ZB.com Review 2024

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In cryptocurrency trading, every trader is looking for the best exchange platform. Traders and investors, in particular, are exploring various exchanges in the crypto space. Some exchanges allow users to trade Bitcoin and other cryptos for traditional tradable assets such as fiat currencies and precious metals.

ZB.com Summary

Official Website https://www.zb.com/
Headquarters Hong Kong
Found in 2017
Native Token Yes
Listed Cryptocurrency Over 200 Crypto Tokens
Trading Pairs 110+
Supported Fiat Currencies No
Supported Countries Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, and the United States.
Minimum Deposit Depends on Currency
Deposit Fees Free
Transaction Fees From VIP 0 to VIP 1 It Ranges (0.20% to 0.06%)
Withdrawal Fees Depends on Currency
Application Yes
Customer Support 24/7 via Mail, Live chat, & Help Center Support

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However, crypto investors look for exchanges that stay central to the cryptocurrency market and do not diversify their portfolios with traditional financial instruments. ZB.com is among the top crypto-only exchanges and trading platforms in the market.

People are making profits worth hundreds of dollars by trading crypto pairs on ZB.com. In this ZB.com review, we explore why the platform has become so popular and how it continues to benefit people from different parts of the world. This information helps users to understand the features of this cryptocurrency exchange platform before signing up.

What Is ZB.com?

ZB.com is considered one of the most successful crypto exchanges from China. In the history of crypto markets, China has been one of the most unregulated regions for Bitcoin and other trades.

However, ZB.com has changed this notion. This cryptocurrency exchange has been in the industry since 2013. In 2020, years after the ICO ban in China, the exchange gained prominence in the West.

The launch of ZB.com made a huge impact in the crypto space, compelling China to revisit and change its legal regulations against cryptocurrencies. Today, this exchange is effectively managed to provide much-needed financial freedom for individuals around the world.

ZB.com Review - Platform Interface

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How Does ZB.com Work?

ZB.com exchange works like any other cryptocurrency exchange. However, its services are restricted to crypto trading only. Other tradable assets are not available on the platform.

Its users can make investments in crypto to fiat and crypto to crypto margin trading pairs only. The exchange has currently climbed the ranks and become a top platform by its daily trading volume and market cap. It also ranks high for being one of the most active cryptocurrency exchanges in the world by market cap and trading volume.

This exchange manages its operations from Hong Kong and is thus exempted from the stringent legal restrictions of China. Although it is not well regulated, cryptocurrency trading is easy on this exchange.

The main markets for this exchange are Southeast Asia and Europe. Investors and traders from the US are also welcome here, but the platform mainly caters to English and Mandarin-speaking audiences. As the user delves deep into the platform, one comes to realize that ZB helps cryptocurrency traders gain stability and the competitive advantage of being a trusted partner.

Features of ZB.com

  • ZB.com offers excellent features which can impress the majority of the crypto community. This web-based trading platform serves both as a web app and a mobile app. The features of the web app are designed to make the platform more accessible across multiple devices. The website helps newcomers in navigating through various trading features with ease.
  • Experienced cryptocurrency traders can also use this exchange platform interface and benefit from its interface which holds some of the best trading tools. The charting features of this exchange are well-designed, attracting the traders and providing key insights in real-time. Access to countless trading tools is just a few clicks away.
  • Technical indicators used for ZB charting analysis are among the best features offered by this exchange. A beginner will surely appreciate this advanced trading interface. Charts are located in the top left corner, integrated with the order books. The order window below is always available for traders to place market orders instantly. Placing limit and stop-limit orders is also easy as ZB.com works like a basic exchange as well. Advanced traders can smoothly toggle between basic and advanced trading features.

ZB.com Review - Features of ZB.com

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Is ZB.com Regulated?

The ZB.com exchange is not regulated as yet. Several online ZB.com reviews explicitly mention this. However, this ZB.com review finds this unregulated exchange to be a legit one. This is because the platform has strictly confined its services to the crypto space. It does not mix with other trading markets and makes things complicated for the users.

