CZ Supports XRP and Explains About Its Listing on Binance

Recently, co-founder and CEO of Binance, which is world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange was present in the second Ask Me Anything program where he expressed his opinions on one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the market. The name of the CEO is Changpeng “CZ” Zhao. The program is run on Periscope.

He talked on a number of things related to the crypto sector, the performance of the crypto market across the world, its present and the future of the market and inventions the market is expecting. He also talked about the delisting of coins on the list of Binance. He spoke about the Binance DEX, XRP and the price of BNB, among others.

The CEO believes in XRP and is in support of it. He was asked in Ask Me Anything program if he has an announcement to make related to Ripple Lab’s XRP. The conversation was, so XRP oriented that at the end of the question, he had to say that if he talks about XRP for one more time people will start considering him as Pro XRP and one of the XRP lovers.

He further said that the society runs in such a way that if anybody accuses you of anything, the rest of the community start treating you as a culprit (without any proof needed). He said that people know about the running lawsuit against Ripple’s XRP. There is a dispute between people if the XRP is a security asset or not. So Binance will list them until the court does not come up with a final conclusion.

H said that the investor and crypto dealers should not judge anything so quickly without even knowing the basic facts. Just because XRP is facing a lawsuit, it does not mean it is a culprit. Binance team will stick their logic and factual perspective. Hence, it will continue the listing of XRP till the court announces otherwise.

In December last year, XRP was criticized for not getting listed on Coinbase and being security at its core. Binance’s CZ said in his Twitter post that he does not think that XRP is a security (Then Coinbase listed XRP).

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