Stoic AI Review 2024: Is It Safe Or A Scam?

About Stoic AI

Keeping up with the ever-rapidly developing world of artificial intelligence, crypto traders find ways to balance the intricacies of modern technology and human perception. Thus, Stoic AI emerges forth, bringing in a combination of innovative artificial intelligence and automated trading strategies.

Our Stoic AI review examines how Stoic AI, an AI crypto trading bot, enables traders to maintain their crypto portfolio through automated trading. The Stoic app allows users to make quick trades, automatically trade currencies, and receive market updates when certain conditions are met.

Unlike other crypto bots that require crypto traders to manage individual digital assets and trading strategies, Stoic AI trading bots use the pre-configured portfolio of top crypto assets to adjust their ratios automatically within crypto investing and trading. All the above and more are covered in this crypto trading bot review.  

Stoic AI: An Overview

Official Website
Established 2020
Available Payment Options USDT
Cloud-Based No
Supported Exchanges Binance
Mobile Support Yes
Plans and Pricing Starter – $9/mo
Plus – $25/mo
Pro – 5% in crypto
Free Trial No
Academy Program No
Affiliate Program Yes
Customer Support Live Chat, Email, FAQs, & Knowledge Base Support


Stoic AI was developed in 2020 as a crypto trading app for Android and iOS operating systems, giving users access to automated crypto trading algorithms through portfolio management. It was developed by hedge fund Cindicator Capital, committed to using Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for financial trades and analysis.

This Stoic AI review highlights the crypto trading bots’ pros and cons, mobile app, security measures, registration process, affiliate program, and more.

Stoic AI Trading Bot User Interface

How Does Stoic AI Work?

Developed by the hedge fund team of Cindicator, Stoic AI is an innovative automated trading bot that can be connected to a Binance account through API keys. Unlike other crypto trading bots, Stoic AI has no complicated settings, and the crypto trading algorithms start working immediately. It functions with the profitable trading exchange account and removes FUD and FOMO.

Additionally, users can easily manage their crypto portfolio without any hassle. The secure execution platform also provides information by collecting data from financial account forecasts that machine learning (ML) models run before delivering signals.

Selected Top Traded Coins

The proprietary algorithm of the Stoic AI crypto trading bots evaluates the cryptocurrency assets on the world’s largest & best cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, with a minimum of $10 million in trade volume. For every crypto, the Stoic AI crypto trading bot assigns a particular weight based on the market cap of that cryptocurrency.

Buy Coins Likely to Increase in Value

Stoic AI works differently than other crypto trading bots as it analyzes past returns, correlation with other cryptocurrency assets, price volatility, and other factors to identify those crypto trading assets whose prices are rising and are most likely to continue growing. The internal algorithm of the automated crypto trading bot increases the weight of the cryptocurrency assets, ultimately resulting in higher yields.

Sells Coins Likely to Decrease in Value

Stoic AI estimates the chances of a particular cryptocurrency witnessing a downtrend. Statistically, if the price of a particular cryptocurrency appears to rise, the automated trading bot either sells the cryptocurrency or decreases its share within the portfolio.

How Does Stoic AI Work?

Stoic AI Trading Strategies

Keeping the essence of automated trading in mind, Stoic AI allows crypto traders to choose three trading strategies for their crypto trade.

Fixed Income

If there is a requirement for a performance trading bot with low risk and a good yield, traders can leverage the Fixed Income strategy, which purchases spot assets and simultaneously shorts them on the Futures Market. Using this steady performance strategy is best when the recorded performance is as high and stable at any stage.


A strategy deemed neutral and engaging with a moderate risk yet providing a higher yield is the Meta strategy. The plan allocates the funds simultaneously in a collection of sub-strategies to return good results in various market conditions.

Long Only

This trading strategy utilizes the long-term method with a fair duo of risk and returns. Traders following this strategy will buy and sell the top 30 coins at the best practical points. The Long Only strategy is best performing during uptrends.

