B2BX Exchange Review 2021

Cryptocurrency trading becomes attractive with the right exchange platform. People new to crypto trading always look for the safest crypto exchange that offers innovative products and services in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. The best crypto exchange needs to be packed with a wide range of features and trading tools. And, providing all this at low trading fees seals the deal for most of us. B2BX ticks all these boxes ideally and is considered one of the best exchanges in the crypto space today. According to reliable B2BX exchange reviews, this platform is designed to service crypto trading professionals and newcomers. This review explores how this digital asset exchange emerges as one of the world’s best exchange full-featured spot trading platforms.

B2BX Exchange Summary

Headquarters Estonia
Found in 2018
Native Token Yes
Listed Cryptocurrency 20+
Trading Pairs 30+
Supported Fiat Currencies USD,GBP & Euro
Supported Countries EU Countries
Minimum Deposit Free
Deposit Fees Depends on Currency & Payment Methods
Transaction Fees Depends on Currency & Payment Methods
Withdrawal Fees Depends on Currency & Payment Methods
Application Yes
Customer Support 24/7, Live chat, Email

What Is B2BX?

B2BX is an online platform that works as a cryptocurrency exchange and a crypto trading avenue. Launched in 2018, It is one of the newest additions to the most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It currently offers a wide range of trading options, from crypto-crypto swapping to crypto-fiat trading pairs. As a crypto service provider, this platform is registered and licensed by Estonia’s Financial Intelligence Unit, which is a top-tier regulator in the crypto market.

Different sections of end-users use B2BX in the crypto trading domain. It is used by individual traders interested in making instant profits by trading crypto coins at the correct prices. It is also used by corporate entities such as brokerage firms to provide these professionals high-quality trading tools and advanced automated trading features.

It is known for providing institutional-grade liquidity. It can help in liquidating millions of dollars worth of crypto assets efficiently. The platform also helps in executing different order types. WebSocket APIs and REST APIs power the advanced B2BX API.

Collectively, these APIs help in maintaining the performance of the platform at optimum levels. When it comes to deposits & withdrawals, the platform supports multiple payment gateways, including wire transfers and credit cards. Fiat currency is transferred under the robust security of FIU funds protection, 2FA, and online KYC. Low trading fees make the overall operations cost-effective.

B2BX Exchange Platform InterfaceB2BX Exchange Platform Interface

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How Does B2BX Work?

Like many exchanges, B2BX also works actively towards making spot trading more applicable in the crypto space. It provides features that outperform the top cryptocurrency exchanges and is offering the best liquidity for high-volume trades. It ranks 15th in the world for providing total liquidity volume worth $20 million. According to the B2BX website, “institutional-grade liquidity for cryptocurrency trading” is provided by the company. This liquidity is available differently to different users of the platform. It also offers 24-hour liquidity worth $11.6 million to every user. To generate this level of liquidity, B2BX is backed by European finance magnates. B2BX also charges zero fees on cryptocurrency deposits. The majority of the fees generated by this platform are in fiat financial transactions. For crypto withdrawals, the platform charges competitive prices.

Who’s Behind B2BX?

Artur Azizov is the principal advisor and technology consultant for this exchange. The company is run by Ivan Nikolajev, an active board member, and Pavel Manzhosov, a chief advisor for the platform. Roman Zhitnik manages B2BX products and services. Marketing operations of the platform are spear-headed by Daniil Skitev and Rosemary Barnes. Denis Redin acts as the marketing manager, and Mikhail Grigorev handles the social media promotions and web content for the B2BX platform.

