Cryptocurrency Exchange Bithumb Global Unveils Its Partnership Program “Mercury Program”

Standing tall as one of South Korea’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Bithumb Global is all set to strengthen its reign in the digital currency arena through the launch of its global partnership project titled “Mercury Program.”

According to the latest news concerning the highly anticipated program, the digital asset platform is aiming to bridge the gap between the crypto communities surviving in different corners of the world through the newly launched program. The solution is likely to unshackle the crypto entities and empower them to evolve as a leading industry. The Mercury Program is likely to give a boost to the concept of regional leadership as the exchange promises to recruit the program partners from varied regions spread across the globe. Also, in order to incorporate a sense of oneness, the program will have local community leaders who will give in their piece of excellence for the betterment of the industry.

The ideology working behind the ‘Mercury Program’ is identical to Bithumb’s core value system, which in itself is led by the potential of a community. The unprecedented success of the crypto exchange has set an example for the entire blockchain industry. With the launch of the ‘Mercury Program,’ the exchange platform aims to achieve its ultimate goal of rendering the global community an efficient financial ecosystem.

The community leaders chosen by the exchange would be bestowed upon with a fair chance to work as substations exploiting the exchange brand. They will also be allowed to connect to the well-known wallet system of the platform, which supports an array of currencies available on Bithumb Global. Also, the leaders will be able to be a part of “BG Initiatives” and will be allowed to utilize the shared order book of their globally available liquidity, which is more than 10% of all BTC order book volume on a daily basis.

Apart from drawing in the benefits that Bithumb Global brand offers, the Mercury Program partners will also be entitled to an array of other lucrative rewards as well. The partners will get a golden opportunity to introduce their respective communities with the thriving ecosystem and pedagogy of one of the world’s highly reputed crypto exchange platforms. They will get an insight into the exchange’s policy system, which lays stress on security, user-experience, transparency, and speed.

The primary aim of education is to uproot the concept of financial literacy to every corner of the world. A person can qualify to become a partner only after fulfilling the necessary criteria set by the cryptocurrency exchange. The requirements render a participant to be:

  • The leader of a local crypto-based community
  • Have access to lucrative projects
  • Have the potential to aid Bithumb Global in coming out as an undisputed standard exchange in the world

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