Profits earned from crypto trading on this exchange can be processed as withdrawals into crypto-friendly bank accounts around the world. The exchange also provides access to crypto wallets, which makes BTC and ETH transactions fast and secure. For instance, traders do not face any regulatory issues when they use this exchange for trading alternative cryptocurrencies such QCash (QC) and Tether (USDT). Every year, the number of supported cryptocurrencies on the platform keeps increasing. This is a sign that the platform is accepted by crypto holders around the world.

Services Offered by ZB.com

  • The ZB.com API offers an exceptional user experience. Services offered by the ZB.com exchange are extensively derived from this API. This is not a buggy exchange and the process of signing up is very smooth and quick. Basic information such as email addresses is enough to get registered and start trading on ZB.com.
  • In some countries, the account verification services of ZB.com are slow. The English-only language limitation may also be a roadblock for users in eastern Asia. The trading sections have enough tutorials to help users become more active as crypto traders. Customer support services are equally satisfying as people can get their tickets resolved instantly.
  • Performance-wise, the ZB.com exchange offers trading services for off-the-shelf products in the crypto market. Its plug-and-play services are compatible with other basic exchanges. The trading interfaces of these platforms have price charts that improve the overall service offered by this exchange.

ZB.com Reviews - ZB.com Services

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ZB.com Review: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
The exchange offers high liquidity on BTC and ETH trades. Deposits from several fiat currencies are not supported.
Trading fees (including the withdrawal fee) on ZB.com are low, compared to other similar exchanges.
Advanced trading tools are available in one spot.
A large variety of cryptocurrency assets are supported on this platform.

Creating an Account With ZB.com

The process of creating a ZB.com trading account is easy. First, the user has to go to the official website and click on the Sign Up option. The account is created by entering the email address and generating a strong password. The user can also apply a referral code (optional). The user needs to accept the license and agreement and submit the information by clicking on Sign Up. An online email address verification process takes place, after which the ZB.com trading account is activated.

ZB.com Reviews - Sign Up Process

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How Does ZB.com Make Money?

The trading fees charged by ZB.com help the platform in making money. The market maker and taker fees are applicable on each crypto trading transaction. Fees on crypto withdrawals also help the platform generate revenue. On top of that, ZB.com also distributes its own native cryptocurrency token called the ZB Coin.

ZB.com Fees 

ZB.com is transparent when it comes to trading fees and service charges. Their fees are clearly outlined and mentioned on the website. The fee section is structured to make the exchange look like a cost-effective website. For all crypto transactions, ZB charges a trading fee of 0.2% per trade. The Bitcoin withdrawal fee on ZB.com is 0.0001 BTC. For withdrawing Litecoin, the platform charges a 0.005 LTC fee. The Ethereum withdrawal fee is 0.01 ETH. Similar fees are charged on the withdrawal of other cryptos.

This is considered a competitive fee, which is lower than the industry average. As low fees are more acceptable to traders, ZB exchange has become the best place to trade BTC, ETH, and other popular cryptocurrencies. Click here for the detailed fee structure of ZB.com.

ZB.com Deposit and Withdrawal Method

The exchange predominantly uses wire transfer as a deposit method. Users can choose the deposit and withdrawal methods from the exchange menu. It is easy to select the least expensive withdrawal method based on the withdrawal fees.

ZB.com Accepted Payment Methods

According to several online ZB.com reviews, the ZB.com API accepts online payment gateways for crypto deposits. Credit card payments are not accepted. The primary payment method on the exchange is a wire transfer. Best Crypto wallets are also easily integrated for making payments on this cryptocurrency exchange.

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ZB.com Supported Cryptocurrencies and Countries

Cryptocurrencies supported by ZB.com include:-

  • BTC
  • LTC
  • ETH
  • XRP
  • BCH
  • EOS
  • XLM
  • DOGE
  • XMR
  • ETC
  • DASH

The platform supports over 200 crypto tokens, including altcoins and stable coins. ZB is also a registered entity in Samoa. It primarily accepts users from Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, and the United States.

ZB.com Reviews - Supported Cryptos

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ZB.com Trading Platform

TradingView, the popular charting platform, is the main trading platform used on ZB.com. Besides this, the standalone ZB trading platform has basic features. But, with TradingView, this exchange can enable its users in providing market summaries in a graphical manner. The trading features of this platform can suit the needs of pro-crypto traders.

