Dcoin Review 2024

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Dcoin is a digital asset trading platform from Switzerland which provides cryptocurrency trading services for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies online. Members from Google, 360, Baidu and other well-known IT firms formed Dcoin in 2018. Collinstar Capital, JRR, and others are among the Dcoin exchange institutions. Its headquarters are in Singapore, and its offices are in many countries worldwide, including South Korea, Brazil, and Switzerland. There are mixed reviews available online about this exchange. Read on to this complete Dcoin review consisting of features, products, and services to understand the platform better.

Dcoin Summary

Official Website https://www.dcoin.com/
Headquarters Singapore
Found in 2018
Native Token N/A
Listed Cryptocurrency 80+
Trading Pairs 139
Supported Fiat Currencies EUR, AUD, GBP, CNY, RUB & More
Supported Countries Worldwide
Minimum Deposit No
Deposit Fees Free
Transaction Fees For both Maker & Taker is 0.2%
Withdrawal Fees Depends on Currency
Application Yes
Customer Support 24/7 Support, Email, Social Media, Live Chat & Help Center

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What Is Dcoin?

To know what Dcoin is, one needs to understand what cryptocurrency is. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is marked as an encrypted code which is also called the blockchain. Dcoin exchange is a derivatives trading platform, which builds a trading environment for digital currency and digital assets exchanges. Several Dcoin reviews consider this one of the best crypto exchange platforms.

Dcoin Platform Interface

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How Does Dcoin Work?

Dcoin exchange can help you buy, sell, and exchange digital assets with ease and in no time. Dcoin exchange services for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies are open and transparent. It also supports leveraged trading, by which you might gain greater exposure to a specific cryptocurrency’s price increase or drop without owning the needed assets. Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts have spread over the posts on social media, and business tycoons all around the world have recently started talking about it. This review will further explore the operations of the Dcoin exchange.

Is Dcoin Legit?

Dcoin trading platform is as legit as any other exchange in the cryptocurrency world. Dcoin exchange mainly provides cryptocurrency trading services, and it has financial industry-standard security, which allows you to scheme. At the same time, it keeps in front of you multiple options it gathers on the way as its research. Technical solutions are based on Google Cloud and Amazon AWS that effectively prevent DDoS attacks, support dynamic data and static data separately and support hot data caching. Dcoin, which aims to be an economic stage virtual assets and derivatives trading platform, is ranked thirty-first on Coinmarketcap, which can hinder its path towards a good review. Still, it is a stable and nice fulfillment for a rookie and for blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Dcoin Regulations

Dcoin is not regulated. It thrives on the freedom that the market provides it; anybody can exchange into the cryptocurrencies it allows trading with. Dcoin appears to be very widely known as it mainly provides cryptocurrency trading for coins, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and new cryptocurrencies, which have finalized their ICO, which means it is an excellent exchange if you’d like to exchange cryptocurrencies at the very beginning of their trading journey.

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Dcoin Reviews: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
 An investor or company easily reviews the digital money and the trends on the Dcoin trading platform in Switzerland and elsewhere before the exchange, which will give them an edge over other investors.  The unpredictability of fluctuation of cryptocurrency markets cannot be anyhow neutralized at Dcoin. It is subject to whatever happens with crypto lite-coin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.
 It guarantees transactions and is far from being a scam as it mainly provides cryptocurrency trading services at a fee charged over the order in the form of a percentage of the order itself.  The only mode of a transaction on Dcoin is through crypto. The withdrawal always creates a bother as the fees taken on withdrawal are much more than the financial industry standard trading fee for withdrawal.
 All the hazards of self-trading and exchange are minimized when you exchange through Dcoin.  With a lack of regulation, Dcoin becomes an entity of the dark web where safety steps, no matter how many they may be, are still less, thus making it vulnerable to DDoS attacks.
 Multiple safety systems secure Dcoin, which guarantees company or investors’ trust, especially with its financial industry-standard security.

Registration Process With Dcoin

Users can register themselves on this exchange by using their email address or phone number. In both cases, they need to create a password. They can also enter a referral code if they have any. It is recommended that users read the user agreement and policy before proceeding.

Dcoin Registration Process

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Dcoin Fees

Dcoin starts charging a fee on order exchanges, and trading fees on an exchange are charged. You are charged on the trade order’s value, takers are charged with taker fees, and manufacturers are charged with maker costs after orders by a user are taken from the order book. A percentage of the order is usually the fee.

Dcoin Withdrawal and Deposit Fees

The daily withdrawal limit for unverified users is 10 BTC, while it is 100 BTC for verified users. Dcoin charges a withdrawal fee on a percentage of the withdrawal amount, excluding the trading fees.

Dcoin exchange charges a single withdrawal fee of 0.001 BTC, which is a bit higher than the average financial industry-standard charge of 0.000812. There is no fee charged for depositing into the Dcoin exchange. Click here for more details on its fee structure.

Flat Fees: Trading Fees

A flat fee is a fee other than trading fees, which is the same for both the taker and the manufacturer. This egalitarian transaction charges an equal percentage of 0.20 % from both maker and taker(current trend), taking into account their similar roles.

