CryptoCon Vol.2 is Scheduled on 17th – 19th of May 2019 in Berlin

To kickstart our activities in Germany, LongHash hosted a series of events in Berlin during October 2018, focusing on the crypto and blockchain community. We are now happy to bring the LongHash CryptoCon Vol.2, a new series of events designed to spark in-depth discussion on blockchain technology as well as cooperation between East and West.

The events are open to all kinds of blockchain enthusiasts, where the goal is to encourage brilliant minds from Europe and Asia to share knowledge and make a positive impact on blockchain ecosystem.

The CryptoCon will be hosted at the betahaus | Neukölln in Berlin from the 17th to 19th May, and divided in two parts: an afternoon conference called Hash Talk followed by a two-day hackathon for 100 hackers. All the events will be attended by regulators, developers, blockchain entrepreneurs, VCs, funds, exchanges and crypto enthusiasts.

LongHash CryptoCon Vol.2 is a proud participant in the Asia Pacific Week, a series of events organized by Berlin’s Ministry for Economic Affairs, whose propose it to host European-Asian dialogue.

17th May 2019 – The Hash Talk

The Hash Talk is an afternoon-long summit focused on discussions and creating insights on investment, business, and tech in blockchain curated and brought by LongHash Germany.

For our first edition, we are bringing highly curated participants discussing the latest trends and what is being developed at the blockchain space. After the talks, the event will be followed by challenge announcement for the hackathon happening on 18th and 19th May, and close with an afterparty.

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18th- 19th May 2019 – The Hackathon

LongHash will be hosting our second Berlin hackathon at betahaus | Neukölln. The goal is simple: Gather a pool of talented
developers from around the world to find innovative blockchain-based solutions to specific challenges.

During the Hackathon, mentors will engage with hackers to frame their ideas and turn them into practical approaches. After submission, the teams will present their work to a high-caliber panel of judges.

Special prizes will also be awarded to the winning developers with the best responses to the three challenges proposed by our sponsors.

About the challenges:
Apply to join the hackathon:

For more information visit:

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