BlockDAG’s $2M giveaway becomes the hottest crypto while Dogecoin recovers with a 1.8% increase and Cosmos advances Web3 initiatives

Dogecoin, a famed meme coin, is picking up with a 1.8% increase as per the recent price forecasts. At the same time, Cosmos pushes forward Web3 interoperability with its new Valence protocol, a key update in Cosmos developments.

In contrast, BlockDAG shines with a $2M community gift, a bold plan, and lively development updates. With presale figures hitting $53.7 million by the 18th batch, BlockDAG’s latest actions and community initiatives highlight its solid growth and potential for wider adoption.

Cosmos introduces Valence, aiming at enhanced Web3 interoperability

The Cosmos team has unveiled Valence, a novel protocol designed to improve Web3 interoperability via the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol. Valence aims to enhance economic connections across crypto entities and enrich the IBC ecosystem, supporting groups like Bitcoin Layer 2s, Ethereum protocols, and Solana DAOs.

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Valence is set to elevate liquidity, facilitate lending protocol-owned liquidity markets, and bolster network transparency. This effort seeks to drive widespread adoption of the Cosmos ecosystem and its ATOM coin. Despite a recent sell-off in crypto, ATOM trades at $6.53, a 22% dip over two weeks, but shows signs of recovery in its weekly RSI. This update is a highlight in Cosmos (ATOM) coverage.

Dogecoin seeks recovery, aims for $0.1315 resistance

Dogecoin (DOGE), the top meme coin by market cap, is on a rebound after a notable fall. As of June 19, DOGE has climbed 1.8% to $0.1246. Despite a 31% fall from a peak of $0.174, DOGE found footing at $0.122 and now targets the upper limit of the descending channel at $0.1315.

Dogecoin seeks recovery, aims for $0.1315 resistance

If it surpasses this hurdle, DOGE could escalate to $0.150 and possibly touch $0.180. The daily RSI hints at emerging buying interest, although a drop below $0.122 could drive prices down to $0.112 or even lower to $0.10. This follows the current Doge price analysis.

BlockDAG rolls out $2M giveaway and encourages community involvement

BlockDAG Network initiates a $2 million giveaway, rewarding 50 community members with significant cash prizes. To join, members must interact on social platforms, provide a wallet address, complete diverse quests, and refer friends for more entries. Winners will be chosen randomly and announced on BlockDAG’s channels. The more tasks completed, the better the chances of winning, creating a festive spirit within the community.

At the heart of BlockDAG’s engagement strategy is a 10% referral reward, aimed at boosting active involvement and organic growth. This plan motivates members to help expand the project, enhancing loyalty and community solidarity. By advocating community-driven growth, BlockDAG seeks to cultivate a sustainable, dynamic ecosystem where users value their contributions and feel ownership.

BlockDAG rolls out $2M giveaway and encourages community involvement

BlockDAG increases transparency and community interaction with its Dev Releases page. The newest, 57th dev update, introduces PoW opcodes to enhance efficiency and provide fresh developer tools. The roadmap features thorough testing of the X1, the premier crypto cloud mining app, addressing significant bugs and performance issues. An imminent internal bug bounty program is set to ensure the app’s stability and smooth functioning. These enhancements significantly upgrade user experience and network effectiveness, securing BlockDAG’s status as a strong blockchain network.

Final analysis

As the Dogecoin price outlook suggests a rebound and Cosmos pushes Web3 boundaries, BlockDAG distinguishes itself with a solid development strategy and community-centered activities.

BlockDAG’s $2M giveaway, detailed strategy, and current Dev updates underscore its commitment to improving transparency, efficiency, and user experience. With presale achievements of $53.7 million up to batch 18, BlockDAG remains a dominant force in the crypto world, nurturing a thriving and active community.

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