Crypto Trading Exchange Liquid Teams Up with Quadency To Facilitate Traders

Liquid, the renowned cryptocurrency trading exchange, has announced its collaboration with a highly acclaimed crypto trading management services provider, Quadency. Strategically designed collaborations and partnerships have played an important part in the success of the cryptocurrency community. The latest integration between Liquid and Quadency will offer an array of best services to the users of both the platforms in concern.

Quadency provides its customers with a suite of powerful, efficient, and easy to use tools that market space a helping hand in managing cryptocurrency-pegged investments and trading activities. With the infusion of Quadency tools into the Liquid exchange network, the customers will be able to use the trading management tools simply by connecting their account with Quadency.

What Makes Quadency Different?

Liquid has established itself as a highly secured and reputed cryptocurrency trading platform in the present market space with customers hailing from every corner of the world. The exchange renders to the requirements of its customers by providing them with an array of lucrative trading options and access to portfolio development services. The dedicated team of Liquid has entered into several strategic partnerships with leading crypto platforms in the past as well, with an intention to leverage opportunities for its customer base.

Its recent partnership with Quadency is also a step focused on strengthening its network. Quadency is known for providing the best trading management services to the customers. The platform is studded with various features that are capable of streamlining the operations of the investors. Quadency allows its customers to connect their existing exchange accounts of other top crypto exchanges like Binance, Coinbase Pro, etc. with Quadency platform to facilitate trading from a single platform, exposes the investors to take advantage of advanced charting and intuitive order management offered by Quadency.

Quadency offers the customers to create their own trading strategies or select from the customized options available on the platform. To enrich the customers with the latest highs and lows of the crypto sector, Quadency provides a well-defined news feed as well. The platform offers unified API and historical data access including Open, High, Low, Close, and Volume for more than 3000 trading pairs in CSV and SQL dump formats.

Benefits of Using Quadency for Liquid Users

The investors operating on the Liquid platform just need to link their account with the Quadency account and carry on trading activity on the exchange through Quadency within the next month. The users signing up can receive free access to Quadency Pro for six months. One can execute any number of trades on Liquid exchange via Quadency.

Quadency users need to sign up for Liquid using the Quadency referral link and complete KYC norms by February 14, 2020. The users will be given a chance to win 10 ETH tokens along with feeless trading for a month. The feeless trading period shall begin from February 15, 2020, until March 14, 2020.

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