The Rock Trading Review 2023

Presently, the finance world is witnessing a splendorous change from a conventional system of fiat currencies to an augmented and frictionless mechanism of digital currencies. This crypto industry is big enough to accommodate many upcoming traders attracted towards it due to its potential to give huge returns on investment. However, even this system has shortcomings that create nuisances for inexperienced investors delving independently for the first time.

To tackle such encumbrances, the need for user-friendly crypto exchange platforms becomes crucial as these cryptocurrency exchanges work as gateways to the crypto world that aids investors in buying, selling, and storing various digital commodities.

The Rock Trading Summary

Official Website
Headquarters Milan, Lombardy
Found in 2011
Native Token None
Listed Cryptocurrency 15+
Trading Pairs 425+
Supported Fiat Currencies Euro
Supported Countries Covers all EU and the US countries.
Minimum Deposit N/A
Deposit Fees Depends on Currency & Payment Method
Transaction Fees 0.02%
Withdrawal Fees Depends on Currency & Payment Method
Application Yes
Customer Support 24/7 via Mail, Live Chat, FAQ, & Social Network Support

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The Rock Trading Exchange boasts of being the oldest cryptocurrency exchange in Europe that has been operational since 2011. The cryptocurrency exchange has provided traders with an option to buy and sell bitcoin since its inception. The platform offers investors trading services for digital assets in compliance with rules and regulations laid down by European Union. Although, to know every detail of this exchange platform, read The Rock Trading review thoroughly!

Understanding The Rock Trading

The Rock Trading Exchange was founded in 2011 under the ownership of Davide Barbieri and Andrea Medri by re-starting a digital insurance company. The Rock Trading operates as a crypto exchange that facilitates users to buy and sell digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. One can convert cryptocurrencies amongst each other or against prefixed legal tender (Euro).

The Rock Trading platform boasts of being the first exchange that added GreenAddress deposits and other unique technologies, such as Bech32, Multisig, Legacy, Liquid, and Segwit. Various other customer-friendly features like dark pools, conditional markets, and limit orders are available on the platform.

The Rock Trading Platform Interface

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Additional Functionalities of The Rock Trading

Users can access The Rock Trading services from its user-friendly web platform and the mobile app. One can go through the price feed and volume of the listed cryptocurrencies on the main screen of the platform. To trade in a preferred cryptocurrency, investors/users can click on it to access the buy/sell function of the concerned asset.

Now, they can use the “BID” function to open a deal by themselves or the “ASK” icon to get their trade executed. Apart from normal trading, another extravagant feature that the platform offers users is a quick trading mode using the “Fast Lane” icon. Clicking on the same will take traders to a quick trade page to open a deal simply by using the preset amount.

The Rock Trading Features

The Rock Trading review will cater you all its features that are important to know for you and below are the points of it in detail:-

  • The Rock Trading exchange offers the users a remarkably easy-to-operate platform with advanced professional tools and a simple trading view.
  • Another feature provided by the platform is a specifically designed service run by financial operators for traders interested in buying or selling cryptocurrencies for more than €100.000 or equivalent. The authentication system has proved to be an ideal solution for liquidity, slippage, and security issues.
  • Multiple deposit and withdrawal options are also available on The Rock Trading platform to liberalize adding or sending money from the user’s account.
  • A dedicated and 24/7 hours available customer service feature is also provided on the platform to tackle multiple issues faced by the customers.
  • A highly secure storage feature is also offered by the exchange that uses multiple safeguarding mechanisms to protect users’ funds.
  • An Android-based mobile app with simplified trade deal execution and management.
  • Another beneficial feature provided by The Rock Trading is the margin trading option at an optimal rollover cost. Furthermore, many advanced trading features like a limit order, market order, stop order, and hidden order are also available.

The Rock Trading Features

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The Rock Trading Regulations

The legal name of The Rock Trading exchange, under which it operates, is The Rock Trading S.R.L. The name is registered in the Milan Companies Register no. 2507359. Currently, there is no information available on the website regarding the regulation of the platform. This limitation of the exchange discourages competent professionals from using it as unregulated brokers cannot provide its users the same level of security as regulated one offers.

The Rock Trading Reviews: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Customer-friendly Exchange platform. Not regulated.
Margin Trading Function is available. Available only for EU countries.
Low trading fee. Limited customer support options.
Supports Euro and USD transactions.
Trusted and Experienced exchange.
Quick trade option.
Professional trading tools.
Educational content for novice traders.

Getting Started With The Rock Trading

As per our reviews, the registration process of The Rock Trading is quite simple and smooth. One can start the sign-up process by going to the platform’s homepage, where the “Register” icon is available. After clicking on the icon, one will be asked to enter the mandatory information. Now, accept the terms and conditions of the platform and click on the sign-up icon. Further, the users will get an email to complete their verification.

After completing the registration, the users will be asked to finish the KYC to activate their account by providing a valid identification document. The KYC verification takes around two days, following which the traders can start using The Rock Trading platform by depositing funds in the account.

The Rock Trading Registration Process

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Buying Cryptocurrencies From The Rock Trading

The modus operandi of buying cryptocurrencies on The Rock Trading platform is a seamless and enriching experience for the users. One need not be a professional to purchase on The Rock Trading exchange. The cryptocurrency exchange offers a unique quick trade function known as Fastlane that aids investors in making profitable trades without indulging in advanced tools and instruments that may confuse them.

