The Ukrainian authorities have seized mining equipment for cryptocurrency from a site of the nuclear power station. As reported by the local media, SBU (the Security Service of Ukraine) has confiscated an optical fiber cable, portion of a network cable, and a media converter on 10th July 2019, all of which were lodged in the Nuclear Power Plant in South Ukraine.

The reports stated that all the equipment were found in the administrative wing’s one office, numbered 104, disparate from Energoatom enterprise’s power facility which is owned by the state. As the nuclear plant is a registered state secret, it is unauthorized to set up outside computers on the premises.

The connection of the mining equipment to the internet posed serious cybersecurity threats at the nuclear power station. According to the local court, critical information about the plant’s physical protection system was leaked as a consequence of the online connection. Per the law enforcers, the NPP officials were involved in the illegal crypto mining.

Apart from this seizure, Ukraine branch’s National Guard detected another digital currency mining equipment on the very day at the same power plant. With this search operation, the authorities seized 7 hard drives, 16 GPU video cards, router, as well as two SS drives.

The types of digital currencies being mined at the plant through the mining equipment are still not known.