B2BX Exchange TeamB2BX Exchange Team

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Features of B2BX

The review offers you the following important features:-

  • B2BX offers spot trading features to its users. It can handle large volume trading, particularly for BTC and significant digital assets. The features are highly functional in terms of enabling rich data analytics and market research for the traders.
  • Crypto traders can also leverage the power of B2BX coin, the native token used for lowering commissions and trading fees. A trader can get a 35% discount by applying a B2BX coin to the commission payment with this feature.
  • As per our review, it also has sophisticated features designed especially for professional crypto investors.
  • It supports various DeFi projects, which are handpicked based on their regulatory status and profitability.
  • The marginal liquidity pool of this exchange is also better than many exchanges out there. According to the rules set by the company, these features are backed with all the necessary documentation. Hence, the platform fortifies its trading features with the best security measures, making it more understandable.

Is B2BX Regulated?

The company is a corporate entity registered in Estonia and licensed as a virtual currency wallet service. It is also a service provider for cryptocurrencies/fiat exchange. The European Commission regulates the B2BX. EU crypto laws are closely monitoring its operations. It is also subject to the Estonian financial authorities such as the FIU.

Their coin offerings are modest and support the trade of 11 large-cap coins as per our review and research. Trading pairs are protected based on volume, and the platform can easily justify its security and maintenance procedures. The regulatory problem of this exchange is that it is currently faking its volume. It does not showcase an accurate figure of trades executed on its exchange. However, this does not raise any suspicious behavior for the crypto trading community.

B2BX Exchange RegulationB2BX Exchange Regulation

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Products and Services Offered by B2BX

Fintech products and services provided by this platform are worth noticing. To begin with, B2BX supports its features with various utility tokens. It does not support security tokens at the moment but indeed supports over 26 crypto pairs. These trading pairs ensure non-stop trading activities for the users. The platform is up and running 24/7 and offers marginal crypto liquidity with automated software features. Services it offers:-

  • B2BX trading services help in maximizing the outcome of product offerings. It helps in diversifying revenue streams. Traders can use its services to expand their clientele and become professional brokers in the game. Top brokerage firms, as well as Wall Street high rollers, are using B2BX services. These players can also become successful forex brokers with the B2BX.
  • One of the core products offered by the platform is the B2BX ICO. It controls the distribution of B2BX coin, a platform-native token used for utilities and getting discounts of commissions and trading fees. This trading platform also provides web-based educational services for newcomers. The mobile application is another essential product in this ecosystem.
  • B2BX runs an order management service and supports the execution of nine different types of market orders. It is used as a 24/7 support service and helps provide tech for launching new tokens on the platform.
  • Web wallet by B2BX is another excellent product. With API integrations such as Qiwi, Skrill, and PayPal, this wallet supports several crypto payment gateways for ERC20, ERC223, ERC777 tokens.

B2BX Exchange Reviews: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
The platform provides useful functionality for professional traders.  The platform lacks materials for training newcomers into becoming pro traders in the crypto market. 
It is regarded as a top exchange with high liquidity. 
A responsive and smart staff manages the platform. 

Creating an Account With B2BX

As per the B2BX review, it offers a smooth registering process that is simple, and there are no significant restrictions associated with it. Unlike other exchanges, the trading account can be registered with a phone number and email address verification. The platform also runs a super-fast online KYC process to enable the trading features of new B2BX accounts instantly.

B2BX Exchange Registration ProcessB2BX Exchange Registration Process

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B2BX Fees

All types of fees charged by the platform are represented on the website and covered in this review as well. In every trade, the maker party is charged with a fee for executing the order book, and the taker party is set for placing the orders that match those made in the maker order book. It charges taker fees at 0.15%. Makers receive some discounts and are charged with 0.12% fees. Click here for more details on its fee structure.

B2BX Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

The B2BX withdrawal and deposit system are flexible. It also supports fiat deposits & withdrawals across multiple methods and options. 

  • Bank transfers 
  • SWIFT and SEPA wire transfers 
  • VISA and Mastercard credit cards 
  • UPayCard
  • Epay 

The platform recently announced that Payeer is the latest payment system added to this list. The fee rate for these fiat deposits is 1.5% on all supported currencies. The withdrawal fees on these currencies are 4%, which is high compared to industry standards. For BTC withdrawals, this trading venue charges a 0.0005 BTC fee, which is a consumer-friendly rate.

