Tradetron Review 2024 : Can Tradetron Help You Succeed?

Tradetron is a multi-asset, multi-currency, and multi-exchange Algo Strategy marketplace. Independent trading experts developed the platform, which comes in handy for trading users by creating one-of-a-kind Algo strategies for them. These Algo strategies can then be bought and sold on the Algo strategy marketplace and traded with other dealers on the platform. After all, the nitty-gritty of mounting Tradetron is to empower strategy creators and automated trading bots that independent trading experts have developed in recent times.

Tradetron Summary

Official Website
Established 2019
Cloud-Based Yes
Supported Exchanges NSE, CDS, NFO, MCX, NSE_IDX
Mobile Support Yes
Plans and Pricing Monthly Free – ₹0
Starter – ₹300
Retail – ₹1200
Retail+ – ₹2500
Creator – ₹5000
Creator+ – ₹15000
Free Trial Yes
Academy Program No
Affiliate Program Yes
Customer Support Live Chat, Email, Phone, Help Desk, FAQs, & Social Channel Support

Tradetron envisions a world where everyone – from novice investors to professionals- can access various trading algorithms. Before we share our Tradetron review below, let us be familiar with the vision of the exchange, which is to allow anyone – regardless of age, wealth, or knowledge – to trade Algo strategies in a safe and secure environment. Tradetron, being a cloud-native trading platform, thankfully does not require users to install any algo software without going through any configuration hassle.

Tradetron User Interface

How Does Tradetron Work? 

Some professional traders use algorithmic trading to automate the process of making deals.

Tradetron has created various AI stock trading tools for investors to execute a trade in milliseconds and get online quotes from multiple exchanges 24 hours a day. Automatically trade currencies in a hassle-free way! Tradetron’s algorithmic trading engine can make transactions from different exchanges for its clients. The trader decides which order to execute based on the market trend analysis and its algo strategy of trade management or independent events like news or panic sell out among traders at a given moment during market hours.

Tradetron, recognized as a cloud-native trading website, only requires traders to install algo software individually without going through the hassle of doing its configuration. To start trading at Tradetron, a trading user only needs a computer or a mobile device with an internet connection. Regarding the stipulations of your strategy, Tradetron must suss it out before completing it successfully within the distributed computing devices in the cloud.

  • Apart from devising your strategy, you can also have a strategy backtesting on the platform.
  • Get a subscription to receive people’s tactics in specific marketplaces.
  • Automate the rules thoroughly.
  • Put up your service for sale as a subscription.

Tradetron Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Being a coding-free platform, users need not create any coding on their own to devise any gimmicks. Backstabbing plays at a snail’s pace, although it is relatively better than it used to be in the preliminary stage of its launch.
It is a very user-friendly and handy platform with free broker account syncing, free paper trading executions, inbuilt charting facility. Serious stability problems is another moot point that users cannot resolve.
Agents from all over the world. Very poor customer support service.
The execution engine of the platform is as good as gold. You get complete auto login through the auto login feature.
The fee to start trading in INR is only 300/month, implying that any trader can start algo trading without a second thought.
The platform allows trading users to subscribe to other strategies if they cut a sorry figure when it involves writing a strategy for any reason.

Key Features of Tradetron

Trading Engine

Depending on the stipulations you want to add to your strategy, do so, and Tradetron will carry out the same remaining process. The platform keeps a tab on the activity until a new rate tick appears for any legal document in your strategy. The dealers are taken as soon as regular conditions, for example, Entry, Repair, and Exit, are gratified. It is possible because of the free trading bots or automated bots (similar to a grid trading bot) of TT’s trading engine, which takes care of your trading activity end-to-end well.

Trading Engine Feature by Tradetron

Strategy Builder

With Tradetron, you can take your trading to the helm of success by making it even better and faster. There will be an improved implementation of trading activities, faster real-time trading tactics, etc. What’s more? Tradetron is totally cloud-based. It means no downloads and no data stream. Opt for groundbreaking accessibility to tag on your portfolio no matter where you are.

Social Trading

If you are a tyro trader and do not know much about it, then social trading is what you should consider. You will come across a deluge of strategies and key facts & figures, and depending on your preferences and needs, you can add them to your function. For every detail you find on reputable social trading websites, it is critical to consider various extra vital aspects. For example, trading strategy past execution, backtesting results, and asset types and implementing them until you become familiar with them well.

