Cudos Partners With HEALM to Use Its Upcoming AR Experience

Cudos has announced that it has entered into a partnership with HEALM, a multi-planetary metaverse that is scheduled to launch its innovative AR Mobile Application.

HEALM will allow its users to earn CUDOS through its AR mobile application by encouraging them to explore the local areas and locate a treasure chest in real-world locations. Cudos published a blog post to share the news where it called it an engaging and enjoyable way for users to earn cryptocurrencies.

Newcomers are expected to find a better way to build their digital portfolios. With everything on mobile devices, newcomers can also build their portfolios through the device. HEALM, in one way, is helping users to get their feet in the crypto space.

Exploring local areas is not the only way in which users will be able to earn on the platform. Others include owning a land space in the metaverse and earning additional income through that digital holding.

Any player who finds a treasure chest on a land property owned by another player will make the latter eligible to earn a decent share. Additionally, the owner will be eligible to earn a 70% revenue share from the ads placed on their digital land.

Pete Hill, the Vice President of Sales at Cudos, said that the company was accelerating its participation in AR and metaverse through this partnership. What worked well for Cudos to partner with HEALM was the vision shared by both ventures of powering a universe of immersive worlds and interactive possibilities.

Jesse Walter, the Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of HEALM, highlighted the company’s future plans, saying that it was looking to build a metaverse on the scale of an entire universe by starting closer to home – Earth.

Jesse Walter called Cudos a perfect partner for HEALM as both are working in the direction of powering the metaverse and helping new & experienced users to earn cryptocurrency while engaging with the content.

The future plans of HEALM are indeed ambitious. The platform is looking to construct an entire universe for players to explore to support thousands of unique planets as well.

Players will be at liberty to use a compatible VR headset. CUDOS token earned by players has a wide range of applications like staking, eCommerce and voting on governance proposals. The token will additionally form the basis for Cudo Computing, a decentralized cloud computing platform.

Cudo Computing will allow users to buy and sell computing power sustainably and securely while ensuring that the related innovations will not harm the environment.

Interested users can join the presale whitelist to secure virtual real estate in HEALM. Users who register for the list will gain exclusive access to the Land Block Presale Event. Users can also start making their avatar for the metaverse and brace themselves to start the journey.

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