B2BX Exchange Deposits and Withdrawals MethodsB2BX Exchange Deposits and Withdrawals Methods

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B2BX Accepted Payment Methods

Wire transfer and credit cards are the primary payment methods accepted on the platform. The Platform also supports various e-payment gateways to make crypto transactions more friendly for the primary financial ecosystem.

B2BX Supported Currencies and Countries

US Dollar, GBP, and European Euro are the key fiat currencies supported by the platform. Besides this, the platform supports the following major crypto coins: – 

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Tether (USDT)

More than 20 altcoins and stable coins are supported by the platform as well. However, the platform is restricted to users from non-EU countries. The US investors, in particular, may not trade here due to legal and regulatory obligations. 


B2BX runs two APIs – WebSocket and REST. These APIs help users in obtaining public information on volumes and order books. The B2BX API also benefits the traders exploring new digital instruments. This platform also supports private APIs. It helps users in capturing new trading opportunities and accessing real-time information on on-demand open orders.

B2BX Trading View

Unlike other exchanges, the trading view of the B2BX is different. It has the best overview of the market. The trading view shows real-time data on emerging cryptos and supports this data with graphics and charts. These views are derived from the platform’s insightful order data. Users can also manage their order books along with the price chart. By selecting the cryptocurrency and browsing the order history, the users can automate their orders. The buy and sell boxes are readily available in every window.

The new trading view by the B2BX platform runs a high-performance matching engine. This engine provides a dynamic layout of all the adaptive features that is useful for multiple workspaces. It showcases various trading widgets and groups them based on volumes, watchlists, and market depths.

B2BX Exchange Trading ViewB2BX Exchange Trading View

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What Problems Does B2BX Seek to Solve?

The main problem that B2BX seeks to solve is liquidity. Most crypto exchanges do not support high-volume trades because they are not backed with liquid funds. B2BX offers individual liquidity up to $1.6 million. It also provides institutional-grade liquidity worth over $20 million. Hence, converting crypto profits into actual money earnings is very safe and easy on this platform.

B2BX Mobile App

B2BX mobile application helps in monitoring price charts and managing order books on the go. It also keeps crypto wallets handy. To make deposits in crypto, the users can enable the settings of this app and monitor their account balances. The B2BX mobile app also analyzes trading charts in the same way its desktop version does.

B2BX Exchange Mobile AppB2BX Exchange Mobile App

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B2BX Security and Privacy

As per our review, they are operated under Estonian regulatory supervision, B2BX ensures that users fulfill the KYC procedures before trading on the platform. Crypto against crypto traders is protected with low fees and encrypted transactions. These measures have not been hacked to date. There is no reason to doubt the security of the B2BX platform. The top cryptocurrency exchange does not run any illegitimate operation that can harm people during their trades and withdrawals.

B2BX Exchange SecurityB2BX Exchange Security

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B2BX Customer Support

The customer support services at B2BX are satisfactory as per our review and research on it. The platform provides 24/7 tech support via live chat and email options. Phone-based customer support is not available in all regions of the EU. The platform is also active on social media platforms.

B2BX Exchange Customer SupportB2BX Exchange Customer Support

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Based on B2BX exchange reviews made by reputed online publications, this platform offers quite an amount of functionality. The team behind this is skilled in integrating powerful APIs for pro traders. Despite being new in the game, the B2BX platform appears reliable and safe for crypto traders in EU countries. However, the platform can improve regional restrictions as it does not allow US investors to trade. 


Is B2BX Safe and Legit?

Yes, the platform is safe and regulated by the EU crypto laws.

How Long Does B2BX Take to Withdraw?

The withdrawal process for major cryptos is fast and instant. However, the time taken for large-volume withdrawals may extend to not more than 24 hours.

What Cryptocurrencies Does B2BX Support?

BTC, XRP, and USDT are the significant cryptocurrencies supported on this platform. It also supports 20 other altcoins and stable coins in the market.

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