Tickeron Review 2024: A Legit AI-Powered Trading Tool

The standard of the cryptocurrency community is the exchange of trading ideas. Sergey Savastiouk founded Tickeron Inc., the AI-powered trading platform. Tickeron brings users intriguing AI-powered chart pattern recognition, detection, and prediction algorithms for stocks, ETFs, forex, and cryptocurrencies. 

This Tickeron review will guide you through its most popular product, AI trading tools, which operate amazingly well. The AI suggests adjustments to investment ideas or develops new ones. “AI Robots,” automated bots that produce buy and sell signals, were created by Tickeron and independent trading technology specialists.

With this and intraday trades (price information), you receive real-time Tickeron trade alerts or notifications when a signal to buy or sell cryptos is available. You no longer analyze manually!

Tickeron Summary

Official Website https://tickeron.com/
Established 2013
Available Payment Options N/A
Cloud-Based Yes
Supported Exchanges N/A
Mobile Support Yes
Plans and Pricing Variable, please click this to know more
Free Trial Yes
Academy Program Yes
Affiliate Program Yes
Customer Support Phone, Mail, FAQs, and Help Center Support

How Does Tickeron Work?

The “great AI trading robots”, which are automated bots that produce buy and sell signals, were created by Tickeron and independent trading experts. It helps you assess your wins or losses and modify your trading style. This application enables you to compete with hedge funds by giving an analysis of price patterns charted by crypto prices instantaneously.

Tickeron Review: Tickeron User InterfaceTickeron’s trading platform combines artificial intelligence with human intelligence based on the community of most traders. It is done to compare how humans and machines think. Tickeron functions as a coordinated marketplace powered by quants that provide users with investing and live trading services; it also delivers unmatched trade insights and analysis to investment advisors and self-directed investors.

Independent traders and investors are constantly looking for management services and professional advisors. You might find the web layout of the Tickeron site a little confusing when you first visit it. Though the About Us page oddly sits at the bottom of the page, it would be worthwhile to investigate the in-depth descriptions of the services that Tickeron offers.

Tickeron Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
A great learning tool for those new to technical analysis. Limited Custom Charting.
Best trading resources platform. Cannot Plot Indicators.
Well-organized system for monitoring the financial market and stock market data.
Exceptional advisory services.
Updated macro market articles and individual trade set ups are also available in the blog section.

Exciting Products Offered by Tickeron

Tickeron, which offers various AI-driven profitable crypto trading bots, allows you to automatically trade currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and others securely. The Ultimate Forex Charting Software will make trade easier.

Tickeron, the marketplace for AI stock trading tools run by quants, has added a fresh batch of AI Robots for use by active traders. The AI Model Portfolio function provides profitable asset allocation methods to active traders.

Tickeron has a collection of customizable neural networks to create AI robots that are experts in particular trade algorithms. Utilizing the premium tool Real-Time Patterns is the best way to earn money daily trading crypto (RTP Cryptos).

Tickeron Review: Tickeron Products

Real-Time Patterns Stock

The platform is real-time, and all the searches and filters are updated. The function helps to simplify real-time trade decisions.

Pattern Types and Stats

You only need to choose the patterns you want to receive. The AI will determine the ‘breakout,’ ‘target’ prices, and backtest of the pattern. It creates statistics on the effects of prospective trade and sends them directly to your inbox.

Real-Time Patterns Crypto

If you can scan hundreds of cryptocurrencies, real-time pattern trading is the simplest method for determining entry and exit prices. In addition to finding these patterns, AI also determines whether they were successful in the past. AI can calculate the likelihood of success in the future by knowing the success rate in the past.

Pattern Search Engine

Trading patterns are one of the most complex trading techniques. It uses the understanding of market insights and the psychology of market participants. Tickeron’s Pattern Search Engine is the device you need if you want to employ AI to find these hidden impacts. AI will instruct you to recognize patterns and points of entry and exit using PSE.

