Qurrex Exchange Review 2023

Qurrex is the world’s first hybrid crypto exchange that provides institutional-grade services by integrating decentralized networks with centralized nodes. Qurrex wants to integrate crypto mining pools, cryptocurrency brokers with clients, individual cryptocurrency holders, and other crypto players into a single network infrastructure. They also provide software solutions for digital asset trading. It claims to be a reliable and fast platform capable of quick and accurate trading. It was launched in 2017.

It is a FinTech company based out of the Netherlands and the Cayman Islands. Its USP lies in integrating years of experience in the traditional stock exchange with the digital infrastructure of the crypto economy. It now has its own digital token called the QRX that went for ICO in 2018. As per Qurrex Exchange reviews, these digital assets are traded through its platform and the prices depend on the open market.

Qurrex Exchange Summary

Official Website https://qurrex.com/
Headquarters Netherlands and the Cayman Islands
Found in 2017
Native Token Yes
Listed Cryptocurrency 50+
Trading Pairs Yes
Supported Fiat Currencies Yes
Supported Countries Worldwide with few exceptions
Minimum Deposit Low
Deposit Fees Low
Transaction Fees Basic Maker and Taker Fee
Withdrawal Fees Low
Application No
Customer Support 24/7 Customer support and Social media

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Qurrex and Its Role in the Crypto Economy 

Qurrex is an international cryptocurrency exchange that claims to provide institutional-level services. It calls itself the world’s first hybrid crypto exchange that integrates decentralized technology with centralized nodes. The centralized nodes (CEX) are incorporated within the decentralized network (DEX) with the help of internalizers, electronic communication, and blockchain technologies. It also offers FinTech solutions for all digital asset trading needs.

White label services and market maker protocols are available along with on-chain and off-chain decentralized trading. White label trading is based on advanced API integration and comes with different trading options like limit orders, take orders, OTC trading, futures trading, and many more. It guarantees that trading its crypto exchanges is always quick and accurate.

About Qurrex

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How Does Qurrex Work?

Let’s see the below points and know how the platform works:-

  • It has an international crypto exchange platform.
  • Users need to sign in and create an account.
  • The core stock exchange module of the platform can handle millions of connections without any data loss to provide the most accurate market trading, buying, and selling.
  • It is known for its highly-developed practices in security services including cold storage wallets for offline storage of coins and insured hot wallets for storing cryptocurrency for trading.
  • It also offers software solutions and data analytics content for trading signals based on real-time market price updates.
  • It also provides trade management for corporates and institutions.
  • It has access to huge pools of liquidity because it incentivizes major market liquidity suppliers.
  • It maintains complete transparency about all its trades and conducts annual audits by the Big 4.
  • Traders can trade 24 x 7 and also get access to 24 x 7 customer support.

Key Features of Qurrex

The exchange consists of the below-mentioned features:-

  • It is a reliable platform providing instant and accurate trades for all volumes of transactions.
  • Provides white label services for entrepreneurs to open their own digital cryptocurrency exchange.
  • It also has a broker internalizer system that lets white label cryptocurrency exchanges connect to a single centralized exchange.
  • It also has its own decentralized stock exchanges for crypto, where users can buy and sell different cryptocurrencies.

White label Asset Feature of Qurrex

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Is Qurrex Regulated?

Any global financial regulatory bodies do not regulate the exchange. But Qurrex review does not mention any security issues faced by traders.

