Crypto trading hacks: Insider tips for maximizing your profits!

Due to the market’s high volatility, the world of cryptocurrency trading can sometimes be cruel. Rapid fluctuations frequently convert profits into losses quickly. With years of experience, however, merchants can successfully trade on the crypto market. The traders’ ability to regulate their emotions is one of the most important factors in determining their overall crypto trading performance. There are additional crucial tips that traders can use to maximize their profits. In this article, we have provided the best crypto trading tips for both novice and seasoned traders to maximize returns from crypto trading.

Top 5 crypto trading tips to maximize returns

Diversify trade portfolio

One of the best ways to eliminate risk and improve returns from crypto trading is by trading across a wide variety of crypto assets. In the trading world, this is called diversification of portfolios, or, in other words, asset allocation. The main idea behind the diversification of the crypto portfolio is to spread the investments across crypto assets to average out potential losses in case the market takes a downtrend.

To aid traders in achieving effective portfolio diversification, exchanges such as the BYDFi crypto exchange offer a diverse range of cryptocurrencies and trading pairs. This platform provides a seamless experience for traders to strategically allocate their investments across various crypto assets, contributing to a more balanced and resilient portfolio.

Follow market trends

Although the crypto market experienced an upsurge recently, it is a fairly new trading route where it is natural for traders to make mistakes. To perform successful cryptocurrency trades and maximize returns, traders must have basic education and knowledge about crypto trading. Bitcoin, for example, experienced a price increase in 2018. 

However, traders swiftly went bankrupt after losing their hard-earned money through cryptocurrency trading without any basic study or knowledge. Traders are advised to educate themselves with historical data and forecasts of future crypto market trends and to employ technical analysis indicators. Extensive research ensures that traders enter or depart the cryptocurrency market at the optimal time, thereby promising greater returns.

Set stop-loss and take-profit orders

Setting stop-loss and take-profit orders prevents traders from losing their money and taking advantage of the volatile market. Stop-loss orders allow traders to set a floor for their trading position. This prevents them from losing more money than they can afford. The crypto market is highly volatile; digital asset prices fluctuate substantially. Hence, when traders set a tight stop loss at 5% below the open price of the trade, the order gets closed, even though the trade turns out to be correct. With stop-loss orders, traders can get out of a position quickly. 

Another quick tip is to set take-profit orders. This serves as a ceiling for crypto trades. Take-profit orders automatically close the trades at a predefined target price. Traders do not need to monitor charts every second of the day to sell their assets.

However, talking about this feature, the brand that is a must-try is BYDFi, which takes crypto trading to a whole new level. Traders can use our best trading tips on the BYDFi crypto exchange to earn revenue from crypto trading. Check out the BYDFi exchange review to learn more about crypto trading tips and strategies to get higher returns from crypto investments. 

Employ technical analysis

Analyzing the optimal entry and exit points is essential to crypto trading, considering the cryptocurrency market’s volatility compared to other financial markets. Traders can use technical analysis to identify past market trends and develop profitable trading strategies. The primary assumption behind technical analysis is that history repeats itself in terms of crypto market patterns and pricing. Hence, price movements are rarely random, as they follow some trends or patterns that have previously been seen. Using technical analysis for trading crypto, traders commonly consider past, existing, and future markets’ demand and supply, their experience with specific crypto, and their expectations. 

In this pursuit of informed trading decisions, the BYDFi exchange offers a suite of advanced tools and drawing features, empowering traders to effectively utilize technical analysis. This enhances the ability to identify trends, make accurate predictions, and maximize their trading outcomes.

To perform technical analysis, traders can use a variety of charting tools or technical indicators that help them figure out past market trends and make predictions for the future based on them. The Fibonacci Retracement, Bollinger Bands, moving averages, and Relative Strength Index are some of the most commonly used technical indicators within the crypto trading market.

Opt for leveraged trading 

If traders execute leverage trading correctly, they can acquire large positions in their chosen cryptocurrency and significantly increase their profits. However, margin trading and leverage trading are not identical. Although both forms of trading involve borrowed funds and are interrelated, margin trading requires the amount that traders must deposit as collateral to maintain their open trading positions. In contrast, leverage trading requires the amount traders can borrow to increase their open position.

Therefore, margin trading signifies the amount used to produce leverage, which is always proportional to the level of leverage required by the trader. For traders seeking a robust platform for margin and leverage trading, the BYDFi crypto exchange stands as a prime choice. This exchange provides a secure environment for traders to engage in these advanced trading strategies with prominent cryptocurrency pairs, further amplifying their potential gains.


Despite the fact that the crypto trading industry is still in its infancy, millions of merchants, big businesses, and institutions trade billions of dollars on the crypto trading market. It is essential to note, however, that secure trading is highly recommended, as a lack of knowledge and comprehension can result in substantial losses. Traders must always select a reputable and trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange. Since 2020, BYDFi has been one of the best crypto exchanges, providing traders around the globe with innovative, convenient, and professional trading solutions. Utilize the insider recommendations in this article to maximize your profits while trading on the BYDFi exchange.

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