Cryptocurrency Patent has been applied by Walmart, which has the Similarities of Facebook Project Libra

Walmart, the world’s largest retail giant by employees and revenues, registered for a patent for its cryptocurrency. This move seems to be an attempt to gain an edge against Amazon with an end goal to hold control over retail and comes not long after Facebook’s entrance into project Libra.

Walmart registered for a patent for “digital currency” on July 31 which is attached to fiat, maintained by the blockchain, which is a stablecoin. Another patent filing proposes that United States Walmart might develop its own U.S. dollar-backed digital currency, which resembles Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra. The stablecoin would offer clients savings on purchases and would pave a way to the retailer’s lower-salary client base to access financial services. These records would be “fee-free” or “fee –minimal “and could earn interest, says Walmart.

Aggressive plans for Walmart Coin

Before filing, Walmart recommends claims that the launch of the digital currency could give low-salary families, for whom banking is expensive, which is stated by Walmart as –

An alternative way to handle wealth at an institution that can supply the majority of their day-to-day financial and product needs.

The patent records a few aggressive use-cases for the digital currency. A portion of the proposed ideas incorporates a freelancer platform, multi tender integration, merchandise futures, and emergency loans.

In an example stated by Walmart, it says that “the value of the digital currency in some cases can be tied to a few other digital currencies, like Bitcoin.” The digital currency will not be accessible for buying using fiat. The retailer additionally states, by name, that it will be available using Bitcoin. That said, the stablecoin shows specific worries around privacy. Walmart expressly plans to collect client purchase history to improve stock forecasts and anticipate the behavior of the consumer. This implies collecting terabytes of client information.

Walmart is as of now utilizing blockchain for following items like pharmaceuticals and fresh greens. Additionally, it has been researching different use cases of the innovation, with activities including associating automated delivery drones. In June, Walmart China embarked upon a live plan meant to improve the country’s poor safety account.

Walmart has one unique advantage. It is multiple times bigger than Amazon by income, which means it can crush suppliers on costs and buy stock all the more efficiently through economies of scale. It appears to be a short time before Amazon and other retail giants make their very own moves into digital currency. Thus, Bitcoin and different cryptos may soon observe another flood of approval from the most dominant players of the Fortune 500.

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