PointPay Review 2023

Due to the pandemic-hit economic slump, cryptocurrency is making quite a noise in the finance domain. People worldwide are becoming increasingly interested in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and more. As their interests peak, leaders in the crypto space are providing online platforms to buy, sell, trade, and exchange these digital coins. While most people settle for popular crypto exchanges, some dare to explore innovative platforms such as PointPay. In addition to being a fully functional cryptocurrency exchange, it effortlessly integrates cryptocurrency banking. This platform has gained tremendous popularity lately, attracting users from around the world. PointPay reviews from several trusted websites reflect how this platform provides next-level crypto services to its users. In this review, we explore this platform in detail and understand the real deal behind its growing popularity.

PointPay Summary

Official Website https://pointpay.io/
Headquarters United Kingdom
Found in 2018
Native Token Yes
Listed Cryptocurrency BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT, PXP, and more
Trading Pairs 35
Supported Fiat Currencies USD, RUB, UAH & more
Supported Countries Worldwide
Minimum Deposit Depends on Currency
Deposit Fees Depends on Currency
Transaction Fees Depends on Currency
Withdrawal Fees Depends on Currency
Application Yes
Customer Support Email,Social media

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What Is PointPay?

PointPay is an online crypto exchange that also serves as a unique platform to provide cryptocurrency banking. It is an innovative exchange in the crypto market, helping the holders of BTC, ETH, and other top crypto coins with best crypto lending services. As a fintech company, Point Pay Ltd. is a licensed corporate entity regulated under the cryptocurrency laws of the UK and Estonia. It is perhaps the only exchange to establish an all-in-one cryptocurrency ecosystem with around ten decentralized financing products. This one-stop platform provides financial services that make crypto banking an easy affair.

The PointPay Blockchain Bank, in particular, is the main attraction on this platform. It brings more efficiency to the crypto exchange by creating an easy-to-use crypto banking environment. It enables users to gain lucrative profits by lending their BTC and other crypto-assets to desirable daily compound interests. These holdings range from stable coins to tokenized gold. The PointPay crypto exchange also delivers a custom user experience designed especially for traders. It simplifies the conversion of fiat currency into cryptocurrency.

PointPay crypto wallet is one of the best crypto wallets and best-designed wallets in the industry. It helps traders in monitoring the cryptocurrency price change daily. With the PointPay wallet, customers can expand their crypto investment portfolio and store as much digital wealth as possible. It also provides a payment system, an excellent avenue for customers to settle their crypto payments using credit cards and debit cards. To buy or sell crypto conveniently, PointPay accepts various fiat currencies such as USD, RUB, and UAH. The PointPay trading account unlocks all these services and crypto fintech products across a single platform.

PointPay Platform Interface

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How Does PointPay Work?

PointPay works as a collection of various crypto finance products. This platform is regulated under the UK crypto laws, making it a reliable crypto exchange. According to the website, it is on a mission to emerge as the best one-stop shop for crypto traders worldwide. This platform allows token holders to store their holdings securely and use the ‘crypto bank’ to their advantage. It reportedly enables users to make residual income on these holdings at lucrative rates, up to 20% APR.

Based on many online reviews, this exchange works towards providing the best liquidity for its users and large-volume crypto holders. On the PointPay platform, users can smoothly run their trades and safely store their earnings in their crypto bank accounts. In return, these holdings are used in crypto lending plans and crypto loans managed by the company. The holders gain interest on their held assets, and the platform earns from their service fees and a small share of these interest earnings.

Holders are also able to stake BTC and other cryptocurrencies on PointPay. Staking can be executed in multiple degrees based on APR percentages. Moreover, the recent ICO of PointPay made it a reliable avenue to earn from the distribution and circulation of PXP, PointPay native token. This token can be used for utilities on the platform. As the value of PXP tokens appreciates, the platform continues to expand its banking products. It holds one of the most robust, thriving user bases in the crypto exchange market.

