CryptoMibs Joins Forces with Polygon Studios for NFT Adventure

Polygon Studios joins CryptoMibs’ journey to enable mass adoption of emerging technologies like NFTs and blockchain. Although cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and blockchains are growing at a rate never seen in history before, CryptoMibs, an arcade-based mini games platform, believes there is a socio-economic wall that hinders the accessibility of such great innovations. The project has built an environment that intends to partake and educate others about the advantages of these technologies. 

CryptoMibs has been working to bring a comprehensive platform for blockchain-based gaming. According to the project, gaming creates a space where social and economic inequalities disappear. The CryptoMib infrastructure is not just trying to make the gaming space accessible but also to bring the benefits of NFTs and GameFi to the masses. However, the project has not been able to find an ecosystem that complements its vision so far. After much consideration, CryptoMibs believes that the Polygon ecosystem would be the right choice to help the project further its intentions concerning accessibility. 

Polygon is a layer-1 solution for Ethereum that was built to address the issues regarding scalability and gas fees. The network has soon gained traction and currently houses thousands of DeFi projects and dApps. Polygon Studios was created to oversee the development of gaming and NFT projects in the ecosystem. This NFT arm will extend services related to funding, strategy, marketing, and tools to the developers. The scalability and cost-effectiveness have brought several popular projects to the ecosystem, including OpenSea, Decentral Games, MegaCryptoPolis, Skyweaver, DraftKings, and Prada.

Although developed in 2018, CryptoMibs seems to have difficulty finding an accommodative ecosystem that would suit its vision. The project was earlier launched on Ethereum and faced sustainability issues due to the high gas fees and low scalability. In 2020, the project was fortunate enough to survive when the Loom Network went offline. So, the project reportedly took time to research the available ecosystems and finally chose to go with Polygon.

According to the CryptoMibs team, the Polygon representatives have been helpful to the gaming project ever since the talks began. After this initial nod, the Polygon ecosystem has proven potential enough to increase the growth and opportunities of the CryptoMibs gaming project. With the new integration, the project hopes to showcase the utility of NFTs, enhance interoperability and cross-chain connectivity and make the environment as fun-filled as possible. The project has announced an NFT festival called Mibs Polygon Spring Festival. The festival finals will take place on April 16, with exciting NFTs in the prize pool.

Trevor Holman

Trevor Holman follows crypto industry since 2011. He joined CryptoNewsZ as a news writer and he provides technical analysis pieces and current market data. He is also an avid trader. In his free time, he loves to explore unexplored places.

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