AI Robots

These robots costs $90 and gives you access to an advanced robot service. Users can concurrently use three robots. You receive $120 in credit throughout the platform if you use all three. The robot’s task is to reduce your trading activity to a manageable level. The robots monitor stock, cryptocurrency, forex, and currency transactions.

Trend Prediction Engine

The Trend Prediction feature analyzes market data and price patterns using a complicated algorithm to identify the best trading chances. Tickeron allows users to track cryptocurrency developments using valid data and indicators. You may tailor the function to your financial preferences so it knows what information to target.


Tickeron Screener incorporates AI-powered scanning and pattern recognition. These two locate the different AI trading ideas that may adapt to various trading techniques. On the other hand, technical analysis scans need to work better with it; the AI Pattern Screener is much more practical.

The free Tickeron screener offers scans based on fundamental, artificial, and human intelligence-based filters. Users can obtain Screener data and information at a low additional cost and are time-saving.

Time Machine

As a user, you can use the Time Machine to travel through time to find trade situations (filters). You may then look back and see how effective specific strategies and trade set ups were in the past. You may review the “future performance” up to the present because every user adds filters as though they were from the past.

Let’s Know More About the Tickeron Marketplace!

The marketplace for AI-powered investment tools has added a fresh batch of AI Robots for use by active and advanced traders. An innovative company called TradingView was founded by a group of traders and developers with experience in building trading software. Both the platform’s video and blog areas provide helpful content that new users should read through before they start trading.

Tickeron Review: Tickeron MarketplaceExperts and crypto advisers can also profit from platforms like this because they can advertise their services on the Tickeron marketplace.

Paper Trades Exchange

Tickeron enables customers to test different trading strategies (without using real money) through “Paper Trading.” Users can exchange their paper trades on the market and analyze the finest trading opportunities.

Active Portfolios

Users can assess management suggestions from the Tickeron community using this functionality.

Model Portfolios

The AI Model Portfolios feature is similar to this one. The only distinction is that whereas Model Portfolios uses asset allocation models using community suggestions, the AI component does it using AI software.

Watchlist Exchange

You can track particular exchanges using the Watchlist Exchange based on your investment ideas.

Tickeron Mobile App

Tickeron supports a mobile app for Android platforms for every user. The functionality of Tickeron App features include:-

  • Finding excellent stocks to purchase and sell is simple with Tickeron.
  • Follow your favorite stocks and gain market knowledge.
  • Create a customized watchlist to keep track of charts, stock quotations, and performance.
  • View important technical and fundamental information
  • Updates its buy and sell suggestions.

With quick, reliable, and verified suggestions and notifications, the Tickeron app features are ideal for day and swing traders and long-term stock investors.

Tickeron Pricing Plans

Tickeron offers a complex array of Tickeron features and advantages tailored to your investing style, focusing on swing and day traders and investors. A free Beginner plan from Tickeron allows for portfolio creation, alerting, and AI investment strategies. Tickeron Review: Tickeron Pricing Plans

There are many research, services, and analysis tools for novice and experienced traders. Users can pick any of the paid services between monthly and annual subscriptions. The Tickeron pricing options are explained in detail in the section below:


The automated buy and sell signals could be quite helpful for investors.


It is the same as for Swing Trader.

Intermediate One

The plan price is $100/mo for a monthly subscription and $50/mo for an annual subscription (50% off directly).

Intermediate Two

All are accessible with the Tickeron Intermediate Two plan, which costs $210/mo for a monthly subscription and $105/mo for an annual subscription (50% off directly).

Swing Trader

Swing traders may employ sophisticated screeners.


You can build portfolios based on industries, sectors, and risk profiles using Tickeron’s beginner service. With a few clicks, the Tickeron system will build a diversified portfolio and assign you a DIV (Diversification Score). The free trade signals and Tickeron service are fantastic starting points for exploring the wealth of information they offer. However, buy or sell signals takes $5/mo and $60/yr.

Intermediate One

Plans price is $90/mo for a monthly subscription and $45/mo for an annual subscription (50% off directly), including access to one AI Robot, the AI Pattern Search, and the AI Prediction Engine, complementing with trade suggestions and management tools for AI portfolios.

