CryptoKitties Launches Artist Series Inspired by Blockchain Ecosystem

CryptoKitties is excited to launch the Artist Series collection, which is influenced by the creative aspects of the blockchain ecosystem. The very first set features four CryptoKitties by Momo Wang. Wang is a globally acclaimed illustrator from Beijing.

Wang is the creator of the world-famous character Tuzki. Tuzki is a basic character design of a bunny inspired by line drawing. The character is widely recognized in China and used in text messages as a sticker. The Tuzki sticker is widely used on Facebook and WeChat, and approximately 40M stickers are sent daily.

The characters created by Wang features cats that are inspired by DADA costumes for the ballet. Each of these characters holds the legitimate take on the inherited look of the CryptoKitty. The second character’s look will be revealing something very different from previous character designs. The first CryptoKitty designed by Wang, Catterina, is a limited edition character created for a particular time period worth $100. Catterina is available only on Nifty Gateway.

The earning from the sale will be contributed to Feeding America and Food Banks Canada to extend a helping hand to the affected communities due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

To increase the collection through propagation, two exceptional Momo Wang Kitties characters are reserved as Fancies to satisfy the user’s desire. One of these Kitty characters can be a perfect pairing partner for Catterina. The very first Momo Wang Fancy will be available from May 23, 2020, for a limited period of time.

Ruchi Brahmbhatt

Ruchi is an Independent Artist and a Graduate in English Literature with substantial experience as an IELTS coach. Being young and energetic, emerging technologies attract her to the core- blockchain and crypto being the most recent ones. She has also been a regular contributor of news pieces and insightful articles related to these innovative arenas. Ruchi’s other interests include human rights, art and architecture, technology, health, and social networking.

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