The success and profitability of PointPay are derived from its integrated services, such as the crypto wallet, blockchain bank, and crypto loan services. Every month, the platform is rolling out new features that establish this platform across multiple DeFi projects. Lending crypto on PointPay has become more valid than any other exchange, including platforms such as Binance and Coinbase. In 2019, it won the “Best Blockchain Startup” award in Moscow, Russia.

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PointPay Features

To become increasingly famous, PointPay provides a host of featured services. These features mainly revolve around storing and lending cryptocurrencies. Below mentioned are its features:-

  • To begin with, the platform offers its flagship product, the PointPay Blockchain-based Bank. This crypto bank is solely used for transferring and storing stable coins and tokenized gold. It is also considered the world’s first blockchain bank. It is seamlessly integrated with the crypto exchange services on PointPay.io.
  • The bank offers additional features such as registering new user accounts with checking and saving accounts. It also provides earnings at daily compound interest rates. Some of the top cryptocurrencies supported on this platform include BTC, ETH, and USDt. These tokens are widely accepted and help in creating residual wealth.
  • PointPay platform offers crypto lending features such as a higher yield on its native PXP token holders. These earnings grow on a progressive scale. Next up, the PointPay crypto exchange. As an exchange, it simplifies trading for its users.
  • It supports all sorts of crypto markets. Placing, executing, and scheduling limit and stop-limit orders are easy with these exchange features. PointPay also simplifies the process of converting cryptocurrencies from fiat currencies. Crypto to crypto or fiat to crypto conversion is possible with a variety of options on PointPay. Newbies to the crypto space can earn by signing up with the referral system. This referral program helps them earn some generous rewards. Moreover, the platform keeps providing progressive discounts on its PXP sales.
  • Token holders can also use the PointPay crypto wallet to create graphic interactions across their portfolios. The wallet provides features such as live price quotes, email-generated payments, and automated fund transfers. Users can automatically issue PXP accruals to their wallets by buying the tokens through the ‘Token Sale’ window on the platform. This feature is developed for BTC and ETH holders only.
  • The PointPay payment system offers many features that allow users to buy crypto directly via bank cards and credit cards. USD, RUB, and UAH are the key fiat currencies supported by this feature. The payment system also helps in selling crypto and withdrawing BTC funds into a crypto-friendly bank. Users can also sell their BTC and ETH assets for payments in USD, UAH, and RUB fiat currencies.
  • PointPay provides one of the most extensive support to payment providers compared to others. It runs a fully automated process packed with tools and features that unlock other PointPay products. The website shares additional information on how the team supports and educates its clients with video tutorials to boost crypto mass adoption.

Blockchain based bank Feature by PointPay

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Is PointPay Regulated?

PointPay as a crypto service provider is a regulated platform. Firstly, it is registered as Point Pay OÜ, a corporate entity in Estonia, bearing the address – Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Tuukri tn 19, 10120. Under this registration, PointPay company holds the ID number – 14408006. With this, it is regulated under the Estonian crypto laws, aligned to the regulations on digital wealth across all European markets. Secondly, the platform has been re-registered as a UK-based company called Point Pay LLC. This company has its registered Office on First St. Vincent Bank Ltd Building, James Street, Kingstown, on the islands of St. Vincent & the Grenadines. Point Pay LLC is a certified UK crypto service provider registered under 1120 LLC 2021.

Pros and Cons of PointPay

Pros Cons
PointPay is the best place to buy, sell, store, and lend cryptocurrency, all from one platform. PointPay crypto lending interest rates are not as flexible as their competitors.
The PointPay payment system is fast with its withdrawals, deposits, and crypto conversions.
The platform charges comparatively low fees for its services.

