Dapper Wallet Review 2023: Is Dapper Wallet Safe?

What Is Dapper Wallet?

Trusted wallets are an integral part of the cryptocurrency market as it acts as storage for your digital assets. As demanding as it has always been, the competitive field of DeFi expects wallets to bring more than just the element of trust to the table. The result of such a demand is options like the Dapper wallet.

Dapper Wallet Summary

Official Website https://www.meetdapper.com/
Wallet name Dapper Wallet
Type of Wallet Digital Wallet
Coins Accepted BTC, BCH, ETH, USDC, DAI
Native Token No
Linked Exchange No
Supported Hardware Wallet No
Supported Countries Most of All
Languages English
Charges Average
Mobile App Yes
Cloud Storage No
Cold Storage No
Customer Support Yes via Live Chat, Help Center, & Submit a Request Form

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Dapper is an ERC 721 wallet that does everything a normal wallet does and more. Yes, this wallet was designed by Dapper Labs to suit the growing needs of the DeFi sector like NFTs, gaming, and the metaverse. However, read our Dapper wallet review further and learn more about the platform.

Dapper first came to the limelight with the blockchain game CryptoKitties. Now, with an expanded network, users can access other games like My Crypto Heroes, MegaCryptoPolis, Etheromon, etc. Moreover, the smart wallet project can facilitate connectivity with other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Binance, and Bitcoin Cash.

But what makes it all the more exciting is the Wallet’s utility in Decentraland, the fastest-growing metaverse project of current times.

Dapper Wallet

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How Does Dapper Wallet Work?

Dapper is a wallet powered by the ERC 721 protocol. This protocol is often defined as the complicated design of the ERC 20 protocol. It means the Dapper wallet can accept any token built with the ERC 20 protocol. This means the wallet has a reach towards a wide variety of coins including ETH and BNB, to name a few.

Thanks to the newly developed ERC 721 protocol, the wallet’s functionality does not just stop with these ERC 20 cryptocurrencies. The online crypto wallet allows its users to access games, non-fungible tokens, and other aspects of DeFi. Moreover, the wallet’s usefulness in the Decentraland metaverse cannot be understated considering its current developments and the need for a trusted multi-utility wallet.

On top of that, Dapper comes with a secure payment system that has simplified the process of buying ETH. Known as Simplex, this payment processor allows users to buy Ethers straight with their credit or debit cards. In addition, the infrastructure of Dapper gives users full sovereign control and fine-grained control over their assets through features like authorization mapping.

Key Features of Dapper Wallet

Dapper Balance

As per the Dapper wallet review and our research, this feature helps you keep in check the value of your assets and funds in the wallet. The figures tend to change as users make more deposits, withdrawals, or purchases through Dapper.


It is a global payment system used by Dapper wallet. This system helps Dapper users to buy Ether directly using credit or debit cards.

Clone Wallet

As one of the functions of Dapper’s CoreWallet, the clone script in Dapper helps with deploying or leveraging WalletFactory contracts.

Standalone Full Wallet

It is the other function of the Dapper core wallet. The standalone Full Wallet feature helps while deploying FullWallet Contracts.

Features of Dapper Wallet

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Is Dapper Wallet Trustworthy?

Yes. And there can be no doubt about Dapper wallet’s trustworthiness. Dapper Wallet was developed by Dapper Labs. It is among the few projects built on the Ethereum blockchain trying to bring innovation to the network. Dapper is now expanding its network to the Flow blockchain.

It is a trusted brand that, according to its website, has endorsements from the NBA, NFL, LaLiga, and more. Dapper Wallet is one of the well-known products of this firm that has gained the trust of users in a short time, managing to bring millions of them onboard.

Services Offered by Dapper Wallet 

Dapper’s design is not on par with traditional crypto wallets found on top crypto exchanges. The wallet incorporates some innovations from DeFi in its interface. They are,

Access NFT

Dapper Wallet is specifically designed to enhance the NFT experience of users. The simple interface of this project makes purchases and storage of NFTs easier like never before. The payment method for purchases includes both fiat money and cryptocurrencies. Moreover, Dapper has developed its own NFT projects with partnerships from some of the biggest sports leagues.

Blockchain Gaming

It is one of the foremost features of the Dapper app. As Dapper Wallet’s business is mainly established in the NFT market, blockchain games get significance as a primary use case. Currently, the wallet accommodates games like CryptoKitties, My Crypto Heroes, MegaCryptoPolis, etc.


Dapper wallet offers support to blockchain-based metaverse projects like Decentraland. It will be a great addition to the utility profile of the wallet.

Services Offered by Dapper Wallet

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Is Dapper Wallet Free to Use?

Yes. Using or downloading apps or extensions does not come at a price with Dapper. The wallet only demands affordable and nominal charges. Every purchase on Dapper that uses payment cards from banks has to pay the standard processing fees asked by the banks. Dapper charges for every purchase are consistent and set at $0.30. Deposits on Dapper invite no processing fees from the wallet. Withdrawals, however, come at 0.15% of the same.