Backtesting Engine

Data that helped you create algo strategies at one time becoming unavailable turns out as the most critical obstruction of any backtests. Tradetron comes in handy at such junctures by preserving a massive volume of your historical data.

You get all to try out your strategy with yesteryear’s data and fine-tune it until you find it reasonable to proceed further into further strategy testing. By combining backtesting with live trading, the results produced are many and different. One special reason accounting for the same is the slippage.

Tradetron furnishes you with three options to carry out your backtesting – taking the case to get the most favorable rate to be true, the most defective rate, or the run-of-the-mill bid and asking on the same day. If your strategy displays the best results despite the most speculative price execution, you can enter live trades with enhanced confidence.

Execution Algos 

Execution algos are a group of algorithms that help to improve the efficiency of execution of complex trading strategies. You can use them in any context where there is data, such as set-up, strategy design, and optimization. By utilizing Execution Algos, dealers can automatically conduct extensive calculations with minimal effort. Execution algos have various levels of complexity so that dealers can experiment with multiple gimmicks and select the best one.

Execution algo testing is also about balancing trade volume with costs to profit from multiple layouts. With Tradetron, your algo trading will be like a dream and seamless executions through proven real-time gimmicks using a web-based strategy builder.

Tradetron Achievements


In algo trading, reports act like a torch in a dungeon. They guide you along the path of insight and solidify what is meant to be.

Reports, like stocks in the market, experience highs and lows; but what separates them from their respective competitors is that they can be customized infinitely to our needs. All that is required is a few minutes to sift through the endless possibilities of a multitude of information. With Tradetron, you would be thankful to get an individual interface with straight-out and legible reports. Depending on your preferences and needs, save them in a PDF or Excel and read them whenever possible.

Fund Management

Fund management algo trading has just begun to show a significant impact on the financial markets. Algo trading programs have been around for over a decade, offering automated trading solutions and strategies for active traders.

One of the main benefits of this patent pending technology is that it allows investors to manage their investments without human intervention. As a thriving algo trading platform, Tradetron implements fund management algo trading to operate without very high costs and commissions. With Tradetron, you can expect to get your fund managed in the best way.


Keywords are known to play the most critical role in algo trading. By using them, you can design strategies that range and differ from standard (a=1 and b=2) to multi-layered ones (a=1 and (b=2 or b=3)). Rather than coding on your own, Tradetron provides effective ready-made keywords. After receiving the keywords, you will praise the competence and quickness of the algo trading platform. Another important point worth considering is creating a web-based drag-and-drop interface to create intricate conditions in the blink of an eye without creating even an individual line of code on your own. After all, a Tradetron trading bot will do this for you quickly.

Tradetron Mobile Application

The Tradetron app is for individuals who are often on the go looking for algorithmic trading opportunities without any coding. With the Tradetron app, it’s possible to build algo strategies with only a few clicks of your mouse.

Algo software developers at TT have developed the platform so that you can open multiple positions in a single day, especially if you have significant capital to invest. The mobile platform also enables users to research and buy from more than several pre-built algorithms and market trends rather than create their strategy on their own investor’s account. The beauty of the platform is that it is tied up with eight exchanges covering stocks, commodities, currencies, crypto currencies, and over 30 brokers in the US and Indian markets.

Tradetron Use Cases

Strategy Creators

Tradetron lets you become one of the Strategy Creators and sell your strategies on our social trading platform. You can create custom strategies and promote them, using your ROI as proof of the pudding right off Tradetron. Sign up, build your one free strategy, and then decide for yourself. If it works for you, the right to list your strategy on the algo strategy marketplace is yours for a small monthly fee. Needless to add, your strategy logic and decision-making criteria are kept a secret from your users.


As an investor expressing interest in receiving strategies for making algo trading an absolute smasher, you also get to see precisely how our tried and proper strategies have worked wonders for every customer. If you find a strategy fitting your preferences, you can easily implement and utilize the same strategies on our platform. You only pay attention to turning up the premium strategies on our platform and stake your money on algo trading, depending on your risk tolerance levels. In short, until you learn the ropes of investment, consider following the suit of other successful dealers.

Tradetron Use Cases


Every trading broker might already be familiar with algo trading. You would have implemented an Order Management System so your clients can trade easily through their algorithms. The platform offers its trading user a variety of solutions, for example, white labeling, no charges from your clients, absolute control over your client base, easy pricing, and more!

