CrossTower Review 2024

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This exchange has closed down its operation.


With the world making a major shift towards digital wallets and cryptocurrencies, there is a need for platforms that can cater to safe trade execution. Founded by the capital market veterans, CrossTower aims at offering a secure and legitimate source for all customers to trade their cryptocurrencies. While several websites give good experiences to the dealers of cryptocurrencies, CrossTower brings in new and exciting offers to their existing and prospective customers.

However, there are always concerns about any platform- if it is legit or safe for use. As per the CrossTower reviews, it is necessary to look at the salient features of the platform and all that it has to offer to the traders before investing.

CrossTower Summary

Official Website Business is closed
Headquarters New Jersey, United States
Found in 2020
Native Token N/A
Listed Cryptocurrency BTC, ETH, and more
Trading Pairs Yes
Supported Fiat Currencies Yes
Supported Countries Worldwide
Minimum Deposit Depends on Currency & Payment Methods
Deposit Fees Depends on Currency & Payment Methods
Transaction Fees Depends on Currency & Payment Methods
Withdrawal Fees Depends on Currency & Payment Methods
Application Yes
Customer Support 24/7 via Email & Submit a Ticket Form


What Is CrossTower?

CrossTower exchange is a multi-asset trading firm and conforms to the required standards in trading, thereby allowing the investors to exchange their cryptocurrencies through the platform. The idea of building a platform for cryptocurrency and other digital assets in a similar structure to those resembling Wall Street trading prompted the launch of CrossTower.

The application of risk management tools through innovative blockchain technology has helped the company provide excellent options in trading in cryptocurrencies to its users. Since its inception, the company and the platform have attracted several investors and traders to their site. Their partnership with globally renowned liquidity providers and strong market makers has shown the buyers and sellers enormous success in their trading efforts. CrossTower provides connectivity access to several equity markets, thereby allowing investors to safeguard and manage their digital assets with competitive trading fees.

CrossTower, as a trading platform, provides a one-stop solution with a minimal percentage of the trading fee for every exchange made through it. The platform offers sub-account support to the traders with the best trading tools and efficient products such as Bitcoin funds to attract more investors.

The digital-asset business of CrossTower Bermuda Ltd has increased manifold since its inception in early 2020 because of the excellent reviews from dealers of cryptocurrency. The platform has several crypto-to-crypto trading options, including Ether, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Chain Link, and many more. Also, the hosting environment of CrossTower is completely secure. It is hosted from a data center compliant to ISO 27001 and is SOC-2 (Type-II) with the best cybersecurity experts to monitor and audit the practices. CrossTower exchange is also PCI compliant and follows all the protocols framed by regulatory bodies of the jurisdictions they operate.

CrossTower Platform Interface

How Does CrossTower Work?

When a person registers as an individual or an institution with CrossTower exchange, the site provides detailed exchange rates of all the cryptocurrencies in all capital markets. The investors can, as an individual or an institution, then start trading on the platform. It is advisable to understand the cross tower exchange rates provided under the ‘Fees’ option before proceeding to trade on the platform.

CrossTower Exchange Features

The platform review provides you with the following features:-

  • CrossTower global helps dealers safely exchange their cryptocurrency through their website.
  • Their competitive rates or taker fee and use of competent blockchain software for CrossTower exchange to offer investors the best digital asset trading platform.
  • CrossTower provides several products to its investors, including various crypto exchanges, Bitcoin funds, and other such products in demand in the Bitcoin market.

Is CrossTower Regulated?

With a license to operate from the Bermuda Monetary Authority, the platform follows all the guidelines and cybersecurity regulations as well as the rules implemented by the local authorities globally. That indicates that the cross tower exchanges are regulated and compliant with all norms.

According to the website, the engine can support 10,000+ exchanges in a second, making it easier for the traders to access and order the exchange. CrossTower exchange works as a secure liquidity provider and creates a one-stop destination for all trade-related activities, including checking account balances, withdrawals, deposits, and many more, to make it easy for traders and investors. While the US customers can trade according to their market rates and requirements, the other international traders can exchange, trade, and invest through CrossTower according to their needs.

The live pricing of market orders and exchange rates also helps users to successfully look into the options markets and reorganize their order books with the market data available on the site. The multiscreen and customization options help traders manage all information about their digital assets in one place, which is personally accessible anytime, anywhere. A high-security transaction and nominal fees further make it an attractive option for traders.

CrossTower Reviews: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Get a comprehensive review of the market at any time of the day. Registration required.
Minimal trading fees. Several choices in crypto might confuse a first-time user.
Compliance safeguards are in place.
Less or no withdrawal fees.
Easy withdrawal options.
Referral program for registered users.
Buy and Sell cryptocurrencies instantly.

Sign Up Process With CrossTower

The Platform review has much to offer for the registered users, apart from processing the market orders. They offer the benefits of exchange rates and nominal trading fees to a registered trader. Steps involved in registration include:-

  • Signing up with an email and a password.
  • Clicking on the confirmation link.
  • Selecting the ‘individual’ or ‘institution’ option.
  • Begin trading with the exchange rates displayed.