Dcoin Deposit Methods

  • Sign in to www.Dcoin.com.
  • Click on “Asset Management” and choose “Deposit” for the crypto to transfer.
  • “Copy” or “Scan” the QR code.
  • Enter the deposit address on the withdraw address bar, and you are ready to deposit and trade with the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Dcoin Withdrawal Methods

  • Hit “Manage Funds” after signing into the Dcoin account.
  • Select the coin to withdraw and enter the coin address.
  • Enter the amount and click “Confirm.”

Dcoin Accepted Payment Methods

Dcoin uses the following payment methods: Bank account, Crypto Conversion, ACH transfer, Wire transfer, and Debit/Credit card on the website.

Dcoin Supported Cryptocurrencies

Dcoin trading platform supports crypto exchanges of 80 cryptocurrencies, for example, BTC, LTC BCH, ETH, DAG, MXR, EOS, etc., and has 96 markets for it in Switzerland and throughout the world(CoinMarketCap). You can also get tokens like DADI, DC, OMG, etc. You can buy crypto with 18 added fiat currencies on Dcoin through the Banxa, Simplex, and OTC platforms. The supported fiat currencies include EUR, AUD, GBP, CNY, RUB, NZD, JPY, KRW, DKK, VND, IDR, CAD, ZAR, CHF, HUF, CZK, PLN, ILS, SEK, TRY, NOK.

Dcoin mainly provides the best crypto exchanges in the world for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, and it is also a derivatives trading platform that is commendable. Order-takers pay fees for their withdrawal before any transaction takes place. The order-takers are the customers who “take” orders from the order book. The fee is usually a percentage of the order.

Dcoin Supported Cryptos/p>

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Dcoin Trading Platform

Dcoin trading platform mainly provides cryptocurrency trading services for Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. With its financial industry-standard security, it is also a derivatives trading platform, and blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts have suffered the inflections of cryptocurrency.

The clouds of fear have loomed over it as a consequence. Dcoin exchange promises to be there while the trade is in a transaction; they show you trend posts and the timing of the rise. and fall of the main tokens of cryptocurrency.

Dcoin Trading Platform

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Dcoin Co-Building Partners

Dcoin Community

The Dcoin network plays as the cornerstone of the Dcoin trading platform; the network is composed of traders, community builders, opinion providers, and wisdom contributors. These users mainly include trading users and DT holders.

Dcoin Team

Dcoin Team members are made up of founders, technology research and development team, blockchain and cryptocurrency projects reviewing and testing team, operational team, marketing team, listing team, management team, etc. All team members play important roles in Dcoin ecological construction. They actively contribute efforts and consistently trust in the future of Dcoin as it provides cryptocurrency trading.

Dcoin Node

Node is formed by melting DT. After DT melting, holders possess a corresponding rating of nodes. Node holders share the reward pool of each rating every day. Node has the right to give advice and join management and governance, which is the key to Dcoin’s progress as a trading platform. In addition, nodes acquire lottery tickets accordingly. All the partners help Dcoin stay organized but can itself become a limitation if the balance is lost or if tensions build up between the teams.

Dcoin Exchange API

The Dcoin trading platform API is the best in the cryptocurrency exchange market. It helps you use a third-party app to create, and cancel orders, retrieve available balances, and create new deposit addresses. It accepts XML responses, JSONP, and URI Query String/CRUD requests.

Dcoin Security Measures

Dynamic storage, cold and hot wallet separation, HSM financial security technology protection, HDM wallet technology, and other techniques are employed at Dcoin to secure the exchange and assets of investors. Other ways are also employed to secure the assets; 24 hours after changing the password, no transaction can take place. Similarly, like other exchanges, it has 2-factor authentication. The monitoring of the transaction process at Dcoin exchange has financial-industry standard security. With time the emergence of modified security systems will bring Dcoin security to a much higher rating. It mainly provides cryptocurrency trading services, and thus we can say that the Dcoin system appears safe as per this review.

Dcoin Security Measures

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Dcoin Customer Support

Like many other exchanges, it provides customer support, and the team of the Dcoin exchange can be reached by sending direct emails, LiveChat, and posting on various social media platforms. Besides, they provide a live chat option where the users get instant support.

Dcoin Customer Support

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Dcoin Review: Conclusion


According to this Dcoin exchange review, the exchanges appear safe to trade crypto assets. Based out of Switzerland, the trading platform is easy to use with trading rewards on trading DTEP tokens. If the trading fee goes down, things can get better. Dcoin aims to get better as it is ranked in the ’30s, and while its inconsistencies cannot be underestimated, the way it is level up now is commendable, and soon the rating is hoped to get better. However, to begin trading on the Dcoin exchange, users are advised to go through its reviews.


Is Dcoin Exchange Safe?

Dcoin promises secure and efficient user transactions with a stable trading environment.

Can US Citizens Trade on Dcoin?

No, US investors cannot access Dcoin Exchange.

How Do I Withdraw From Dcoin?

  • Hit Manage Funds after signing into the Dcoin account.
  • Select the coin to withdraw and enter the coin address.
  • Enter the amount and click Confirm.

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