Registration Process of PointPay Crypto Exchange

The PointPay registration process is simple and easy to follow:-

  • The site opens the Sign-Up web page from the top-right corner. The user needs to fill in personal information in the Sign-Up window, including name, nickname, and email address. The user selects the country of residence to verify whether PointPay is legal and accepted in that region or not. Moreover, the platform runs an email address verification process.
  • This online process is completed when the user clicks on the link in the verification email sent by PointPay. It allows newly registered users to create multi-character solid passwords. It helps in improving the security of the user account.
  • As per our review, we notice that in this platform every registered user has to connect to either a crypto wallet or a bank account. Here, they can opt for creating a new crypto wallet and blockchain-based bank account with PointPay. These accounts are to store and manage the crypto wealth of the registered user.

PointPay Registration Process

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How to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies on PointPay?

The process of buying and selling crypto happens primarily via the PointPay wallet. It is an efficient cryptocurrency wallet that works as a web app, a mobile app, and a desktop software program. These versions provide the key wallet features, which is storing crypto coins with the help of private and public keys. The wallet also helps the users interact with other users across various blockchains. This way, it is easy to send and receive digital currencies across platforms. Similarly, verified wallet users can trust each other and track their account balances securely. Bitcoin users will find this wallet quite useful due to its digital features and comfort of usage.

To buy crypto, the user needs to sign in and go to the PointPay Wallet. This cryptocurrency wallet guides the user through all the best established and proven practices on crypto trading. Similarly, it shows the crypto prices in real-time. By selecting the required crypto coin, users can choose the payment methods. Here, users get the option to either buy BTC with fiat currency such as USD or buy it in exchange for other popular crypto assets. Users can buy and sell only those digital assets supported by its payment methods and wallet regulators. Even so, it is easy to transfer these digital funds across various wallets and platforms. Users can also automate these purchases and sales by using access control via phone, email address, and a user-defined ID. The exchange also supports a wide range of currencies on its PointPay payment system. Every BTC bought and sold on this platform can be reviewed with the history data on crypto holdings and transactions of the user. The wallet also facilitates BTC transfers between users and non-users. Such multi-platform support is excellent for trading crypto assets profitably.

Buy and Sell Cryptos With PointPay

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PointPay Fees

Like many exchanges, PointPay fees are mentioned on the website. According to the PointPay limits and fees, a BTC deposit is not charged with any fee. The platform, however, charges 0.00049 BTC for the withdrawal of 1 BTC. These fees change based on the crypto asset and its active price. For most cryptos, the platform does not charge any deposit fee. And some cryptos also have low withdrawal fees linked to their transactions. It charges a 0.05% maker fee and 0.05% taker fee on almost every crypto-to-crypto trade as a crypto trading platform. Popular trading pairs BTC/ETH and BTC/USDT. Click here to learn in detail about its fee structure.

PointPay Accepted Payment Methods

The PointPay payment system is one of the most smooth-working systems in the crypto markets today. It aims to resolve the critical issue – liquidity. Under its cryptocurrency space, this payment system provides maximum liquidity to its users. The majority of the crypto assets held by Point Pay users can be easily liquidated into fiat or other crypto assets. Typically, users intend to use multiple payment methods. But, this exchange provides support to selected gateways. The main accepted payment methods on PointPay as per many online reviews and our research are:-

  • Bank cards
  • Crypto wallets

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The system works so that spending cryptocurrency would be tough on this platform, but buying it would be quite an easy task. This is done to help the users retain their crypto wealth as much as possible. Vendors accepted by the platform primarily accept fiat currency payments only. This system also helps in integrating other crypto-assets with these payment providers. It allows them to leverage the power of unifying cryptocurrency exchange services with crypto banking. By linking credit cards, users can quickly deposit money to purchase BTC and other crypto. These transactions are regulated by fully licensed providers under PCI DSS6 compliance. All PointPay payment partners are regulated for managing fiat money and crypto-assets properly. Information stored on these gateways is secured, and the merchant or the bank cannot misuse it. Similarly, the payment services enable PXP and other cryptos via the PointPay mobile app on crypto-supported cafes and retail outlets.

