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Evident by innumerable advancements taking place constantly in the crypto world, one can deduce that the future of banking is changed forever. In such an unstable and ever-changing crypto-assets ecosystem, some exchange brokers have made a name for themselves by providing seamless and authentic trading facilities.

BC Bitcoin Summary

Headquarters Hertfordshire, UK
Found in 2017
Native Token N/A
Listed Cryptocurrency 1000
Trading Pairs N/A
Supported Fiat Currencies GBP & EUR
Supported Countries Worldwide
Minimum Deposit Depends on Currency & Payment Methods
Deposit Fees Depends on Currency & Payment Methods
Transaction Fees Depends on Currency & Payment Methods
Withdrawal Fees Depends on Currency & Payment Methods
Application No
Customer Support Email,Phone,FAQ,Livechat & Social media support

BC Bitcoin is one of the accomplished and specialized cryptocurrency exchanges based in the UK that facilitates investors to buy, sell, and trade any preferred cryptocurrency. The platform works as an execution-only brokerage firm that organizes each order as per the demand of its clients. The BC Bitcoin Exchange boasts of being the most trusted broker in the UK and offers its users exceptional features like a huge variety of coins, a deeper liquidity pool, and an OTC trading facility.

Although, read the BC Bitcoin review below and know more information regarding its services, fees, customer support, security, and more.


What Is BC Bitcoin?

Enumerated under the legal name of J&M Trading Limited, BC Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency broker based in the UK.

It was founded under the guidance of two veteran traders Jamie Green and Mark Lemon, in 2017 with the primary goal of providing the investors a trustworthy and easy-to-use trading platform where they can buy and sell crypto assets as per their trading portfolio.

Both directors combined their experience of around 30 years of dealing in the crypto industry to create a brokerage firm that may prove to be a one-stop solution for the needs of upcoming investors around the world.


The platform offers a user-friendly website and multiple other beneficial features that aids traders in executing profitable deals.

BC Bitcoin Platform InterfaceBC Bitcoin Platform Interface

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How Does BC Bitcoin Work?

BC Bitcoin works as a cryptocurrency brokerage institution that offers its clients various trading facilities which they can use to buy and sell crypto assets at a fixed price. The platform has liberalized investment in the crypto industry by offering multiple deposit and withdrawals methods. It means that one can purchase cryptocurrency using supported fiat currencies or sell their cryptocurrencies in exchange for fiat. The working methodology of BC Bitcoin is very much similar to a bureau de exchange service provided at the airports where one can exchange their currency to any other foreign currency. The platform either sends the coins to the user’s given address or stores them safely to use later.

History of BC Bitcoin

The BC Bitcoin has come a long way since it started its operations in October 2017. Competent traders with over 30 years of experience open deals for customers to maximize their profits. Currently, the brokerage firm is enlisted under the legal name of J&M Trading Limited, with its headquarters in Hertfordshire, UK. Jamie Green, with 18+ years of expertise in being a financial market trader, and Mark Lemon with 15+ years of experience in gaming and financial markets are the business directors. Together, they have revolutionized crypto trading by providing many outstanding features and services on the platform like many other cryptocurrency exchanges have, thereby earning the title of “UK’s Most Trusted Broker.” The working staff of the platform goes out of its way to help the customers, as evident by their excellent reviews and feedback on many trusted feedback websites like Trustpilot.