Services and Products Offered by Qurrex

The following services are offered by the platform:-

  • It has a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange suitable for corporates, brokers, individual traders, and HFT traders.
  • The Qurrex decentralized exchanges called the Qurrex DEX have been designed to consolidate the cryptocurrency economy combining different exchanges into a single unified network and creating an integrated order book and liquidity pool. It wants to incentivize liquidity providers and market maker traders by redistributing a portion of the stock exchanges’ trading commission to them. The DEX works by utilizing software like an internalizer, an electronic communication network, and a blockchain technology ecosystem.
  • Qurrex’s decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges run on both on-chain and off-chain protocols.
  • They have a broker internalizer to connect market-maker clients of a broker to the centralized Qurrex exchange through the FAST protocol.
  • The platform cryptocurrency exchange is high-performance with an efficient risk engine to manage trades.
  • It also provides white-label software that is scalable and compatible with the Qurrex tokens (QRX).
  • The white label solution is plug and play and lets customers have their own cryptocurrency exchange.
  • The white label services include margin trade and OTC trade institutional traders. Spot, repo, and futures trades are also supported. Advanced APIs like FIX/FAST, REST, and Webstock are used for these white label services.
  • Stop-loss orders take profits orders, and limit orders are all supported by the white label services. Banking APIs are also available for fiat integration.
  • The platforms white-label systems can be fully deployed in just 15 days. It is easy to integrate with any chosen trading terminals or brokerage platforms.
  • The white label trading platforms come integrated with analytics tools, real-time charts, and trade history records in order books. The white-label websites also have their own compliance and surveillance modules. These provide services like machine engines, risk control, position keeping, and many more.
  • The white-label platform supports 40 different cryptos and 25 ERC tokens for trade.

Qurrex Decentralized Services

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Qurrex Exchange Review: Pros and Cons 

Pros Cons
right Very safe and reliable. cancel KYC required.
right White label services are available. cancel Not all cryptocurrencies are supported.
right Android and iOS compatible trading page view. cancel Not regulated by any financial regulatory authorities.

Qurrex Sign Up Process

Follow the below steps for registration on this crypto exchange platform:-

  • Traders need to register their own accounts on the exchange.
  • Traders have to submit their name, email id, and phone numbers.
  • Traders then must fulfill KYC requirements to start trading with Qurrex.
  • Traders can trade in the QRX tokens or in ETH (Ethereum) cryptos.
  • It also runs different schemes where newly registered users get a referral link with which they can earn some free crypto bonuses once their account gets verified for trading.

Qurrex Sign Up Process

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Qurrex Fees

  • The Querrex exchange charges basic maker fees and taker fees for trading.
  • The clients who purchase its white label services can also earn trading fees from their client’s liquidity contribution to the market.
  • For the QRX token holders, 20% of Qurrex trade commissions will be re-distributed among the pool of all QRX tokens.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

  • Investors can buy, sell, and trade ETH and QRX tokens through the exchange.
  • Deposits are accepted in the form of ETH (Ethereum) and fiat.
  • The purchased cryptos are stored in cold storage wallets.
  • It also allows fiat money withdrawals.
  • Only basic network mining fees are charged.

Accepted Payment Methods

Unlike most other cryptocurrency exchanges, the platform accepts fiat deposits into its digital wallet through bank transfers or Ethereum transfers into the trading account from the ETH address of other digital wallets.

Supported Currencies and Countries

  • Supports trading with its own QRX tokens.
  • Supports many different fiat currencies.
  • It is an international trading platform, but its QRX tokens are restricted in countries like the USA, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, and a few more.
  • It also offers white label services with advanced APIs for integration and trading which support the top 50 cryptos and all ERC-20 tokens.
  • Most popular cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar, EOS are all supported.
  • All existing and new ERC tokens are also supported.

QRX Token Information 

The platform has developed its own digital token called the QRX. The ICO for the QRX tokens was first launched on 10th June 2018 and ended on 30th June 2018. The average ICO review and ratings for the QRX tokens are above 4 points (out of 5). The QRX token price at the time of the ICO was 1.088 USD (or 1ETH =800 QRX).

The QRX tokens can be traded freely through the Qurrex cryptocurrency exchange or through the Qurrex white label stock exchanges using its APIs services. 20% of Qurrex trading commissions from the exchange are distributed among the QRX token pools.

