Cryptohopper’s CEO and Co-founder, Ruud Feltkamp in an Exclusive Interview with CryptoNewsZ

Today at CryptoNewsZ, we are joined by the multi-faceted Ruud Feltkamp. An actor, DJ and a successful entrepreneur, Ruud is CEO and Co-founder of Cryptohopper, a powerful automated crypto trading bot.

CryptoNewsZ: Welcome to CryptonewsZ, Ruud. You had an immensely successful acting career that spanned across two decades before you entered the crypto domain, what was the motivation behind the career move?

Cryptohopper’s CEO and Co-founder, Ruud Feltkamp in an Exclusive Interview with CryptoNewsZ

I’ve always had a big interest in emerging technologies and entrepreneurship. I used to read books about business, leadership, and science in my dressing room just out of interest. When I started crypto trading, I became so enthusiastic, that I started researching a lot and started to trade as well. My brother Pim, who’s the Co-founder and brain behind Cryptohopper, created a platform that helped me to trade automatically. It was the start of Cryptohopper. We decided to team up, and we released an MVP of the platform. We grew so quickly that we hired our first employees after three months. After a year, I chose to fully join the company and to quit the show I was starring in. I do miss acting and filmmaking a lot, but the lessons of entrepreneurship I get are something I’ve always wanted to learn.
Ruud Feltkamp


CryptoNewsZ: Please tell our readers more about Cryptohopper – the idea and team behind its start.

Crypto trading happens on exchanges. Many traders have multiple accounts on several exchanges, and trading happens 24/7. Cryptohopper is connectable to the biggest exchanges and helps you to manage and automate your trading. Pim created the platform so we could trade while focusing on the jobs that we had. The result is actually that we made a business out of it and are actually devoting all our time to the platform due to its success. Quite ironic, isn’t it? It’s a real pleasure to see the active community we have, to forge partnerships with exchanges we admire, and even to see Youtubers making videos about our platform, and helping others to learn about using Cryptohopper.
Ruud Feltkamp


CryptoNewsZ: How does Cryptohopper work and what features make it unique from the other trading platforms in the market?

You connect Cryptohopper to your exchange account with the help of API keys. Our platform only needs view and trade rights, and we don’t want any withdrawal rights.

You can create bots yourself, or use templates made by others to give yourself a jumpstart. We were the first that made it possible to trade on signals sent by traders, for all traders that lack experience.

For the advanced traders, we have a strategy designer where you can combine indicators that your Hopper will use to scan the market for good buy/sell opportunities.

In a few weeks (this is btw a scoop since it’s the first time I’m mentioning it in an interview) we’re going to launch exchange arbitrage and market-making. Both have been requested a lot, and we’re very excited to launch these features. Especially market-making is a feature that I’m very proud of. We’ve got a very intuitive order book with even drag and drop feature built-in.

We’ve also realized how important our app is for our users, so we’re rolling out new features in our mobile app at least every 2 weeks.
Ruud Feltkamp


CryptoNewsZ: In January this year, Cryptohopper launched a new product called the Cryptohopper Marketplace at CES 2019. Could you please tell us more about the Cryptohopper Marketplace and how does it work?

Experienced traders can “rent out” their knowledge on the marketplace and help beginning traders by doing that. You can download bot templates, pre-configured strategies that will help your Hopper to scan the market, and you can subscribe to signalers that send buy/sell signals so you can trade automatically on those signals.
Ruud Feltkamp


CryptoNewsZ: What would you identify as the main security issues in trading bots in today’s markets?

The API keys can be a security issue if your software doesn’t store them properly. Always make sure that you’re working with a platform that you can trust when you give them the API keys to your exchange account.

We’re researching if we can store those keys on the blockchain, so the user remains the owner of the keys. If that’s possible, it should also be possible to safely connect decentralized exchanges. We’re currently talking to a company in Australia that’s going to offer such services. More about that soon.
Ruud Feltkamp


CryptoNewsZ: According to you, can trading bots be more effective in making gains?

It can, but it can also be more effective in making losses. It totally depends on how you use it. It’s like an expensive camera. It does its work, but the results depend on the person that uses it.

The biggest benefit, in my opinion, is the ability to be active 24/7 and the fact that it can save you a lot of time (and emotion too). I don’t think there’s a complete set and forget configuration that works all the time, but you can trade more time-efficient when you automate parts of your trading.

Also features like market making, exchange arbitrage and trailing features really show the benefit of using trading software.
Ruud Feltkamp


CryptoNewsZ: In one of your previous interviews, you mentioned that STOs (securitized tokens) will become the new ICO in 2019; do you believe the shift is already taking place?

I must say that I thought the shift would’ve gone more quickly. At this moment, 2019 is more the year of the IEO.

I’m still a big believer in STOs, but I must conclude that it’s taking longer than expected. The idea of paying your groceries with a securitized token is still something that appeals to me very much.
Ruud Feltkamp


CryptoNewsZ: What are your future plans for Cryptohopper? Should we look forward to new developments or announcements?

I would keep a close eye on our market-making and exchange arbitrage release. It’s something we’re very proud of, and something that has a lot of potential. Our next focus is on making the mobile app as extended as possible.

There’s a lot more coming, but I’m keeping that a surprise. Lots of awesome stuff that I can’t wait to announce.
Ruud Feltkamp


CryptoNewsZ: Would you like to give any parting advice to novices wishing to step into the crypto space?

Take your time to do your research. Create some accounts with trusted exchanges, and practice with very little funds. We offer paper trading, which allows you to trade with simulated funds. I would really advise practicing a lot with that, before using real funds. We offer a free 7-day trial, and with every subscription, you’ll get a “real” and “simulated Hopper.” This allows you to practice with one Hopper while also trading with a real one.
Ruud Feltkamp


CryptoNewsZ: It was a pleasure speaking with you Ruud; we at CryptoNewsZ thank you for your valuable time and wish you success for all your future ventures.

Thanks! The please is all mine.
Ruud Feltkamp

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