Services Provided by BC Bitcoin

BC Bitcoin provides the following services:-

  • Unlike many crypto exchanges, one of the main features of this platform is a large number of coins available for trading. The traders can use it for buying and selling more than 1000 coins as per their preference.
  • BC Bitcoin takes good care of high-profile customers by offering them an OTC trading service which they can use to access deeper liquidity pools while opening large volume trades. 
  • BC Bitcoin offers another outstanding feature is the coin storage service for crypto Assets. The platform uses multi-factor authentication and advanced security features to keep the assets safe. The coins purchased via BC Bitcoin can be stored safely in the coin storage function.
  • An additional feature available on the platform is the coin swap function that one can use to exchange any supported cryptocurrency for another via any external wallet or stored assets. 
  • Another exclusive feature of the platform is that it provides its users recurring payments service, which means they can authorize the broker to pull funds from their accounts at regular intervals to open prefixed deals.
  • Educational features like wallet guides and articles are also available on BC Bitcoin containing information related to recent happenings of the crypto universe and top-rated wallets and their navigation. 
  • BC Bitcoin offers an additional earning feature for the customers indulged in its promotion. One can earn a 0.5% commission on each trade their referral executes. They can get their commission paid in any of the preferred cryptocurrencies.
  • A further outstanding feature. It is the cryptocurrency escrow service that ensures highly secure payments and completely transparent transactions. 
  • One can also buy and sell NFTs via BC Bitcoin. Moreover, assistance and guidance services for the same are available on the platform.
  • The platform offers one of the best customer support services in the segment. The users can contact them quickly by using phone, mail, or live chat features. Furthermore, a dedicated FAQ section regarding the navigation of the platform is also accessible for novice traders.

BC Bitcoin Coin Storage ServicesBC Bitcoin Coin Storage Services

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BC Bitcoin Review: Pros and Cons

UK residents can get instant local support from the headquarters. Limited operational hours.
Customers can buy crypto-assets by using GBP or EURO directly. A Live trading chart is not available.
Direct deposit is available.
The user-friendly interface of the web platform.
A large number of cryptocurrencies.
Buying/selling calculators.

Registration Process of BC Bitcoin

The registration process of BC Bitcoin is quite simple. After opening the web platform,


Follow the below steps:-

  • Click on the “Register” icon given on the right-hand corner on top. Now, enter the email address and password to continue. 
  • Next, one would be asked to enter the information requested on the page, like name, dob, and contact details.
  • Now users will be asked to upload an image of valid ID proof, a recently charged bill/statement that could confirm their address, and a picture of themselves holding a card saying: “I have read and agree to the BC Bitcoin KYC Contract.” 
  • Finally, the account is ready, and one can start trading after depositing funds.

BC Bitcoin Registration ProcessBC Bitcoin Registration Process

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How to Trade Cryptocurrencies With BC Bitcoin?

Like many crypto exchanges, to trade cryptocurrencies from BC Bitcoin, one has to create an account first. After completing the sign-up, finish the verification. Next, the users need to choose the cryptocurrency to buy or sell and select the preferred payment method. Now, pay using the preferred method of payment. Once the payment is completed, BC Bitcoin will verify the wallet address, after which the purchase will be made, and the users will receive their coins.

Finally, after wrapping up the deal, the users will receive an email containing the information about the deal. Using the bank transfer method, the rate of the assets is given after the trade is executed.

Trade Cryptos With BC BitcoinTrade Cryptos With BC Bitcoin


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BC Bitcoin Fees

The fee levied on purchasing crypto assets via the bank transfer method is displayed on the Buy Coins page. The fee via this payment method is 4% for Bitcoin (BTC) and 5% for all other coins, and if the order exceeds €/£5,000, it will be subjected to a 4% fee. If the users use a Debit/Credit card, the fee levied on the transaction will be 2.5% more expensive than the previous method. It will depend on the market conditions of that time—7% on Bitcoin and 8% on other cryptocurrencies.

The fees levied on the selling of the crypto-assets are shown on the Sell Coins page. The mechanism works on a locked valuation system based on the live market price that includes the fees charged on the crypto-assets. If the customers are satisfied with the displayed price, they can send the crypto assets to the company’s address and get paid directly in their bank account after the transaction has been done.


BC Bitcoin Accepted Payment Method

FPS and SEPA Bank Transfers

The platform accepts payments through bank/wire transfers from all over the UK, EU, and non-EU bank accounts. However, transaction speed depends on the location of accounts. UK-based bank transfers are initiated immediately, whereas EU bank transactions are completed within 24 hours, and non-EU transfers take 1-2 working days.

Credit/Debit Card

Like the bank transfer method, this payment mechanism has perks like Instant buy, lower limits, and a fixed amount of coins.

BC Bitcoin Accepted Payment MethodsBC Bitcoin Accepted Payment Methods


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BC Bitcoin Supported Currencies & Countries

Supported Fiat Currencies


Supported Countries

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, United Kingdom, and many more.


Supported Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Binance Coin, Dogecoin, and many more. 