Tradetron Services


The Unini is an algo trading service created for the novice to enter the world of algo trading. It’s ideal for people without any knowledge of technical analysis or programming, as well as individuals who want a basic understanding of cryptocurrency and algo trading.

TT UNI course can help you create an account, register your first trade, and understand basics like buying and selling. It’s the perfect platform for you to get started and then explore all of the other features and markets available on their platform.

TT Quants

As a tyro trader, you might have difficulty designing some pragmatic gimmicks. A TT Quant can come in handy at the crossroads by turning your reasoning into totally automated trading strategies.

TT Quants give wings to your strategy reasoning. Their expert TT Quant personnel is always ready to lend a helping hand to you by dealing with the challenges you confront. They will run the extra mile regularly (8 hours in general) to help you understand how to implement private strategies and how you can translate your logic to create realistic algo quant strategies. You will be glad to see a workable strategy developed in due course.

TT Assistant

Whether you have difficulty understanding the nitty-gritty of algo trading or need to make the most out of algo trading, you can count on TT Assistants at all times to help you to the fullest.

All TT assistants have the correct answer about algo trading to put across to you. From taking care of your trading account, keeping a tab on your trades, and taking care of broker reconciliation with total convenience, TT Assistants will do even more for you. Likewise, they keep your daily token up to date and set any potential errors straight.

TT Assistant by Tradetron

Top Strategies Offered by Tradetron

Index Premium Eater

Market Star introduced the index premium eater strategy. It is an investment strategy that makes use of binary options and spreads. The focus is on maximizing income rather than minimizing risk. If a trading user has a binary option that expires in 2 minutes, they place 50% of their capital on it; if the trade is profitable, they will make a profit of 3%, and if the trade loses money, the loss would be 1%.

But even with an Index premium eater strategy, you must know how to carefully read charts and indicators and predict changes in stock price behavior. These professional dealers have to keep patience and time to set up their trades correctly before being able to achieve success strategy.

Banknifty Fighter

Banknifty Fighter Trading Strategy is a more aggressive algo trading strategy for the NIFTY 50 index on the nifty currency pair. TT’s unique algo system can be used in all currency pairs and trending markets. In particular, this algo is best suited to automatically trade actively traded currencies with a large volume of liquidity. The strategy is an entry-based, graph-based algorithm that targets only buy and sell signals up to 10 pips at value. Nothing earns more than that in the current market environment without taking too much risk. This makes it ideal for small-account private traders and larger own brokerage accounts that can easily handle risk and profit.

Index Volatile Vaccine

Index Volatile Vaccine Positional has a wide variety of SL, which lets a strategy hold up even at times of volatility. It includes an enormous spike in 500 to approx. 3200 and a neat recovery down to approx. 400.

Immune strategy is used to stabilize the market during periods of volatility. It limits the overall gains on price movement but provides an uncapped reward for shares bought at low levels or sold at high levels. This strategy aims to maximize total profit while limiting the risk by chasing profits during climatic moments like bull markets and bear markets. The key takeaway here is that when volatility spikes, this quick strategy development makes money without too many blows from losses.

Tradetron Pricing Plans & Fees

Plans Free Starter Retail Retail+ Creator Creator+
Price – Monthly ₹0 ₹300 ₹1200 ₹2500 ₹5000 ₹15000
Price – Quaterly ₹0 ₹850 ₹3400 ₹7000 ₹14000 ₹42000
Price – Yearly ₹0 ₹3000 ₹12000 ₹25000 ₹50000 ₹150000
Private Strategies You Can Create 10 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Public Strategies You Can Create NO 1 (0 on marketplace) 1 (0 on marketplace) 1 (0 on marketplace) 5 (5 on marketplace) Unlimited (20 on marketplace)
Strategies You Can Deploy 1 1 5 12 25 100
Tradetron Fee Sharing Not applicable 20% 20% 20% 20% 0%
Paper Trading Executions Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Live-Auto Executions No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Trade execution notifications Email Email, Whatsapp, SMS, Phonecall Email, Whatsapp, SMS, Phonecall Email, Whatsapp, SMS, Phonecall Email, Whatsapp, SMS, Phonecall Email, Whatsapp, SMS, Phonecall
API to connect from other platforms Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

However, Tradetron also help you configure your custom strategy or other quant services at nominal fee and below are its details:-

Tradetron Services Per Hour (Including taxes)
Strategy Building Services ₹2500 / $35
Phone / Anydesk Support – Senior Executive ₹4000 / $55
Phone  / Anydesk Support – Junior Executive ₹1500 / $20

Tradetron Affiliate Program 

The Tradetron Algo affiliate program is a great opportunity to make money by promoting the Tradetron algo trading business software. With payouts starting as much as 20% and increasing with volume, there is a level to suit everyone, and this program also allows for multiple affiliations – meaning no more excuses. Commissions can be monitored in real-time. The Tradetron Algo Affiliate Program is running indefinitely with no immediate end.