The trading platform also integrates the order book, creating a blended price chart of the chosen cryptocurrency. With the order history tab, this platform displays recent and old information next to the buy and sell boxes.

ZB.com Reviews - TradingView

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ZB.com Trading Tools

Information on the ZB trading tools is not clearly available. According to online ZB.com reviews, the platform offers advanced tools and proprietary software for its users.

ZB.com Referral Program

The name of the ZB.com referral program is ZB Partner. Under this program, users can become affiliates with the exchange. As a partner, they can earn up to 40% referral commissions. By inviting other users, the commissions increase based on the transaction fees of the referred users.

ZB.com Reviews - Referral Program

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ZB.com Bonus and Promotional Offers

ZB.com offers only referral bonuses. By applying the referral code, references of the new users can get rewards. Similarly, new users get a signup bonus, which translates into a 10% discount on the trading fees.

ZB Mobile App

The ZB App V5.0 is the newest, revised mobile application of the ZB.com crypto exchange. It has eight new features, which sets it apart from other crypto trading apps. Around 60 unique improvements in the ZB app V5.0 have made it more convenient, secure, and highly professional for traders in the crypto market.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices and has a comprehensive visual UI. The innovative design of the app makes crypto trading more interactive. The night mode keeps the display features comfortable for prolonged viewing. Visualization features of the app showcase the trading data with a clear index and accuracy. It helps the users to grasp crypto market conditions properly and in real-time. A simple swipe to the left helps the users in switching between different trading windows.

 ZB.com Reviews - ZB Mobile App

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Security and Privacy Offered by ZB.com

Details about the security measures are clearly mentioned on the website. ZB takes opinions from leading crypto security experts. It continues to focus on securing every investment made on the platform. ZB explains its security practices based on the understandability of its users. For example, crypto brokers are aware of the 2FA method. The two-factor authentication helps in validating transactions involving crypto tokens. The user follows the 2FA method to deposit or withdraw.

The Hong Kong headquarters control all security and privacy protection operations. The website is available for online audits as well. To deposit crypto pairs or any single crypto asset, users must follow blockchain-based SSL encryption. This way, hacking ZB.com is out of the question.

One of the main reasons why ZB.com is known as a secure and the best crypto exchange in its community is because of its security features. Funds are kept safe, and traders can implement their own trading strategies at their convenience. The platform enables email-based and SMS-based authentication for deposits and withdrawals. All transfers and withdrawals are also authenticated with a unique PIN set by the user. This is different from the account login password.

ZB.com Reviews - Security Features

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ZB.com Customer Support

Customer service provided by ZB.com is excellent. The support staff is available 24/7. Email and live chat are the best and most responsive channels for customer support. Support representatives offer superlative service and do not charge any major fee for it.

They are quick to respond and share informative responses only. Support from the website’s Help Center is also useful. This help center offers answers to multiple queries in one location.

ZB.com Reviews - Customer Support

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ZB.com Review: Conclusion

The ZB.com exchange emerges as a competent alternative to many Chinese exchanges. It offers traders their needful rights in exchanging digital assets. It makes crypto trading a great business for individuals. Despite the risk involved in crypto trading, people are actively signing up on this platform. Although being unregulated is a risk, ZB.com has not been hacked due to its advanced security. The user-friendly interface makes the management of trading accounts easy. Opening new accounts at a low fee is a USP of the platform. The low fee also makes beginners more intrigued, along with pro traders.


ZB exchange does not support every fiat currency for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. The performance and reliability, however, are high, making ZB exchange a great destination for crypto investors. It also has social media accounts.


Where Is ZB.com Located?

ZB.com has its headquarters in Hong Kong.

Is ZB.com Exchange Legit?

Yes, ZB.com is a legit exchange. It is not a scam like other Chinese crypto exchanges. ZB.com has proven to be a reliable, trusted platform as it has not been hacked yet.

How Do I Get a Refund From ZB.com?

Information about refunds is not available on the website.

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