Cryptocurrency Transactions in India Won’t Be That Simple

Indians are the world’s largest Cryptocurrency investors. In India, there are an estimated 15-20 million Cryptocurrency users. The Cryptocurrency law, which was tabled in Parliament during the Winter Session, has created a tense situation among investors. One of the reasons for the increased adoption of cryptocurrencies in India is the ease of buying and selling. But is it as simple as it sounds?

Crypto Transactions

The first step is to create an account with an Indian Cryptocurrency exchange such as WazirX or CoinSwitch Kuber. Then you must meet the standards for knowing your customer (KYC). You will be able to purchase and trade cryptocurrencies once you have completed the KYC registration. A Cryptocurrency wallet, like a bank account, is a digital program that allows you to store and retrieve your Bitcoins. A crypto wallet has a private key that only the user knows about and a public key that addresses sending crypto to the wallet.

Purchasing Cryptocurrencies: Since the Supreme Court overturned the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) restriction on rupee-crypto transactions in March 2020, purchasing cryptocurrencies in India has become quite simple.

Not all banks enable consumers to link their accounts and transfer money to Cryptocurrency exchange accounts. If your bank does not allow for the crypto transaction, then Peer-to-Peer is the option.

There are several ways to deposit Indian rupees into a crypto exchange account. You can utilize a payment gateway or the NEFT, IMPS, or Unified Payments Interface (UPI).

You can only sell your Cryptocurrency in rupee terms through exchanges and then withdraw it into your bank account connected with your Cryptocurrency trading account.

When it comes to the transaction of cryptos, the process is not that simple. Some banks enable users to send payments to Cryptocurrency exchanges, while others do not. SBI, for example, has barred crypto exchanges from receiving cash through its UPI network. Some banks that allow it are only giving it to a small group of customers. It isn’t available to all consumers.

Furthermore, because exchanges are merely trading platforms, you cannot take funds from your crypto wallets. When you wish to cash out your Cryptocurrency, choose the INR option and send the money to your bank’s savings account. You might withdraw it as cash from your bank or ATM once you arrive.

Introducing New Crypto Bill

In the ongoing winter session in parliament, the finance minister will be placing the bill introducing the regulation for NFT. She also stated that the possibility of Cryptocurrency leading to illegal activity is being continuously watched. There was no determination made on whether or not its commercials should be banned. The RBI and SEBI are taking initiatives to raise awareness.

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