Cryptocurrency Job Openings Take Place On Top Employment Sites

Digital money has been the talk of the town both because of their ease-of-use and the challenges. According to various job sites, JPMorgan bank has been hiring cryptocurrency experts to operate accounts from its bank. Although the overall job posting in the field is increasing, JP Morgan is said to be expanding its cryptocurrency and blockchain usage for quite some time now.

Ironically, its CEO Jamie Dimon is a huge skeptic and does not believe in its success in the global economy. Nevertheless, the bank is heading toward DLT. It needs to be mentioned here that the bank issued its own coin JPM coin for its VIP customers to make payments easier. The bank is also said to have opened its own blockchain platform Quorum, which is very similar to Ethereum and Bitcoin. However, the platform that Morgan uses is much more centralized.

According to a recent news article, some of the other companies looking for Cryptocurrency experts are IBM, Cisco, Deloitte, followed by ConsenSys. According to recruitment experts, JPMorgan keeps looking for experts in a bid to make the digital money mainstream. This, it believes, will strengthen the Indian economy too.

Jobs During the CryptoWinter

The job openings during the CryptoWinter had drastically fallen as skepticism in the field grew. As the effects recede, the job openings are going up.

Meanwhile, Elsewhere …

Craig S Wright, the self-proclaimed inventor of Cryptocurrency had founded a company called the nChain. Now, he is likely to hire a patent counsel in London to manage and grow the firm’s credibility in blockchain technology, too. According to the job posting, he needs an advocate who has a keen interest in Bitcoin and blockchain and also has a degree in computer science, physics, mathematics, electronics, and more. The ad further says that the person should be able to draft patents and also should be able to “exploit commercially valuable IPs”.

Wright’s claim to fame is that he is a strenuous collector of patents related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. He was also connected with a company called the EITC Holdings, through which he had filed over 50 patent applications in the United Kingdom. All these patents were related to the blockchain technology.


Cryptocurrency still functions at a grey spot where people are skeptical or unaware of its advantages. It, however, remains to be seen how the industry overcomes these shroud of darkness surrounding its reputation as an unstable means of payment.

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