Cryptocoin Verge (XVG) Now Teams Up with Pornhub

Keeping the secrecy their first and far most priority, Verge and Pornhub seem to be the match made for each other. Pornhub a giant adult film and content company and the Verge (XVG) the blockchain technology are both names for best-provided secrecy.

Different from the regular cryptocurrency, Verge (XVG) is one of the privacy-based cryptocurrencies. And in the race of being the best and cutting some slag for itself, Verge (XVG) has come across a company that aspires for 100% privacy. From the close and long-term interaction between two different companies, these brands will try and achieve some users and increase the market value for Vergecurrency.

Among the past matches of Verge (XVG), Pornhub seems to be the most compatible one. Although it is not the first time for Verge to associate with other companies still, it has got high hopes from this one. Moreover, for Verge, the multi-billion dollar brand name of Pornhub is what is going to pay off and surely make some profits for them.

Other than Pornhub, Verge (XGV) is also inviting on board two more great companies. If the Twitter page of Verge to be trusted, it has mentioned in one of its tweets that Verge Canada is partnering and meeting hands with Tokenpay and Netcents keeping privacy the base of the partnership.

According to the Tweet posted on the Twitter handle of the company, partnership between TokenPay and Verge (XVG) has been a great help to establish rapport with reputable companies led by Litecoin, eFin, and WEG Bank AG.

When it comes to converting fiat to cash, Netcents is considered to be always ahead of the race in the online payment processing platform. It focuses on the mainstream adoption of cryptos as well as helps users convert their crypto assets online to cash, and this makes it good enough to be partners with Verge (XGV).

Trying to boost the reputation and value of Vergecurrency across the globe, as of now Verge (XVG) has officially listed and certified its partnership with Netcents by signing the Project Mass adoption deal between the two.

Marking one more victory for itself, Verge (XVG) is going to be available on Netcents merchant getaway, credit card, Instant Settlement programs as well as its user portal.

Roxanne Williams

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