User Interface of BC Bitcoin

As already mentioned, BC Bitcoin is one of the bespoke leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms, this means that one does not need to rely too much on the web platform and get their trade executed via the phone medium. This function also has a downside as experienced crypto investors may feel disappointed by the lack of advanced trading features like charts and trailing stops. However, novice traders will not be harassed by overwhelming trading functions, and with the help of educational features like wallet guides and articles, they can execute profitable deals.

To buy, one has to choose their preferred coin, way of payment simply, and currency, then enter the wallet address and the amount after which the trade can be opened without any nuisances. The fee mechanism of the platform is transparent and will be charged before the transaction has been made. If the users face any problems, they can get help by using the chat box function given on the lower right side of the website. The coin swap function of the platform also works seamlessly, abstracting the elements of confusion. The traders just need to select the coin and amount they want to change, after which they will receive the payment as soon as the broker confirms it.


Although the platform has not launched any dedicated app, the users can access the web platform using a laptop, tablet, or mobile. The platform is created with the sole purpose of giving a user-friendly interface that may enrich the trading process. Besides standard trading facilities, BC Bitcoin offers customized trading services for specific customers to create win-win results, making it a true pioneer in the segment.

BC Bitcoin App

BC Bitcoin does not have an application. However, the Exchange has an innovative and customer-friendly web platform. The users can utilize the web platform on any device having an internet connection.

BC Bitcoin Customer Support

As per major BC Bitcoin reviews and our research, we can say that the platform has a dedicated customer service department that goes the extra mile to help the customers with their issues. The customer support team is available during working hours as per rules and regulations in the UK. The payments made during the working days are not stalled and finished on the weekend days also. The customer service team is quick and experienced in tackling the encumbrances faced by the users. The exchange also offers a comprehensive FAQs section containing essential know-how about the navigation of the platform.


Various customer service options are mentioned below:-

  • Skype- BC Bitcoin4
  • Telegram- @Mark Lemon
  • E-mail- [email protected] Bitcoin.co.uk
  • WhatsApp- (+44) 07793557620
  • Telephone- (+44) 1992 804 750
  • LiveChat through the website.

BC Bitcoin Customer SupportBC Bitcoin Customer Support

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BC Bitcoin Review: Conclusion

After going through the BC Bitcoin review, one can deduce that the platform offers numerous exceptional services like coin swapping, bespoke trading, escrow trading, coin trading, and many more. BC Bitcoin is a highly secure and trustworthy platform that works entirely with KYC guidelines and recently received provisional FCA registration. The platform uses advanced protocols like biometric security and multi-signature authentication to maintain the safety of customer’s assets when they use the Coin Storage service of the Exchange.

Despite being highly beneficial, there are still some shortcomings like lack of advanced trading tools and limited hours operation that become deciding reasons of disappointment for incompetent traders. However, this obstacle is quite helpful for inexperienced investors as they get a frictionless trading mechanism abstracting the highly confusing charts and graphs that aids them in executing profitable deals. Hence, one can conclude that the platform provides numerous outstanding features for both novice and competent traders like a simple website, dedicated customer support, wallet guide, OTC desk, liquidity pool, and unlimited crypto purchase facility. 


Is BC Bitcoin Legit?

Yes, BC Bitcoin is a highly secure, tested, and trusted brokerage firm. If you are paying them regarding specific transactions, rest assured of receiving the promised funds in your account or wallet.


Is Bitcoin BC Regulated?

Yes, the company is registered under the legal name of J & M Trading Limited. Moreover, the firm is genuinely licensed in England and Wales under company number 11038596, with its registered offices located in the UK.

Does BC Bitcoin Have an App?

No, BC Bitcoin does not have an app. However, the platform offers an easy-to-use website that can be accessed by any device having an internet connection.

Is BC Bitcoin Safe?

Yes, BC Bitcoin is entirely safe and secure, as evident by its crystal clear reputation and working under the compliance of British laws. The platform has a massive record of positive feedback given by genuine customers on Trustpilot.


What Coins Are Supported on BC Bitcoin?

Around 1000 digital coins like BTC, ETH, XRP, and many more are supported on BC Bitcoin. One can use the Coin Swap feature to know the exact number of coins available on the platform.

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