Tradetron Affiliate Program

How does it work?

1 – Earn a repeating 20% commission on all revenue your referrals generate.

2 – For example: if your referral signs up for a ₹1000 plan, you can expect to receive ₹200 on a monthly basis. If the same person buys a strategy by paying ₹1000, then Tradetron will keep ₹200 (20% of what’s charged by the strategy designer) as its profit. And your commission, as a referee, would be ₹40 on a monthly basis.

The bottom line is, you turn a profit of 20% of all that TT will earn from your referral.

Tradetron Customer Support

Tradetron is among the world’s fastest-growing algo trading service providing platforms, providing a safe and secure option for all customers interested in algo trading with the most competitive prices available. Its team consists of expert algo dealers, financial analysts and lawyers who ensure that all trades are executed in accordance with ethical business practices.

The quick support service team is available here 24/7 via live chat, email, help desk, faqs, and social channels. It is a fairly satisfactory customer service but needs much improvement! Even then, the proper customer support system at Tradetron works hard to ensure that its service offers the safest and most secure way for algo trading. If you experience an issue, consider raising a tech ticket and the customer support completely tries to provide you with the best assistance.

Tradetron Live Chat Support

Our Verdict on Tradetron

Tradetron is an evolving exchange platform, which will allow dealers to profit from both up and down markets through its innovative and systematic trading algorithm. Like other best crypto trading bots, the platform with a trading bot is built with a focus on the needs of crypto investors with its unique algorithm, which generates trades based on previous price movements within 24 hours.

For every retail trading user looking to be on its toes in financial markets, the need of algorithmic or automated trading seems imperative. Even as a beginner, entering this innovative way of trading is vital. Extracting emotive feelings from a strategy seems great for long-run gainfulness. Incidentally, a thriving platform, for example, Tradetron comes in handy for retailer dealers interested in algo trading.

Tradetron includes an across-the-board algo trading platform, which will help you remarkably to get off the ground as a beginner. So if you sign up with Tradetron for algo trading, rest assured that your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.


Is Tradetron Legit?

Tradetron is registered in the US and deals in automated trading for Indian high frequency traders. Also, according to many online Tradetron reviews, Tradetron is recognized as a legit algo trading platform.

Which Broker Works Best With Tradetron?

Brokers like FINVASIA, FLAT TRADE, IIFL, DUCK, RMONEYINDIA work best with Tradetron.

What is the Best Strategy at Tradetron?

Nifty Elegant Straddle seems to be the best strategy at Tradetron. It is basically a marriage of selling a call and a put, having the exact strike cost for both. The fusion of the two aspects gives birth to a place that should make the profit if the stock market remains sidelong. Generally, this strategy is instrumental in executing 7 to 9 trades in 24 hours of duration.

Is Tradetron Trustworthy?

The regulatory body, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), greenlighted algo trading in India in 2008. According to the maximum Tradetron reviews of existing and past algo investors and trading users in India, Tradetron is recognized as a cost-effective and trustworthy platform in trading, securities markets.

Which Platforms Does Tradetron Support?

Tradetron easily supports the most popular platforms, namely Android and IOS.

How Much Does Tradetron Cost?

Tradetron has a starter plan, which costs ₹300 on a monthly basis. Although it also offers free plan with minimal benefits.

How to Upgrade My Subscription to a Higher Plan?

To upgrade your subscription to a higher plan, simply get to the subscriptions webpage (on its official website) from the top-right menu in Tradetron and hit the option Change plan/renew. Doing so will let you reach the pricing page, where you can opt for the higher subscription and make a payment. However, make sure that any payment you make should be complete. After doing so to get a new subscription, you will receive a refund against the existing subscription on a pro-rata basis in an automated fashion.

Disclaimer: This page does not solicit or recommend investments, nor does it provide trading or financial advice. Before investing in cryptocurrencies or engaging in securities trading, you should conduct thorough due diligence, including consultation with a certified financial advisor. We accept no liability for any financial losses incurred.

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