CyberFi Samurai Announces Next Round of Products- ARize

CyberFi Samurai is delighted to announce its new product- ARize. On March 28, 2022, at 11:00 a.m. UTC, the Samurai Launchpad will host a private-round sale for $ARZ. From March 24, 14:00 UTC, interested investors at the Ninja tier (100 $CFi staked) and above can whitelist for the private round on Samurai.

ARize intends to boost the metaverse creative economy by connecting 3D creators with companies that offer cutting-edge 3D streaming technologies. ARize is a technology framework that combines Augmented Reality, Metaverse, VR, and even full-fledged games.

ARize enables both creators and developers to build the future more quickly. Developers and corporations may easily connect with creators to market their metaverse-ready digital assets. The platform’s creator tools can optimize 3D virtual items for transit across all platforms without the requirement for unique apps or specialized technologies. All ownership rights, virtual goods earnings, and royalties are readily tracked in one place.

Creators can upload, and mint 3D NFTs linked to their assets/full-fledged experiences. Creators can earn through their work by auctioning their collections, being hired by businesses depending on the craftsmanship, earning royalties on 3D NFTs, or depending on the number of views their assets receive.

Businesses have the freedom to use 3D, AR, and VR, giving their product presentation a whole new visual look. They can develop full-fledged 3D metaverse experiences like an art gallery, a social gathering spot, etc. The metaverse potential built is limitless.

On the ARize market, NFT collectors and traders are free to do transactions using their 3D NFTs. They can profit from the resale and views of their NFTs, as well as get first access to new NFT drops on the ARize platform.


The $ARZ powers the 3D NFT marketplace’s immense possibilities and acts as the platform’s streaming technology’s gateway.

  • Staking- Earning staking rewards and other perks
  • Royalties- Funding 3D NFT art to earn royalties
  • Marketplace- You’ll have access to ready-to-use metaverse templates made by the community and the ARize team, as well as exclusive 3D NFT drops.

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