Dapper Wallet charges processing fees because it facilitates a direct connection to the banks from the DeFi, unlike most other wallets that only deal with cryptocurrencies. With Dapper, one does necessarily need cryptocurrencies to invest in NFTs.

Dapper Wallet Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Access to multiple asset types. Credit card transactions lose a hefty sum as standard processing fees.
Connects to almost all banks from the USA. The verification processes can be quite demanding despite the easy-to-use interface.
Offers support for several ERC 20 coins, including Ether and Binance.
Offers access to blockchain games like CryptoKitties and metaverse projects like Decentraland.
Offers security measures like multi-sig, two-factor authentication, and fraud alerts.
Easy to access interface and Dapper Balance makes your NFT experience much more seamless.
Comes with a mobile app to enhance instant connectivity to the platform.

Getting Started with Dapper Wallet

As per many online Dapper wallet reviews, getting started with Dapper Wallet is simple, hassle-free, and undemanding. All you need is an email address to create your own account on Dapper. Here is a step by process to join Dapper.

  • Step 1 – Visit the official Dapper Wallet website and click on ‘Continue to Dapper.
  • Step 2 – Type your email on the next page, create a strong password, sign up, and proceed to your inventory. Alternatively, you can link your Google account to the wallet.
  • Step 3 – Verify your contact details, like email and phone number to enable two-factor authentication.
  • Step 4 – Complete the identity check from the securities page to be able to deposit and withdraw using your credit or debit cards.

Getting Started with Dapper Wallet

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Users can also add their bank accounts to their wallets by preference. However, it is limited to only US-based banks. This makes the transfer of funds much more effortless than using payment cards. Here is a guide to add your bank account to the wallet:-

  • Step 1 – Find Connected Accounts from the Payments and Payouts section in your account dashboard.
  • Step 2 – Select the United States of America as the country on the stage.
  • Step 3 – Authorize Dapper to connect your bank by proceeding to Plaid. Dapper works with Plaid to keep your data safe and encrypted.
  • Step 4 – Choose ‘Get Started’ in the next stage and choose your preferred bank.
  • Step 5 – Enter your banking credentials, like user id and password, give the authorization to connect with Dapper.
  • Step 6 – Once the connection is completed, you’ll be able to access your bank from the Connected Banks in Payments and Payouts.

Pricing and Fees of Dapper Wallet

The real reason behind people choosing to transact with the DeFi is affordability. We have seen cryptocurrency transactions worth millions, incurring a few dollars as a processing charge. Keeping this aspect in mind, Dapper has designed a fee structure that goes well with the idea of decentralization.

Transferring funds into your Dapper wallet from a connected bank incurs a nominal price of 0.15%. At this rate, users have to pay only $15 for a transfer of $10,000 from any American Bank. Dapper also imposes some transaction limits on the Dapper Balance. According to a blog post from the official Dapper website, the initial daily deposit limit for any American Bank is set at $24,500. The withdrawal limit for the same is $9,999.

However, the standard credit charge for the purchases on the wallet is slightly over 5%. Each purchase incurs an additional $0.30 from Dapper, which is added to the invoice during checkout.

Dapper Wallet Supported Coins

Dapper is built using the ERC 721 standard, which also offers support to an array of cryptocurrencies. You do not always have to use your debit or credit cards to make NFT purchases on Dapper. The wallet offers the option to link the purchase to your cryptocurrency wallet. The following is the list of cryptocurrencies supported by Dapper for making purchases.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • USDC
  • DAI

Dapper has furnished the purchase interface with a separate option for paying with cryptocurrencies. Users can easily link Coinbase wallet for making purchases. Please note that these transactions come with the standard processing fees from the wallet you are using.

Dapper Wallet Supported Coins

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Dapper Wallet Mobile App

Another perk of using Dapper is its interactive mobile app. This app goes by the name Ethereum Dapper Legacy and is available on Android Play Store and Apple App Store. The mobile app helps you access the blockchain games available on Dapper. Moreover, it gives instant access to your NFTs and other products in the Dapper wallet.

The mobile app also takes care of all security measures users find on the main desktop site. The activities are kept transparent and fair while accessing your digital assets through the Ethereum Dapper Legacy app. Moreover, the brings you the best deals from DeFi and lets you know this first-hand.

Above all, this app brings blockchain-based games to handheld devices running on Android, iOS. This mobile gaming field is currently occupied by mainstream games that profit from user activity and ad revenue. Decentralization of mobile games would lead to the implementation of the Play-to-Earn model in this wide market. Ethereum Dapper Legacy is the first step taken towards realizing this ambitious dream.

Dapper Mobile App

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Comparison of Dapper Wallet with Other Wallets

Here is a comparison of the Dapper Wallet with a couple of other popular NFT wallets.