Qurrex Token Sale

Qurrex account holders can buy and sell QRX tokens through the trading platform via their mobile phones or computers. The initial coin offering (ICO) was between 10th and 30th June 2018. The preICO was between 27th Feb and 27th March of the same year. Many analytics charts are also available to make trading more profitable for investors.

Qurrex Trading Platform

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Qurrex Roadmap/Future Plans for Business Development and Growth

  • In November 2017, the Qurrex prototype was approved for multi-user terminals.
  • In mid-2018 the token sale was completed for the QRX tokens.
  • Trading became fully functional in June 2019. It received the CSSF license for broker services. Fiat currency acceptance and margin trading for crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to=crypto pairs was also approved.
  • It also launched its social trading services in September 2019. This included the creation of an information portal and the development of back-end services for its corporate/institutional clients.
  • In December 2019, Qurrex became a hybrid crypto exchange trading platform. Its DEX nodes were registered, and DEX liquidity was integrated into the exchange trade order to include all participants of crypto markets.

Qurrex Security and Privacy

  • Offers top-grade security services.
  • The SSIs (Security Service Infrastructure) of traditional cryptocurrency exchanges are employed in the digital infrastructure of the exchange projects.
  • Secure cold storage solutions are available for digital assets and user funds to protect them from online criminals.
  • Hot wallets for trading come with various insurance schemes to protect against loss and theft.
  • The security services of the exchange are monitored by a recognized IT security company.
  • The trading interface of the exchange is designed to be simple and ensure customer safety.

Qurrex Customer Support

  • Customer support teams are available 24 x 7 to solve any problems faced by users. A team of experts constantly works to improve the experience of investors.
  • The user support service teams are also available through various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Telegram.

Qurrex Customer Support

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Qurrex Exchange Review: Conclusion

Qurrex, the most secure cryptocurrency exchange, has reviews and ratings which are mostly positive. However, some traders mention the loss of some coins or being unable to withdraw their funds. Some traders call it a scam and accuse the platform of stealing tokens and digital assets. But the exchange vehemently refutes all these claims. The exchange is also unregulated, so there are obviously some security risks. But the QRX token ICO details and review are very positive.

The company was created by Matthijs Johan Lek (present CEO of the company) to become hybrid crypto exchanges that integrate centralized nodes into a decentralized network (Qurrex DEX). As its roadmap shows, It is on the path to fulfilling its objective. Other members of their team include Vladimir Tsarkov, Karine Gabrielyan, Kirill Gotovtsev, and many more experts in the field of decentralization technologies.

Their main aim is to bring together all players of the crypto community with their financial technologies so that all trading activities can be under one decentralized network where funds are deposited and withdrawn.

In a world where cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular, the platform was started with the completely new concept of hybrid exchanges

technology. As digital currencies gain more popularity, more such innovative products can be expected in the future to make cryptos more accessible and usable for the common population.

It is taking the digital currency’s commitment to decentralization one step further and many more firms may soon follow the same path to bring about a decentralization revolution in the future that will change the way financial transactions take place. Although, learn more about the exchange’s crypto trading platform.


Is Qurrex Safe and Legit?

The Qurrex exchange is not regulated. So, there is always an element of risk while trading through the exchange. It is also restricted in some countries. But many traders have successfully utilized the platform and purchased the QRX tokens for their digital currency portfolio. The ICO ratings of the exchange are also above average.

How Long Does It Take to Withdraw From Qurrex?

Traders can withdraw their funds from Querrex in the form of fiat currency as well. Fiat currency withdrawals usually depend on the bank’s processing speed. ETH or QRX withdrawals into other digital wallets usually depend on the congestion on the blockchain network.

Where Are Qurrex’s Headquarters?

At present Qurrex headquarters are based in the Netherlands and the Cayman Islands. It is an unregulated exchange, but KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements are necessary for account authentication to start trading on the platform. As a result, it takes a few days for a new user account to get verified for trading.

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