Customers and Merchants Positive on Adoption: Report

No one can deny the growth of cryptocurrencies as a mainstream culture in the last few years. There was a rise in crypto-related projects in 2021, with investors largely moving online and new customers looking for passive forms of income. Now, after a nearly decade-long run, cryptocurrencies have earned enough clout and customers to make their move into the payment industry. Recently, meme-coins like Dogecoin got the green signal from big names like Tesla and AMC entertainment.

After an extensive study about the preferences of users, and FIS Worldpay are about to take a dive into allowing cryptocurrency payments with merchants. This was a joint report based on the feedback collected from more than 110,000 customers from the platforms. As per the results, nearly 75% of customers want the platform to adopt cryptocurrencies properly for payments in the upcoming year. Nearly 60% of the Worldpay customers expect the platform to list the option for buying goods through cryptocurrencies.

For those with less idea about, it is one of the leading crypto exchange Germany platforms. Formerly known as Monaco, underwent a lucrative rebranding that increased its value in the market. What makes this project enticing to investors is its native CRO coin which was particularly made for payments. According to the coin’s movements last week, it is one of the least volatile tokens currently trading in the $3 range. Here is a comprehensive review of to see if it’s worth a try.

Based on the sample feedback taken globally, and FIS Worldpay are in talks about expanding this idea to other valuable cryptocurrencies and stable coins. The platforms believe that this step will be a huge leap for the growth of these projects. The growing changes to the technical aspects of the currencies will play a pivotal role in the adoption of cryptocurrencies for payments. The stability and scalability of the coin will be checked prior to adopting a coin for mainstream usage. Moreover, the higher market cap coins would soon have layer-2 solutions, which might change the game for them.

The luxury and retail industries on the platform showed an interest in cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

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