Dapper Wallet MetaMask Enjin  Wallet
Blockchain Ethereum and Flow Ethereum Ethereum
Standard ERC 721 EIP 1559 ERC 1155
NFT projects UFC Strike, NBA Top Shot, NFL All Day, Dapper, LaLiga on Flow and CryptoKitties
Blockchain Games CryptoKitties, My Crypto Heroes, MegaCryptoPolis, Etheromon, and more Crypto Teddies, Block Truck, Ether Legends, Blocktopia, and more.
Supported Coins Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DAI and USDC Ethereum, ETC, BAT, USDT, and USDC Litecoin, Bitcoin, Polkadot, Ethereum, and more.
Mobile App Ethereum Dapper Legacy MetaMask App The Enjin Mobile App

Has Dapper Wallet Been Hacked Before?

As access towards more technological infrastructures increases, there happen to be a few who try to leverage it for illegal activities. Digital threats have become one of the most menacing difficulties any start-up has to face while establishing a business- so much so that it has become a scale for measuring the reliability of the platform.  In that case, we can say with confidence that no attacker has so far been successful against Dapper.

Dapper has a robust digital infrastructure and several security measures to prevent such activities. Moreover, Dapper Wallet uses a few protocols and standards to fortify its security infrastructure. They are:-

ERC 223 – Uses Token FallBack Function to avoid accidental transactions.

ERC 721 –  Allows the wallet to Interact with non-fungible tokens.

ERC 1271 – Helps validate the signatures in the wallet.

ERC 165– Aids with the recognition of smart contract interfaces.

Dapper Wallet Security

Security becomes essential in the DeFi as everything is moving towards the “code is law” sentiment. Some people try to exploit this unquestioning optimism of decentralization for their benefit., Dapper has set in place several security measures to address this menace as per our Dapper wallet review and research.

Multi Sign Support – Multi-sign support, commonly called multi-sig, is a security protocol used in DeFi to secure one asset. Dapper allows you to co-sign contracts as an additional layer of verification. This is useful when the user has more than one device.

Two-Factor Authentication – The wallet helps protect your privacy and secures your assets with two-factor authentication. This feature makes login credentials more personal and reduces the chances of breaches in the wallet.

Fraud Alerts – It is highly important for any wallet to secure its customers from increasing phishing activities. To tackle this issue, Dapper has built a fraud alert system that constantly looks for inconsistencies in wallet activities to notify the users. The feature also assesses the magnitude of the inconsistency to deploy an emergency shut down of the wallet.

Recovery Mode – This feature helps terminate all other authorizations when you suspect any breach in the wallet. After deploying this feature, the wallet sets a new key and makes the wallet unavailable on any other device.

Dapper Wallet Customer Support

Customer support plays a pivotal role in the DeFi as the number of desirous transacting with cryptocurrencies has increased phenomenally in the last two years. Dapper has AI-powered interactive customer support on the platform. The AI is managed by Ada, an AI automation platform.

The algorithm comes with a set of stock questions that aim to address the generic problems users are likely to face on the platform. When the issue is too specific for the AI to handle, it is redirected to a customer executive.

Dapper Wallet Customer Support

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Dapper Wallet Review: Conclusion

Dapper has come to be considered among the best wallets in the DeFi space within a short period since its launch. It is owing to the security features and the customer-centric approach of the wallet. Moreover, a user can easily establish connectivity with growing areas like NFT and metaverse with Dapper. Empowered with smart contracts, this wallet offers a secure, single-stop solution for all your needs in the DeFi space.

This article tries to give you a basic idea about the wallet and its functionality as a blockchain-based project. Even with this basic picture, one can see that Dapper is aiming towards making it a relevant topic in several areas in the DeFi sector, like gaming, NFTs, and metaverse. This aspect alone would ensure that the project receives a greater valuation in the years to come.

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Can I Use the Dapper Wallet for Bulk Payments?

Yes. There are no reported restrictions on using cryptocurrencies for bulk payments in the wallet. However, credit or debit card transfers might come with some standard limitations imposed by the banks.

What Type of Wallet the Dapper Is?

Dapper is an ERC 721 wallet that supports NFTs and most cryptocurrencies built with the ERC 20 standard. Although it allows the users to explore the different areas of the DeFi, the primary focus of the wallet rests with Gaming and NFTs. The wallet also has partnerships with sports organizations like NBA and NFL for its NFT projects.

Is Dapper a Good Crypto Wallet?

Yes. Dapper is undoubtedly a trustworthy wallet that helps store various types of digital assets. As the wallet invests much in fortifying the security infrastructure, users do not have to go through the trouble of having second thoughts.

Is Dapper Wallet Anonymous?

Yes. The dapper wallet allows users to be pseudonymous as a way to protect their privacy.

Is Dapper Wallet Easy to Use?

Yes. The interactive interface of the wallet makes it easier to navigate through various features in the wallet. Moreover, the intuitive language used for the operations helps minimize the difficulty in understanding.

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