Cryptocurrency Exchange Chatex to Incorporate Dash With InstantSend

The social media-based bot, Chatex that executes peer-to-peer exchanges in cryptocurrencies, is planning to include Dash support that includes identifying InstantSend securities. Chatex is touted to be the simplest p2p neobank over Telegram.

The website announces that Dash is now available with the bot. You can trade and transfer currencies all through the world at absolutely no cost.

The news came around last week, marking an increase in trading activities with peer-to-peer trading of cryptocurrencies right from the app. The Chatex will work as an escrow service until  the trade is accomplished. It will cause users to trade and swap cryptocurrencies via their primary app for messaging without needing any other services. This will break down a possible point of friction that arises while using digital money for transactions.

The website of the service that functions via a chat service offers simpler access for users who are not looking to download separate apps for buying. It also includes a couple of security points like:

One of our competitive advantages we see in the focus of work through messengers. It gives an additional level of security (it is hard to attack through the infrastructure of instant messengers). We have created the maximum possible user-friendly interface. And being on hand in all popular messengers gives to all our users the opportunity to choose familiar functionality and interface.

 Chatex right now has support for Telegram and is anticipated to bring more in corporations next year.

The announcement was made by the Thailand branch of Dash, which is a business development committee funded by Dash. The group is in a coalition with Chatex, which is deemed to incorporate InstantSend support, enabling quicker transactions.

Chatex right now accepts deposits of Dash following the single blockchain confirmation.

Akin to Coinbase, which creates Dash residues following a couple of confirmations, the accelerated distinction of transactions implies proficiency in advanced security offered by ChainLocks, which permanently latches Dash blocks following one confirmation. With Chatex accepting Dash rapidly, InstantSend locking of Dash transactions will be recognized soon.


With every Dash transaction permanently locked in seconds can be attributed to InstantSend, all the blocks becoming permanent following one confirmation can be attributed to ChainLocks. All services, as well as businesses, are still obligated to acknowledge these benefits of securities to let their users benefit in a way that activates better user experience.

Scott Cook

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