Curve Token Falls 20% As Founder Faces Liquidation

Curve Token Falls 20% As Founder Faces Liquidation

The news about Michael Egorov, the founder of’s Decentralized Finance platform, going bankrupt has dramatically impacted the cryptocurrency markets. This event, in particular, is directly attributable to the CRV token due to Egorov’s non-payment of his $27 million debt. Therefore, there has been a significant reduction in the demand for CRV tokens due to the panic selling of holdings being utilized as collateral.

Egorov mortgaged approximately 371M CRV tokens, which equates to $103M at the current market price, across five lending platforms as collateral for loans amounting to $95M in stablecoins. Using digital assets as collateral exposes the borrower to high volatility in the market and, in this case, causes a panic among CRV holders, leading to a quick fall in the price.

In the first few hours, this was reflected through a noticeable decline in the value of the CRV token; some sources even reported a 34% loss in value, while others claimed an average drop of 28%. This drastic and unexpected shift showcases how volatile the crypto markets are and how token prices remain easily manipulated by influential personalities. The sharp drop within 24 hours indicates that such markets are volatile.

It became clear that Egorov’s financial problems were not only concerned with his investments but also had a massive impact on the stability and further functioning of The event of liquidation led to panic among investors and further amplified concerns concerning instabilities within the Curve platform and other related monetary products.

Due to the ongoing crisis, Binance and other cryptocurrency exchanges have taken measures to minimize the effects. One such measure is using CRV in more blockchains, such as Arbitrum One and Optimism. Such strategic actions aim to increase the stability of transactions and restore investors’ confidence during this volatile period.

The case of Egorov is quite illustrative and thought-provoking regarding the risks associated with using a high degree of leverage in the sphere of cryptocurrencies. It also stresses the importance of prudent financial management and transparency, especially in DeFi projects, where building and sustaining trust in a community is paramount.

The liquidation has been observed to be challenging, but it has sparked discussions among participants in the cryptocurrency market. These discussions focus on implementing better risk control mechanisms and sanctions to prevent similar occurrences in the future.


As the market stabilizes after this event, it remains unclear how’s operations and other DeFi projects will be affected. However, this scenario effectively demonstrates that personal decisions and fluctuations in the global market are intertwined in the dynamic world of digital currency.

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