Curtin University to Accept Cryptocurrency-Based Funds for Ph.D. Program

The Australian University Curtin has introduced an innovative cryptocurrency Ph.D. scholarship fund. The data scientist of Curtin has designed the program in the way that companies and individuals can donate to fund the Ph.D. students studying subjects like cybersecurity, blockchain, and data analytics.

Centrality, the blockchain studio is one of the propelling forces working behind this scholarship program. Centrality has designed the Web 3.0 payment system in partnership with Nelnet international. The payment system will accept payment from blockchains of Ethereum and Bitcoin.

With time as the fund grows, the university will announce various projects that students can put application.

The deputy vice-chancellor and research excellence of Curtin University, Garry Allison has said the cryptocurrency Ph.D. fund established by the Curtin University would help the entrepreneurs to understand the benefits they can garner from cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The commercialization executive of Curtin University Rohan McDougal has said the account would also help in the progress of blockchain applications. He further added, although digital currencies are highly unstable, the blockchain technology used for it remains the place of interest. Further research work is needed for the development of the attributes that best suits the blockchain technology.

In addition to the payment system Centrality will also provide developer toolkit for the students and researchers. This, in turn, will help the Curtin community to use real-world software that leverages the latest technology for the development of decentralized applications.

The general manager of Centrality Jerome Faury has said the leading-edge technology like Industry 4.0 and Web 3.0 had evolved rapidly.  The graduates of Curtin can use these to sharpen their talents and put into the future, that concentrates on digital equivalence and giving the end-user control on their data. He further said these graduates would not research technology, but they will provide positivity for building a more unbiassed digital economy.

David Heffernan, the managing director of Nelnet, has said they are excited to work with Centrality and Curtin to deliver applications that are specific to the blockchain. He further said Curtin remains a leader to provide innovative higher education. And they are looking onward to accept the cryptocurrency payments through the payment system to support the research initiative.

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