PointPay Supported Currencies and Countries

PointPay is legit in European countries and most parts of the world. It is currently accepting payments and enabling crypto traders in more than 200 countries around the world. The fiat currencies supported on this platform include: –

  • UAH (Ukrainian hryvnia)
  • RUB (Russian ruble)
  • USD (US dollar)

Supported Cryptocurrencies


  • PXP
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • USDT (Tether)
  • DAI
  • XAUT (Tether Gold)
  • LTC (Litecoin)
  • BCH (Bitcoin Cash)
  • TRX (Tron)
  • XRP (Ripple)
  • LINK (ChainLink)

How Is PointPay Different From Others?

The following implemented features make PointPay better than the rest:-

  • It runs a crypto school by providing helpful and engaging video tutorials for users and helping beginners become better in crypto trading.
  • The platform has extensive support to issue limit and stop-limit orders.
  • It simplifies cryptocurrency conversion by offering various flexible options.
  • The referral program for PointPay users offers a lumpsome 50% bonus.
  • For every PXP token purchase, users keep getting progressive discounts.

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Besides this, the day/night mode of the PointPay app and its multi-language live chat support in Chinese, Russian, and English are of great advantage. A characteristic difference between this exchange and others is its accessibility. Remote trading and on-the-go crypto banking are possible via the PointPay app on Android and iOS smartphones & tablets. The 24/7 customer support is the icing on the cake. It is also supplemented when the platform enables automated calculators to evaluate asset liquidity on orders across various order books. Public API features, IEO capabilities, and AI-based OTC trading features also add value to this service.

PointPay Security

PointPay crypto exchange is a safe destination for cryptocurrency trades. Is PointPay legit? Yes. Cryptocurrency transactions on this platform are executed safely, and this is known as one of the most secure & best crypto exchange. All transactions are broken into small amounts to create a history of small purchases or made in one-time bulk payments to the merchants. Large fiat money transfers are bulked with the highest security and intrinsic validation process. In the PointPay system, small crypto funds are stored in Hot Wallet storage (digital crypto wallets). Users can operate these funds within the hot wallet without any approval of the advisors and supervisors. Rules regarding the security of funds stored in this hot wallet are described under PointPay’s Hot Storage Fraud Policy, which automatically detects fraud. Cold-storage, air-gapped wallets are disconnected from the platform. Approvals are necessary to make transactions from these wallets. These transactions may cost extra commissions as the platform pays heavily to protect these large-amount transactions. These transactions, however, may slow down due to the encrypted security measures. Users can also enable Secure Extra Payment Accounts (SEPA), the most secure option to make transactions. It generates a unique payment password used only under the secure-sensitive user data and stays encrypted across the PointPay system.

PointPay Security

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PointPay Customer Support

PointPay live chat and email are the best customer support service channels. Besides this, the platform is also available on social media channels and business network platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Telegram, and YouTube.

PointPay Customer Support

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Based on reliable PointPay reviews, we find this platform credible for cryptocurrency banking. It also shows excellent potential to become an alternative to the traditional bank models. This exchange offers low-cost solutions on instant crypto fund transfers. People from various parts of the globe can use the PXP native off-chain technology to tokenize their funds. The platform helps users in gaining financial literacy skills with BTC and ETH transactions. Furthermore, using the PointPay native token PXP helps crypto holders simplify their on-chain utility payments. The UK crypto laws closely regulate all PointPay products. The lower commissions on these trades make the PointPay crypto exchange essential for new users. BTC holders can also get access to premium materials in the form of video tutorials showcasing advanced crypto trading strategies. Overall, PointPay brings crypto banking to the touch of our fingertips.

Popularity & Achievements of PointPay Till Now!

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Is PointPay Legit?

Yes, the platform is legit and has not been hacked since its launch. The payment system is PCI compliant, and the UK crypto laws regulate the platform.

What Is a PointPay Token?

PXP is a native token of the platform and is used for paying utilities and other services via a crypto wallet.

How Do I Purchase PointPay?

PXP token is available for sale in the Buy window of the website. Whereas the platform is free for use as a downloadable application.

Is PointPay a Good Investment?

PXP value is appreciating steadily, making it a reliable investment for crypto traders.

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