New token CryptoGPT price is rising, Avorak AI will likely perform even better after launch

AI fever is here, with new AI products generating swathes of revenue and becoming the focus of the investment markets as adoption spreads quickly.

CryptoGPT has performed well straight after the launch, gaining multiples over the launch price. Will Avorak AI perform better?

What is Avorak AI?

Avorak AI, a brand-new project, is currently raising money through a public initial coin offering (ICO) with the aim of developing a suite of AI tools. The tools available will begin with a trading platform that delivers constant market updates and automated indicators to better enable traders to maximize their trade win record. This will then be transformed into a fully automated system that is able to buy and sell on the user’s behalf, allowing easy profit generation. After this, creative tools such as an image generator and AI writer will be available to improve workflow for a variety of various sectors.

These items, and many more set out in the long-term roadmap, will be available through the use of the AVRK token, acting as a credit to use the system. This implies that the pressure to buy the token increases as there is a greater demand for these goods. This provides a revenue source outside of the ecosystem itself, which is uncommon for many cryptocurrencies. It also gives the token a genuine market cap valuation compared to the use of the products themselves.

Analysts and cryptocurrency YouTubers alike have a positive outlook on the AVRK token, and those who purchase it early in the active ICO are likely to profit handsomely since the launch price is more than 2X current.

CryptoGPT Price

The CryptoGPT price has risen from $0.04 to $0.09 in only a few short days, doubling the value of many people’s investments. Analysts are predicting a similar pattern for Avorak on launch. With a launch price of $0.27, this would likely mean price targets of $0.65 for short-term movement. Those investing in the earlier stage of the ICO are likely to enjoy good profits from this project, with long-term outlooks incredibly bullish also. Social media is starting to generate a buzz about Avorak, with Youtubers also bullish on the project.

As the ICO is closing in to the next move up again to the next stage, the price is set again to move up, meaning those buying earlier will be at a significant advantage.

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