After analyzing the unpredictable but strong crypto-assets market, one can deduce that a systematized purchasing strategy may prove fruitful for the customers. The Fastlane helps customers implement an accumulation strategy that preserves and escalates the asset’s value over a longer period. Fastlane guarantees one immediate real-time conversion in a harmonious environment, abstracting the volatility risk of buying a cryptocurrency.

The Rock Trading Fees & Commission

As per our reviews, we can say that The Rock Trading crypto exchange fees are lowest in comparison to other crypto exchanges in Europe. The Deposit and withdrawal fee and other fee mechanism of the platform works based on the commission generated in the last 30 days. This means that the more a trader trades, the less commission he has to pay with the payment methods they prefer.

As already mentioned, The Rock Trading provides the margin trading feature; the maximum leverage ratio given by the exchange is 1:5. If a user tries his hands on margin trading, he has to pay a rollover fee of 0.01% every 4 hours. Various types of trading fees of the exchange are mentioned below:-

  • Currencies: 0.02 % – 0.20 %
  • Hidden orders: 0.30 %(starting fee)
  • Fastlane: 1.39%
  • Accumulation Plans (FIAT/stablecoins) against crypto: 1.39% + 1 unit in FIAT/stablecoin
  • Accumulation Plans (Crypto): 1.49%

Click here for knowing more in detail about the fee schedule of The Rock Trading platform.

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The Rock Trading Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

The Rock Trading offers several methods to deposit or withdraw both for fiat and cryptocurrencies like Bankwire transfer (SEPA), Skrill, Liquid sidechain, Lightning Network, CheckSig, and more.

The Rock Trading Supported Cryptocurrencies & Countries

The Rock Trading Exchange is operational in countries associated with the European Union and the United States of America. And the cryptocurrency & tokens it supports are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Zcash, Peercoin, PHI Token, Gemini Dollar, Friendz, Dogecoin, Ripple, ChainLink, Tether USD, and more.

Why The Rock Trading Platform?

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Trading Platform by The Rock Trading

The Rock Trading offers an innovative and advanced platform operable easily by inexperienced and competent traders. It provides its clients both a customer-friendly mobile app as well as a website. Further, the exchange offers a highly intuitive trading view with elementary designs and easy-to-use methodologies. It comprises multiple price charts, buy/sell columns, order books, order history, and many other necessary functions to enhance the trading process.

The Rock Trading Mobile App

The Rock Trading Crypto Exchange offers an easily operable mobile app for Android users only. One can download the app from the Google Play store. Usage of the cryptocurrency exchange becomes quite simplified on the mobile version.

The Rock Trading Mobile App

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The Rock Trading Review: Security & Privacy

As already mentioned, The Rock Trading is the oldest and most experienced broker in Europe. It has garnered huge experience in safeguarding the assets of its clients. The cryptocurrency exchange offers a high standard of tested and trusted security protocols. The exchange uses various security methods to protect and maintain client’s privacy, namely:-

  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Secure Socket Layout
  • Elastic Multi-stage wallet
  • GreenAddress’ security system
  • Intensive KYC and AML policies

The Rock Trading Customer Support

While making The Rock Trading Review we notice that the platform offers adequate customer support options for investors. The exchange provides a dedicated FAQs section regarding its appropriate navigation. This section comes in handy for inexperienced traders as they require genuine assistance in using The Rock Trading for the first time.

The users can also use various other support functions like social media platforms, telegram chat, ticket function, and email to get in touch with the customer team executives. The customer service feature is available 24/7.

The Rock Trading Platform Help Center

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The Rock Trading Review: Conclusion

After going through the comprehensive review of the Rock Trading exchange, one can say that The Rock Trading is one of the most trusted and secure crypto exchanges that has proven its mettle by maintaining complete transparency and infallibility in terms of security for almost a decade.

The Exchange has streamlined the trading operations by offering multiple outstanding features like highly secure storage, competitive fees, highly dedicated customer service, and much more. Moreover, being the oldest operating exchange broker gives the platform an edge over its competitors by allowing it to use the accumulated experience in satisfying the needs of its customer base expertly.

Hence, one can never be wrong if they choose to go with the exchange as there are not many who can match the potential of The Rock Trading Exchange when it comes to providing enhanced trading opportunities for the upcoming generation of crypto investors.


Is The Rock Trading Safe and Legit?

Yes, The Rock Trading is safe and legit. Although there is no information available regarding the regulation of the exchange, there have not been any known incidents of a security breach in the company. Moreover, the company has learned from its experience of almost a decade and strengthened its security over time.

Why Choose The Rock Trading?

The Rock Trading is reliable as it works under the compliance of rules and regulations set by the EU. The platform has a long history that stands witness to the strong character and sincerity of a project and a workforce that in these years has never stopped evolving and improving.

How to Trade Cryptocurrencies at The Rock Trading Platform?

There are two ways to trade on The Rock Trading, one is the basic method of opening a normal deal, and the other is using the Fastlane feature. It is a unique quick trade function that aids investors in making profitable trades without indulging in confounding tools and instruments.

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