL20 is HodlBot’s first attempt at indexing the market. The HODL20 index has been made available to all traders without account limits or percentage management fees. The index considers the top 20 cryptocurrencies, and HodlBot assigns every coin a percentage allocation based on the weighted market capitalization. The HODL20 constitutes around 87% of the crypto market.


The HODL30 is a 30 crypto coin index that utilizes a somewhat different indexing method. The top 30 coins constitute about 92% of the total market capitalization, and the index was by CCI30. With HODL20, raw market capitalization was quite volatile and frequently fluctuated daily. To smooth that, an exponentially weighted moving average was considered while creating the HODL30. However, there was still some amount of fluctuation present.


HodlBot used the same methodology for creating the HODL10 index. Traders with smaller portfolios should use the HODL10 index instead of the HODL30 index.

Create and Manage Your Crypto Portfolio at HodlBot‍‍‍

Pick Your Coin

To create and manage crypto portfolios, new traders need to select their choice of coins by simply looking them up by their name or symbol. HodlBot contains 465 crypto coins available on Binance that can be sorted by name, market capitalization, symbol, or 24-hour price change. Click the + tab to add a coin of your choice. Once included, the coin will be highlighted in purple.

Create & Manage Crypto Portfolio at HodlBot‍‍‍

Select a Weighting Strategy

After selecting the coins, they need to be included in the portfolio by selecting a weighting strategy. There are three different strategies for weighting: Fixed, market cap, and square root market cap.


The fixed strategy assigns a constant weighting.

Market Cap

The market cap strategy assigns every coin a dynamic weighting depending on the coin’s market capitalization.

Square Root Market Cap

The square root market cap strategy assigns every coin a dynamic rating depending on the square root market cap of the coin.

Last Procedure of Creating Crypto Portfolio at HodlBot‍‍‍

Historical Backtest

After creating a portfolio, traders need to run a historical backtest against past data to check how their strategies have performed in the past. The balances and fees are considered in the historical backtest so that traders can play around with their portfolios and continue backtesting until they are happy with their results.

Save and Execute

When a satisfactory result has been achieved, the traders can save their portfolios and execute them straightaway. As long as the HodlBot account is active, the trades needed to construct a portfolio will be executed automatically. Once the portfolios are saved, they can be viewed on the portfolios page.

Rebalancing Period

Every HodlBot portfolio has its ideal rebalancing period based on the price movements of the underlying digital assets. While one portfolio’s ideal rebalancing period can be 78 days, it could be 3 days for another. Portfolio rebalancing generally leads to improved returns and risk mitigation. Rebalancing helps keep the portfolio on track since it can shift from the target allocation as the market shifts. In addition to this, the rebalancing period is fully customizable so that investors can protect themselves from exposure to risks.

Set Your Own Rebalancing Period

Traders can set automatic rebalancing that performs the buying and selling functions to return to an original allocation when the price changes. HodlBot automatically rebalances all allocations after 28 days; however, this is fully customizable.

How to Get Started on HodlBot?

Connect Exchange

Get 40 words to their exchanges supported on the platform. HodlBot boasts top-notch security measures and backend encryption protocols and is capable of protecting the API keys of the users who register with the platform.

HodlBot uses standard industry security practices by using secured web server configuration systems like the HMAC SHA-256 encryption settings that secure sensitive information of the client information and funds along with their API and privacy settings.

Create or Select Strategy

After connecting to a cryptocurrency trading exchange, users need to create their portfolios based on advanced market metrics. They can also implement a current strategy or choose their diversification strategies and percentages for every crypto coin. Note that if a trader does not like the present strategies of HodlBot for portfolio balance management, he can customize and create his index.

Automatically Rebalance

HodlBot allows users to keep their portfolios on track and automatically execute rebalances. The rebalancing period is denominated in days and is entirely customizable. Portfolio rebalances generally lead to improved returns and risk mitigation. Automatic rebalancing allows users to rebalance their portfolios whenever a particular digital asset exceeds a certain percentage allocation.

HodlBot Signup Process

HodlBot Pricing Plans

HodlBot is undeniably an inexpensive platform that scales with the total cost of the different accounts. According to this HodlBot review, for traders willing to experiment with the entire concept of automated portfolio management, HodlBot is one of the best options with a 7-day free trial. At $3 per month, users can experiment with the platform, although it is not suitable for professional traders. For $14 per month, users can get a full-fledged cryptocurrency bot that has the entirety of HodlBot.

Account Value Under $500 Account Value $500-$1000 Account Value Over $1000
$3 per month $6 per month $14 per month

HodlBot Affiliate Program

All registered members at HodlBot can become affiliates under the HodlBot Affiliate Program. The trading bots platform, HodlBot, offers the most lucrative affiliate program where members can earn 30% of all the revenues for every referral or user brought to the platform. To know more about the HodlBot Affiliates, users can contact the support team by emailing [email protected] with the subject line “HodlBot Affiliate Program’’.

HodlBot Customer Support

HodlBot offers a documentation page that helps traders to familiarize themselves with the platform and its overall functionalities. Documentation also answers relevant questions that traders might want on a crypto trading bots platform like HodlBot. With this, there is no waiting time required to get a response to queries. HodlBot also has an extensive presence on the Twitter and Telegram communities. Users can reach out to the customer support team via different channels if registered on the platform. However, note that HodlBot makes no promise or guarantees about profitability from using their bot, which is undeniably the industry’s gold standard.

HodlBot Review: Conclusion

Traders who choose HodlBot must know that the crypto trading bots provide various trading products and services on a simple user interface that enables users to make automated trading and enjoy automated portfolio management. The web-based interface may be restrictive for experienced leaders looking for more features from their trading bots. Hence, HodlBot is more suitable for beginners than other bots, where users can keep their earnings with the industry’s top security measures, such as encryption protocols and two-factor authentication methods.

HodlBot Success Till Now

Users at HodlBot can change their rebalancing frequency, liquidate assets anytime, and blacklist coins they want to avoid trading and investing. In addition, the rebalancing feature helps keep portfolios on track as they can drift from target allocations as the market shifts. Users can also have an accurate idea of their portfolio status by looking at the dashboard. HodlBot makes a safe crypto trading product with which users can earn passive income, trade, buy and sell digital assets of their choice without being physically present in front of their systems.


Is HodlBot Legit?

HodlBot is a legit automated service that uses encryption protocols and industry-standard security practices.

How Much Does HodlBot Cost?

HoldBot costs depend on the trading volume; if users have a trading volume lower than $500, HodlBot is free of cost, $500 – $1,000 costs $6 per month, and Account Value more than $1,000 costs $14 per month.

Which Exchanges Are Supported by HodlBot?

HodlBot currently supports Binance, KuCoin, Kraken, Bittrex, and Coinbase. Although the number of supported exchanges may not be impressive, they are the leading crypto exchanges.

Is HodlBot Trustworthy?

Yes, HodlBot is trustworthy and safe as it connects the exchange account via API, allowing users to trade their funds and not withdraw them. HodlBot recommends that users avoid allowing withdrawals to ensure that criminals and hackers can not withdraw client funds.

How Do You Use HodlBot?

To get started with HodlBot, users need to connect HodlBot to any reliable crypto exchange, select or create a strategy, and HodlBot automatically rebalancing the portfolio on behalf of the users.

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