The referral program, different investment options, and varied fee structure encourage crypto dealers to use CrossTower exchange extensively for investing and playing in different international markets.

CrossTower Sign Up Process

How to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies on CrossTower?

For traders of crypto, CrossTower has made it easy and simple to sign up on their portal to proceed with the buying, selling, and exchange.

The platform review provides various features such as customizable trading interfaces and different order types. While one can start the buying and selling process of crypto immediately, it is always advisable to understand the kind of orders offered, the rebates available for investors, and other benefits such as referral discounts before using the portal for trading. Your order book will show all the details of earlier orders, making it easier to keep track of the trading done through the portal.

CrossTower Exchange Fees

CrossTower exchange has set a global trading fee with several advantages, such as rebates and discounts for individual traders. The latest review of the site shows incredible benefits to individual investors who want to exchange their crypto through the site. The review show very positive feedback on the taker fee charges and the trading fees accepted by the CrossTower exchange. Here is a look at the latest fees charged:-

  • The order types are differentiated as market makers’ orders and takers’ orders, and the fee structure varies depending upon the type of order being processed. The platform doesn’t charge taker fees, but it does charge a 0.05% maker fee, much below the industry average.
  • The taker-maker model designed by the site offers a rebate to the individual investors when they trade against the resting liquidity, thereby giving considerable advantages with such exchange.
  • The order book provides a comprehensive account of the fees paid and the rebate or discounts earned at the end of the transaction to help keep track of the exchange. Also, the taker fee is charged only when the order is executed instantly against resting liquidity.
  • They get a taker rebate for the trade completed if the order matches the specifications.

As far as withdrawal fees are concerned, they vary from crypto to crypto, which is whether the user is withdrawing BTC, ETH, or any other cryptocurrency.

A very comprehensive list of rebates and fees is available on the website for the traders to understand before the exchanges are executed. The review indicates traders have a positive experience with the portal, especially those individual traders who are looking to make their crypto exchange simple and easy. To know more in detail about its fee schedule, visit its official website.

CrossTower Exchange Fees

CrossTower Accepted Payment Methods

It supports the following payment methods:-

  • Accepts all major credit and debit cards (Visa and Mastercard) and Apple Pay.
  • Transactions are powered through Banxa.

CrossTower Supported Currencies and Countries

The platform review provides support for BTC and ETH-based trading pairs. Besides, USD is supported among fiat currencies. The website accepts currencies of several countries across the globe, making it easier to buy/sell crypto or engage in trading through the site. The ‘Buy with a Card’ option in the payment option takes you to the window where you can choose the currency you want to make the payment. The feasibility of paying in different currencies helps users from many countries to access the facilities offered by the website. The users can review the option before proceeding with the exchange.

How Is CrossTower Different From Others?

The review of various transactions made on the asset trading platform shows positive feedback on how this digital asset management company works. Other than the safety and security it provides, there are several benefits it offers to investors. Here are a few reasons why the site has positive reviews from crypto dealers:-

  • Buy and sell or exchange a diverse range of cryptocurrencies.
  • Fair cryptocurrency exchange rates and taker fees.
  • Minimum or low withdrawal fees for exchanges.
  • All dealings and settings have undergone a cybersecurity expert check.
  • Allows withdrawal or cancellation of open orders in case of change of plans.
  • Rebates in takers fees, different fees depending upon the orders.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Separate trade options for US customers.
  • Various payment and currency options, including the US and other nations.
  • Referral program where the referrer can earn 25% of the exchange fees paid by their friends or those who used the codes generated by them. The referral program has gained quite positive reviews since it offers incentives to the existing users who have generated the referral code through email.

CrossTower Advantages Over Others

Security by CrossTower Exchange

As a digital asset management firm, the site needs to look into several aspects, thus this review includes safeguarding the interests of the investors and providing sufficient support at all times. Thus providing high security for every transaction.

CrossTower High Security

CrossTower Customer Support

As per the platform review, It provides 24/7 assistance is provided to the buyers and sellers checking in from different parts of the globe, apart from email support. There are detailed articles on the site that provide clear instructions on how to contact regarding a particular issue on the site, making it easier for the customers to take up issues with the concerned department.

CrossTower Customer Support


To sum up the review, CrossTower exchange has a Wall Street-grade infrastructure. It has the capacity to make more than 100000 transactions per second feasible, which is an excellent feature. Besides, it offers the customers to check prices and trade in cryptocurrencies. It supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and is available in many countries. Moreover, its customer support team is very responsive, which makes the platform popular among traders.


Is CrossTower Safe?

The platform claims to have high security and rigorous safeguards, including multi-signature schemes, offline cold storage wallets, and regular audit of cybersecurity practices by industry experts.

How Can I Access My Transaction History on CrossTower?


To check and download the trade reports, users need to go to the Reports tab and click Trades, and then provide the information asked, such as start and end dates. The information can be exported by clicking the Export.csv or Export.xlsx buttons.

Which Cryptocurrencies Are Supported by CrossTower?

CrossTower exchange supports BTC and ETH-based trading pairs.

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