SMARD Review 2024: Automated Trading Bots For Passive Income

SMARD is a popular automated trading instrument developed for traders who wish to earn passive income.  It uses complex algorithms to help traders take full benefit of market opportunities and place their trades with accuracy. Its main purpose is to assist users in making money without any high risk involved.

SMARD aims to make investments easier for users without requiring complicated technical analysis or constant market monitoring.

In this SMARD review, we will explore the platform’s pricing structure, security, and affiliate program and take a deep dive into how SMARD works. Get a closer look at the technical specifications and system requirements for SMARD. Find out if it’s compatible with your operating system and other software.

SMARD Summary

Official Website
Established 2022
Available Payment Options Crypto, Visa, MasterCard
Cloud-Based Yes
Supported Exchanges Binance, OKX, Bitget
Mobile Support No mobile app
Plans and Pricing 10% monthly service fee charged on profits only
Free Trial Yes
Academy Program No
Affiliate Program Yes
Customer Support [email protected]

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In the fast-paced financial market, where cryptocurrencies and other digital assets have gained substantial popularity, numerous cryptocurrency investors and individual traders constantly seek ways to optimize their strategies and maximize their returns.

This has led to the rising popularity of SMARD tools that achieve a high return on investment for its users.

Key Takeaways

SMARD distinguishes itself from competitors with its array of potent features. Offering innovative tools and advanced functionalities, this software delivers a host of advantages. Take a look at the key features:

  • SMARD is an excellent option for traders who wish to invest in cryptocurrency to earn passive income
  • It is suitable for traders who want to trade without knowledge or manually setting up trading strategies
  • The automated trading software supports multiple crypto exchanges, including Bybit, Bitget, OKX, Binance Futures, and Binance Spot.
  • Traders can start trading without any upfront payments
  • The minimum amount required to start using SMARD is $1,000
  • The service of 10% per month is charged on profits.

SMARD User Interface

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How Does SMARD Work?

SMARD works based on an algorithm that functions on the momentum effect strategy. It has been proven to be the most effective in scientific literature, along with numerous well-tested techniques to increase its trading performance. This enables SMARD to systematically identify every potential market winner.

SMARD works with its users through API keys available on the crypto exchange to develop a secure connection to the software. Through this approach, all client’s funds remain in their personal accounts and are entirely under their control.

Additionally, SMARD does not require users to link their cards or pay using their cards upfront. An initial fee will be due one month from the beginning of trading, and the amount will be 10% of the profits.

How do I use SMARD?

To start using SMARD, users need to log in to their personal exchange account and release the API keys from the “API Management” section.

SMARD can be used by logging in with an existing Google, Telegram, or Apple account or with the free demo account provided to help users familiarize themselves with the platform’s features and functions.

SMARD Pricing

Access Fee Service Fee
$1 per month 10%
Minimum fee to access SMARD software for trading A win-win approach used to only charge 10% after users profit

SMARD Pricing

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Pros and Cons of SMARD

Pros Cons
Transparent trade history and statistics No dedicated mobile app
A 10% performance fee charged per month on profits only High minimum deposit requirement of 1000 USDT
Does not charge any upfront payment
Win-win pricing structure
Fully automated trading bots

SMARD Security

SMARD accumulates only relevant data to provide an adequate functioning of trading strategies and a positive trading experience without transferring client data to any third-party agencies. The platform’s trading bots do not have any ability to withdraw funds from the linked crypto exchange accounts.

SMARD trading bots are connected using API keys, which act as secure digital passwords that grant the bot access to a user’s trading account. Using API keys ensures a secure connection between the bot and the exchange, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and protecting a user’s funds.

This process ensures that the client’s funds are not compromised while transferring them to external services.

To start using SMARD for trading, every user must generate their API keys on the crypto exchange that enable crypto trading bots to open or close trades without giving them the power to withdraw any funds.

SMARD employs a whitelist of all the API addresses to provide strong security features to its clients.

SMARD Affiliate Program

SMARD Affiliate Program

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SMARD features a rewarding affiliate program where users can register, monetize their traffic, and earn commissions when they share the platform’s links with their audience.

Any crypto platform, influencer, or content creator can earn commissions ranging between 30% to 50% from invited users.

What makes SMARD’s crypto affiliate program the best in the market is its high conversion rate and massive commissions.

SMARD offers first-class automation solutions for trading that are available to investors and traders of all levels.

Additionally, every SMARD algorithm is designed for long-term use, and the affiliate dashboard provides users with real-time tracking, allowing them to see the number of people signing up on the platform and converting into active customers.


To conclude this SMARD review, the automated software is beneficial for its seamless user experience. It is one of the best choices for traders who wish to invest and earn passive income without devoting much time to manually setting up, analyzing, and trading.

The automated trading tool eliminates the need for manual trading and allows users to benefit from its complex algorithms to execute trades effortlessly. It will enable users to avoid hasty decisions and impulsive actions, often leading to massive losses. The easy-to-use software makes it a perfect choice for beginners and seasoned traders looking to navigate the world of digital assets trading.

With transparent service fees, support for major crypto exchanges, full automation, and high-efficiency strategies, SMARD stands out as a trustworthy and reliable platform for profitable and worry-free trading.


Where is SMARD headquartered?

SMARD is headquartered in Wyoming, USA.

Does SMARD have access to my exchange wallet?

Yes, SMARD provides access to exchange wallets by connecting to crypto exchanges using API keys. It needs to access the wallet to read accounts and make trades on behalf of the traders. However, it guarantees that no client funds will ever be accessed or withdrawn from the account.

How much does a SMARD trading bot cost?

SMARD does not have any fixed rates or require any upfront payments. However, the first payment is required after a period of 30 days, which amounts to 10% of the client’s profits.

What type of customer support is available from SMARD?

Although SMARD does not have 24×7 live chat support available for its users, the available support which SMARD provides is: Phone and Email.

What languages does SMARD support in their product?

SMARD supports the English language.

Does SMARD offer a free trial?

Yes, SMARD offers a free demo trial for users to familiarize with the automated crypto trading bots and software before investing their hard-earned real money into the platform.

Disclaimer: This page does not solicit or recommend investments, nor does it provide trading or financial advice. Before investing in cryptocurrencies or engaging in securities trading, you should conduct thorough due diligence, including consultation with a certified financial advisor. We accept no liability for any financial losses incurred.

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