Globe Exchange Review 2024 : The Best Place to Trade Derivatives!

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What Is Globe Exchange?

Globe Exchange is one of the most innovative exchanges in the crypto space right now; the exchange works to create opportunities for cryptocurrency traders and make their trading experience easier and better. Online trading has witnessed exponential improvements on a global level as more crypto exchanges enter the trading industry.

Globe Exchange Summary

Official Website
Headquarters Republic of Seychelles
Found in 2021
Native Token GDT
Trading Pairs BTC/USDT, GDT/USDT
Supported Fiat Currencies Not supported
Supported Countries All countries except the United States of America and other jurisdictions where Globe services are restricted
Minimum Deposit No Minimum Deposit
Deposit Fees No deposit fees
Transaction Fees 0.05% to 0.03% Taker Fees
Withdrawal Fees No withdrawal fees
Application No
Customer Support Submit a Ticket Support

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Advertisement offers an entire set of spots and perpetual futures contracts to crypto traders. It is a much faster and stronger exchange platform where one can conduct crypto transactions without latency. Traders can use any asset as collateral and get a margin without swapping or selling their digital currencies. There are several attractive benefits for traders at Globe Exchange to discover and optimize their management strategies and portfolio. The exchange is constantly upgrading its features to bridge the gap between individual investors and institutional market makers, enabling a trading environment for all.

This Globe Exchange review delves deeper into its unique features, GDT token, products and services, pros and cons, affiliate program, customer support, and many more.

Globe Exchange User Interface

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Background of Globe Exchange

Globe Exchange is funded by legendary firms, including Pantera Capital and YCombinator. The team at works to allow their customers to be able to exchange everything. Globe Exchange offers revolutionary products, including volatility trading, traditional perpetuals, and spot markets, as well as innovative approaches for managing risk with the Globe Exchange platform’s Unified Margin system. aims to be a rewarding and robust exchange platform that offers deep liquidity and market-leading performance along with fee discounts and payouts for GDT tokens staking.

How Does Globe Exchange Work?

Globe Exchange is a popular modern crypto exchange that has an innovative approach when it comes to trading. The platform continuously upgrades its features to serve various traders and fulfill their requirements. Financial experts look after major decisions and financial aspects of Their expertise and knowledge have presented a leading exchange for those who love exploring the financial markets.

The integrated Globe Exchange platform offers a solution for every trader along with financial plans that guarantee to make profits for the investors on their invested sum of money.

Globe Exchange presents carefully chosen trading instruments that have the potential of giving increasing returns in a very short time. Top crypto exchanges facilitate investors by covering authentic live updates and news from the crypto financial market. They have also successfully produced a highly inspiring and motivating atmosphere that releases a constant source of optimism for the traders to participate in the trading market most competitively and profitably.

Unified Margin by Globe Exchange

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Is Globe Exchange a Legit Platform?

According to this Globe Exchange review,  Globe Exchange is a part of Globe Derivative Trading Limited, a company registered and incorporated in the Republic of Seychelles (company number 212550), trading as Globe Exchange. The exchange platform functions as a financial advisory firm and offers financial plans to its investors. is a legit and secure platform as the website has installed the most advanced and latest safety features, including encryption software and firewalls.

SSL encryption protocols keep criminals away from the website’s database, and the firewalls encode every trader’s personal and financial information into unreadable codes. These security measures make sure that no one can access client information and funds at Globe Exchange. Traders can feel safe that their information is 100% secure on the exchange platform & can safely trade.

Additionally, Globe Exchange also uses a two-factor authentication protocol that ensures the traders’ identities are not compromised in any way. This additional security feature is pretty common in every crypto exchange. Hence, is a legit, foolproof, and entirely reliable crypto exchange platform for every trade situation.

What Makes Globe Exchange Popular?

Margin in Anything

Traders at Globe Exchange can use any crypto for futures margin trading, including GDT, USDT, or BTC.

Low Fees

The fees at are highly competitive, and the exchange commissions are extremely low. The spreads are tight, which means that the profit margins increase substantially. This is a great perk for all traders as they can make as many withdrawals as they want without being charged anything extra.

Industry Leading Performance

Globe Exchange features have been showing industry-leading performance, with APIs working 40 times faster than others along with 2m+ TPS and 6-microsecond latency.

Unique Products

Traders registering with Globe Exchange get to trade VIX futures, Metaverse indices, and many more. The unique products offered by the exchange platform offer novel and familiar approaches for all traders. That includes derivatives, Globe Wealth and Gems, spot trading, comprehensive trading tools, and much more.

What Makes Globe Exchange Popular?