Stoic AI Trading Bot Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Supports both automated and manual trading. It may not work effectively in a bull market.
All digital assets remain on the Binance account, secured by private keys. Works with Coinbase and Binance exchanges.
Quick trades and withdrawals of profits.
Low fees, 5% management fees, 0% on profits.
Stoic AI regular market updates keep users well-informed.

Stoic AI Mobile App

The primary mode of operation for Stoic AI is through its proprietary mobile app that works efficiently and takes the trading functionalities to a whole new level. The automated trading Stoic AI app offers the most visually-appealing interface with excellent portfolio performance and detailed charts.

The app is secure and simple to use, with which users can perform automated buying and selling of cryptocurrency using the hybrid intelligence methodology. The hybrid intelligence method is similar to hedge funds that relieve users from the responsibility of managing cryptocurrency portfolios.

The mobile app features 24×7 monitoring of funds, and users can immediately withdraw funds from their Binance exchange account. The Stoic AI app allows users to experience secure, private, hedge fund-grade trading from the comfort of the secured crypto account.

Stoic AI Security Measures

Team of Security Specialists

Security is an aspect that has been highly prioritized by the Stoic AI team of security specialists who focus on ensuring a safe and secure service across the product, infrastructure, and operations.

Zero Trust Principles

With the hedge fund advantage, Cindicator implements zero trust principles in systems and products and adheres to the least privilege principle in accessing management processes.

Risk Management and Standards Compliance

The executives of the company look after the security strategies of the Stoic AI trading bot.

Stoic AI Features

Systematic Checks

The security team constantly works to identify and fix all the security vulnerabilities in the current infrastructure and product.

Simple Steps for Stable Returns

Stoic offers the advantage of earning stable returns on cryptocurrency investments without any portfolio size restriction. To earn a stable income, users can follow the simple steps mentioned below :-

  • Allocate more funds in a diversified way into long positions across crypto coins with a market cap of more than $1 Billion.
  • Utilize long positions as collateral to open leveraged and short positions with perpetual futures on the Binance exchange account. Trading futures on the Binance platform is pretty straightforward and can perform custom automated trades such as:
    • Limit order
    • Stop Limit order
    • Market order
    • Stop Market order
    • Take Profit order
    • Trailing Stop order
    • Post Only order
  • Perpetual futures offer daily payouts without any portfolio size interest restrictions.
  • The algorithm used by Stoic AI regularly rebalances short and long positions to improve gains by mitigating risks.

Stoic AI Account Sign-Up Process

According to most Stoic AI reviews, registering and creating an account with Stoic AI is extremely straightforward.

  1. To sign up, go to the official site or download the app to fill out a registration form with personal information. Traders must provide their email addresses and use strong passwords for security purposes.
  2. After submitting the form, users will receive an email from the operator to verify the email account.
  3. Click on the verification link to start using the crypto trading bot.
  4. After the registration process is complete, traders will need to deposit funds.
  5. Users need to connect Stoic AI with their Binance account to do this. Note that the platform does not charge any deposit fee. Nevertheless, to start trading, users need to deposit funds in their Binance cryptocurrency exchange account and let Stoic start its automated trade strategy.
  6. A minimum deposit of $1000 is required for trading on Stoic. Stoic may also charge its users a monthly fee for using its services and an annual fee of 5%, considered the management fee. Stoic AI also offers a demo feature that allows users to check a demo portfolio to test a trading strategy before implementing it live.

Stoic AI Account Sign Up Process

Stoic AI Affiliate Program 

Stoic AI offers an exciting affiliate program where all partners can earn by promoting and bringing traction to the platform using referrals. Stoic AI is one of the most popular crypto trading apps that uses artificial intelligence and offers profitable trading, unlike other automated trading bots on the market.

It does not require additional settings, as the crypto trading bots use pre-configured automated functions. The trading strategy is a long-only crypto portfolio, rebalanced every day based on the inputs, taking into account quantitative research.

