Curate and Mises Browser team up to foster innovation in Web3

Mises Browser has announced joining hands with Curate, enabling the gasless cross-chain NFT marketplace to get listed on the mobile browser. Mises will now make it easier for its users to access the marketplace while also entering it into the list of security whitelists. Simply put, Curate gains a lot from this partnership, including a broader reach and verified security tag. Mises Browser will also recommend the same to its users in the NFT area.

Mises Browser is based on the Web3 mechanism. It is the world’s first secure and fast extension-supported Web3 browser. However, this is the first partnership for Mises Browser. It previously announced collaborating with HorizonDEX. The partnership was on a different line. This one was about getting a decentralized exchange on the list for users to access. The one with Curate, on the other hand, is about getting an NFT marketplace on the list.

Both signify the intentions of the Mises Browser, wherein it wants to boost the adoption of Web3 and related offerings.

The partnership with HorizonDEX also included the inclusion of a list of security whitelists with easy access for the users, along with a strong recommendation. It is important to understand that when Mises Browser adds any partner to the security whitelist, then it makes a statement that the partner is safe from a phishing attack. Users may still want to take all the necessary precautions as malicious actors are constantly finding ways to dupe them on the network.

Having said that, Mises Browser has another partnership to talk about. This is with Talisman Wallet. Integrating with its extension brings the partner to the mobile devices of the users of the Mises Browser. The same will be recommended in the wallet, highlighting that users can enjoy a seamless Web3 experience on their respective mobile devices.

Curate has saved $30 million, per details made public by the team, and is now aiming to launch DAO in the coming days. Meanwhile, users can register for the DAO through an online form that is available on the official website of Curate. A concrete timeline is unavailable, but the team has committed to share the details once they make a definite advancement. Once the advancement is made, it will be available on Web, Android, and iOS.

Curate is attempting to gain traction in the industry. It has spread its wings to different types of industries. For instance, Curate recently launched a collective effort with This empowers the users of the traveling company to leverage their crypto holdings at the time of booking their next getaway. All they have to do is download the application and register on the platform. Existing users of may have to upgrade their application if that has not been done now.

Curate and Mises Browser are ideal partners since they always aim to foster innovation for the benefit of their community. Their recently announced partnership tries to sell a reliable NFT marketplace to the users of the browser.


Trevor Holman

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