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Advanced Trading Tools

Traders at are well-equipped with necessary trading tools that offer one of the best trading experiences. Users can use maximum leverage of 100x for perpetual futures contracts to maximize their profits. Other trading tools include limits order, stop order, and market order for derivative and spot trading. Users can also manage their positions directly on their price charts.

Industry Leading Security

With industry-leading security measures, the Globe Exchange platform has installed the most advanced and latest encryption protocols and firewalls that protect client information and funds from criminals. Traders always feel secure with their data at since it is a completely foolproof and reliable exchange for every situation.

100x Leverage & Cross Margin

Leverages are calculated automatically at Globe Exchange across all positions depending on the payments made by the traders for the contracts. Users can access maximum leverage of up to 100x for derivatives trading, and if the leverage becomes too high, the trader will instantly be liquidated.

Deep Liquidity

Traders can trade with deep liquidity and zero slippage at Globe Exchange, thanks to the roster of institutional market makers they have operating across their platform.

All About GDT Token

According to this Globe Exchange review, GDT is Globe Exchange’s native token that traders use to access essential exchange products and services. Users can fundamentally purchase GDT tokens and trade them with other crypto assets available on the spots and perpetuals market. GDT tokens can also be used to stake in 30, 90, or 365-day increments in exchange for daily interests.

GDT Token by Globe Exchange

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Furthermore, investors can hold on to their GDT tokens to get attractive discounts on their transaction fees. For example, a token holding of more than 1000,000 GDT tokens will help the holders get a rebate in the market taker’s percentage from 0.05% to 0.03%. GDT tokens also fuel the burning system on the platform, where 30% of the total futures trading fees with an additional 10% of other charges are paid out in GDT tokens before they are burned. This way, the tokens can be used as deflationary crypto assets.

Globe Exchange Products

Spot Trading

There are two currency pairs available on Globe Exchange for spot trading, including GDT/USDT and BTC/USDT. Traders can view clear displays of the market volume and prices on the dashboard over the current short and long rates, the rates in the last 24 hours, and more.

Globe Exchange Spot Trading

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Regarding derivatives offering, the Globe Exchange platform greatly strengthens and focuses on providing diversified new perpetual futures contracts. Globe exchange derivatives offer a range of crypto assets, including Bitcoin, ETH, SOL, LUNA, AVAX, UNI, DOGE, FTM, DOT, VIX, and MATIC. A typical pair, BTC-VIX, stands as a volatility index for Bitcoin that follows the White Paper measures of CBOE to present the fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin.

Like spot trading, the exchange also gives massive support to perpetual contracts by updating market indices in real-time. With updated information, traders can watch and make their speculation on the market trends to optimize their decisions without making any deals.


Globe Gems give traders exceptional discounts, hot deals, and automatic bulk purchasing of major cryptocurrencies in less than a week. Exceptional discounts can be anywhere between 50 to 80%.


Globe Wealth refers to GDT token staking. At the time of writing this Globe Exchange review, the automatic staking function is undergoing development, and it will soon be officially introduced to the traders on the official website.

Globe Exchange Wealth

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Globe Exchange Services


Anyone can start their trading journey with Globe Exchange and explore its numerous qualities. The modern Globe Exchange platform has delicate features with an entirely user-friendly interface. Financial experts of the platform have carefully chosen a diversified range of trading instruments allowing users to invest in currency pairs, stocks, ICOs, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.


Globe Exchange has recently introduced Globe Leaderboard to follow the activities of top traders on the exchange platform. Users can filter the leaderboard by place, username, and month.

Treasury Services

Treasury services offered by Globe Exchange allow traders to receive monthly installments with 8% interest per annum generated via stablecoins. At the time of writing this Globe Exchange review, the total value committed by Treasury Service stands at $160 million.

Globe Exchange Treasury Services

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Globe Exchange Blog

One of the best things about Globe Exchange is that the platform offers insights and research into further updates related to the trading industry. Beginners can visit the Globe Exchange Blog for the most recent trading announcements and updates.

Comprehensive Trading Tools

Traders at Globe Exchange are well-equipped with comprehensive trading tools that include a Unified Margin mechanism that offers flexibility to use as many coins as the traders require in the form of collateral for perpetual futures contracts. Depending on their inherent nature, there are multiple order types, including market order, stop order, and limit order, available for traders.

Globe Exchange Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Supports major cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, APE, SAND, GMT, FTM, AVAX, SOL, OP, DOT, MATIC, DOGE, MANA, UNI, and LUNA. Relatively new crypto trading exchange.
Different types of orders are available, along with spot and perpetual futures contracts. So far, no spot markets (but coming soon).
Unique trading products and advanced trading tools.
Low trading fees; no fees charged for deposits and withdrawals.