Ever since its launch, the trading strategy used by Stoic AI has returned more than 2143%, surpassing Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrency assets. The affiliate program offered by Stoic AI is most suitable for users who have:-

  • A sizeable audience
  • A successful blog on different social media platforms
  • A website about cryptocurrency, investment, business, or finance
  • An important email newsletter
  • Other sources of traffic interested in cryptocurrency
  • The Stoic AI affiliate program has the following advantages
  • High average purchases
  • Fast support for partners
  • Personal discounts
  • Transparent and detailed statistics

Stoic AI Affiliate Program

Pricing Plans: Stoic AI Automated Crypto Trading Bot

The platform charges a 5% annual management fee for using the crypto trading bot Stoic AI offers. It applies to the total invested amount on the platform. This management fee is charged for the services rendered by Stoic AI. Even when the portfolio records a profit or a positive trend, the website does not increase the management fee or levy additional charges like performance fees. Stoic offers an inexpensive way of using hybrid intelligence solutions.

The minimum investment limit required by Stoic AI is $1000, which is constantly managed by the trading bot. Compared to other automated cryptocurrency bots, Stoic AI does not charge a monthly subscription fee, which applies to the app’s hedge fund and investment product. However, Stoic AI charges an annual fee in USDT, a stablecoin following the value of USD at all times.

Stoic AI offers two different types of accounts for all users: Basic and Platinum. However, below are the pricing for basic and platinum Stoic AI accounts:-

Features Stoic Basic Stoic Platinum
AUM from $1000 from $100,000
Strategy Long-only Long-only
Management Yearly Fee 5% 4%
Personal Manager No Yes
Performance Fee 0% 0%
Support 24/7 24/7
Mobile App Yes Yes
Weekly Digest Yes Yes

Now, let us find out more about pricing plans and features:-

Features Offered Starter Plus Pro
Suitable For For individuals who are just starting with cryptocurrency investments and trading For advanced users and professionals For seasoned investors and corporations
Pricing Plan $9 per month $25 per month 5%
Billed as $108 per year $300 per year In Crypto
Portfolio Size $1000 to $3500 $3500 to $10000 More than $10000

Stoic AI Customer Support

The customer support at Stoic AI comprises 24×7 live chat, an extensive FAQ section, enriching educational blog and Knowledge Base pages, different social media channels, and an email facility. The live chat facility is the most responsive and quick support channel, where agents resolve customer queries within a few minutes.

Stoic AI Live Chat Support

The FAQ section resolves several common customer queries, such as creating a Stoic account, payment of management fees, learning how to use the mobile app, minimum and maximum limits, and many more.

The FAQ section minimizes the most common issues by delivering practical answers to the clients. Stoic AI also has a page dedicated to Knowledge Base and Blog page that talks about relevant topics relating to crypto trading and automated trading bots. Users can also choose the Stoic AI email support by writing their queries at [email protected].

Lastly, customers can contact the technical team via social media channels like Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, and GitBook.

Stoic AI Review: Conclusion

Stoic AI uses historical data to maximize profits, and it is a powerhouse trade bot that deserves to be used by every investor. That said, being a crypto trading platform, it may not always generate a profit from the get-go. Since the crypto market is highly volatile, investors might lose without any deliberate fault of their own but due to market fluctuations.


Traders must understand how Stoic works to earn profit even with the minimum thresholds. Stoic AI is a simple and effective crypto solution that performs innovatively in the crypto market, and the platform’s approach automates portfolio management, bringing the best deal for the investors.


Is Stoic AI Safe?

Stoic AI is safe, developed by Cindicator, a company that entered the crypto market in 2017.

Does Stoic AI Work with Binance US?

The Stoic app works on Binance crypto exchange with Binance Global and Binance US.

Is Stoic AI Trustworthy?

10,000 users trading on Stoic and zero theft reports and hacks prove that Stoic AI is trustworthy and reliable.

What Does Stoic AI Rebalance?

Stoic AI rebalances top crypto assets by transferring them to the exchange account and forecasting from 176000 analysts registered on Cindicator.

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