Intermediate Two

All are accessible with the Tickeron Intermediate Two plan, which costs $180/mo monthly and $90/mo for an annual subscription (50% off directly).

Day Trader

Day traders can employ AI-powered pattern recognition tools.


With just a few clicks, the Tickeron system will help with diversified portfolio creation and assign you a DIV Score. It is the same as for Swing Traders.

Intermediate One

It is the same as for Swing Trader.

Intermediate Two

It is the same as for Swing Trader.


All AI Bots, signals, backtesting, time travel, and real-time data for all services are accessible with the Tickeron Expert plan. We advise the Expert service on an annual strategy if you are serious about using artificial intelligence for trade and investment.


The service plans from Tickeron are challenging to understand, but if you choose the Expert plan, you receive everything for $250/mo for a monthly subscription & $125/mo for an annual subscription(50% off directly). Different from the intermediate membership, expensive add-ons are not voluntary and cannot be removed from the subscription. These extras consist of the following:

  • Daily Buy/Sell Signals
  • AI Robots Bundle
  • AI Pattern Search Engine
  • AI Trend Prediction Engine
  • AI Screener
  • Real-Time Patterns for Stocks, ETFs, Cryptos, and Forex
  • Tickeron Model Portfolios

Tickeron Affiliate Program

Ensure a source of steady income with this incredible AI-powered finance giant. You get 30% of the revenue for all payments made by people referred by you. A ninety-day cookie assures that referrals who join within three months are yours forever!

The best features include verified real-time statistics, positive payouts every month with no-limit withdrawals, various marketing tools and banners, fast sign-up and verification processes, trustworthy payment systems, and more! The best Tickeron membership to have is this one!

Tickeron Review: Tickeron Affiliate Program

Tickeron Customer Support

Tickeron Support efficiently helps in addressing queries. If you have any additional questions about the Affiliate Program, please get in touch with the team at [email protected] or by phone at 1.844.348.7267. The primary user groups of Tickeron are traders, investors, and advisors.

Tickeron constantly works to improve the app by introducing more features. However, they also offer a FAQ section & help page for customers so they can avoid getting stuck in their work.

Tickeron Review: An Efficient AI-Platform 

According to this Tickeron Review, it has excellent resources and is a tremendously efficient platform for many novice and seasoned traders. The company builds a unique portfolio based on your responses to questions about your age, goals, investment amount, risk tolerance, and preferred assets (stocks, ETFs).

Since the automated trading algorithm results are evaluated based on the trade rules from the backtest, the overall impression is favorable. Yet more educational materials, like blogs from seasoned traders explaining “how to use Tickeron’s features in real-time,” would be excellent.


Is Tickeron Legit?

Security features are irreplaceable. Numerous traders are utilizing Tickeron nowadays; every user has years of experience because it is a legitimate and trustworthy platform. There haven’t been any adverse reports from any user about Tickeron’s work.

What Type of Trader Tickeron is Best for?

Tickeron is not ideally suited for any one kind of trader in particular. The majority of traders could profit from utilizing various Tickeron tools. Beginner and intermediate traders can access multiple research and analysis tools, trading strategies, and types.

Do Tickeron Subscriptions have a Free Trial Period?

With the exception of AI Robots, AI Portfolios, Expert Membership, and Buy/Sell Signals, all Tickeron subscriptions offer a 14-day free trial.

How Much Does Tickeron Cost? Is Tickeron Worth the Money?

Tickeron’s starting annual price is $39. It is a good investment if you are a short-term trader because Tickeron makes high-probability AI-backtested trade suggestions. Tickeron is a reputable business that creates strategies to help trades outperform the market.

Is Tickeron Trustworthy?

Although the AI-powered platform was only recently introduced, many experienced and self-directed traders were immediately interested. They also release e-books and other kinds of content to show their trustworthiness.

Is Tickeron Free?

Tickeron provides four levels of membership. The beginner membership plan is free. Beginners can use it to sample Tickeron, while experts could find the free plan helpful as a feature of other financial instruments.

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