Globe Exchange Fees

Trading Fees

Coming to trading fees, the Globe Exchange platform charges taker fees depending on the GDT token holdings. The taker fees range from 0.05% to 0.03% as GDT holdings increase from 0 to 1,000,000.

Spot & Perpetuals

For spot and perpetual contracts, Globe Exchange charges a standard trading fee of 0% for the market makers and 0.05% for the market takers.


A funding rate is a periodic payment made between the traders to make prices of perpetual contracts close to the prices of indices. Globe Exchange does not charge any additional fee for funding rates received or paid out.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Globe Exchange does not charge any additional fees for making deposits and withdrawals. However, certain network fees may apply to transactions based on the blockchain network used to make a transaction.

Supported Currencies

Being a crypto exchange, Globe Exchange supports the following cryptocurrencies – BTC, ETH, APE, SAND, GMT, FTM, AVAX, SOL, OP, DOT, MATIC, DOGE, MANA, UNI, and LUNA.

Globe Exchange Affiliate Program

According to this Globe Exchange review, the platform offers a lucrative affiliate program for all registered users. Affiliates at can refer the platform to their friends and get a chance to earn 30% on their fees. To reap the benefits of Globe’s affiliate program, users are recommended to go through Globe’s materials to ensure that they achieve all the affiliate goals.

Once a referred user signs up at Globe Exchange and makes a trade of more than 10,000 USD, the affiliate gets to earn a commission starting at 20% up to 30% depending on the traffic. To increase the conversion rate for affiliate marketing, it is important to be proactive on social media platforms, share some quality posts, including the affiliate links, post once every week, and interact with the followers as much as possible.

Globe Exchange Affiliate Program

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The most creative ways of increasing conversion rates are to create product walk-throughs, tutorials, and videos, add images to the affiliate promotions, write detailed reviews, and honest comparisons for the exchange.

Globe Exchange Customer Support

It is an undeniable fact that customer support is a critical feature in the online trading world. All kinds of traders, including newcomers and professionals, expect to receive the most efficient customer service from a crypto exchange platform they are registered on. Guidance is required at every step of the crypto trading journey and having responsive and user-friendly customer assistance becomes a mandatory feature.

According to the Globe Exchange review, Globe Exchange customer service is remarkable, and the representatives are extremely professional and strive to provide service and resolve customer queries at the earliest. Irrespective of the guidance required by the traders, the team is always present to provide support with 100% satisfaction.

Globe Exchange Customer Support

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Traders can file a support ticket directly from the official website by providing their name, e-mail address, subject of the issue, and supporting documents. In addition to this, there is a helpdesk available covering different topics such as perpetual contracts, spot pairs, affiliate programs, leverage, deposit and withdrawal methods, different order types, and multiple FAQs on Globe Exchange trading.

Although the exchange lacks a live chat feature which is one of the best communication channels, the support team ensures professional and quick solutions every single time. All in all, customer support at delivers top-notch service on all fronts.

Globe Exchange Review: Conclusion

To summarize this Globe Exchange review, the Globe Exchange website undoubtedly easily checks all the essential boxes. It is one of the best exchanges where traders can get everything they want to start their trading journey. Irrespective of the experience level, has all kinds of tradable assets for everyone.

With the growing interest in crypto trading, there is a strong need for a robust platform that can provide new horizons to the financial market for traders to explore and grow. Globe Exchange has successfully fulfilled that mission by offering a wide range of trading instruments and financial plans to simplify the trading processes for the traders.

Moreover, the security measures used by Globe Exchange are worth mentioning since all Globe Exchange accounts and traders’ information remain confidential and private. All in all, is a trustworthy crypto exchange for all kinds of traders around the world.


Is Globe Exchange Safe?


Yes, Globe Exchange is a safe platform with the latest encryption protocols, firewalls, anti-money laundering, and KYC policies. The exchange strictly adheres to safety standards and protects accounts from cybercriminals.

Where Is Globe Exchange Based?

Globe Exchange is based in the Republic of Seychelles.

Is Globe Exchange a Centralized or Decentralized Exchange?

Being a crypto exchange, Globe Exchange is a decentralized platform.

What Is the GDT Coin Price?

GDT Coin price is 1GDT = 0.1903 USDT.

Can You Deposit Fiat on Globe Exchange?

No, Globe Exchange does not accept fiat currency.

Which Cryptocurrencies Are Supported by Globe Exchange? supports the following cryptocurrencies – BTC, ETH, APE, SAND, GMT, FTM, AVAX, SOL, OP, DOT, MATIC, DOGE, MANA, UNI, and LUNA.

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