Daehong Communications X Chainlink Labs: Uplifts Lotte Group’s Web3 Initiatives

A top-tier Korean advertising company, Daehong Communications, partnered with the Lotte Group, has recently built a collaboration with Chainlink Labs, a well-known Chainlink Network developer. This collaboration will support Web3 initiatives by Lotte Group, including a wide range of NFT projects and Lotte Pass, along with provable randomness offered by Chainlink VRF. 

The comprehensive advertising company, Daehong Communications, located in Korea, is in partnership with Lotte Group. It is a complete marketing solution company, leading the industry through the development of several successful campaigns across multiple areas, including design, promotion, digital marketing, brand, consulting, marketing, advertisement planning, and production. 

On 20 April, Daehong Communications made an announcement about entering into a collaboration with Chainlink Labs, Chainlink Web3 developer, about helping initiate superior quality Web3 services and introduce them to different NFT projects by Lotte Group. Through this collaboration, the two esteemed organizations will launch NFT projects under the Lotte Group. Additionally, it would offer a wide range of high-quality Web3 services by improving the verifiability and transparency of the program, guaranteeing value fairness for Lotte Group customers. 

This partnership between Chainlink Labs and Daehong Communications will allow Lotte Group to create new dynamic NFTs, evolving in real time depending on certain external conditions, using industry-standard Chainlink VRF on L.PASS. 

Additionally, Lotte Group will be allowed to use Chainlink services in a wide variety of business arenas in the future, which includes Lotte World, Lotte Food, Lotte Home Shopping, Lotte Duty-Free, and Lotte Hotels and Resorts. Daehong Communications has come up with a brand-new and innovative solution for multiple customers and clients so far, which includes the grand launch of the new NFT business that has become a key Web3 outlet for the Lotte Group.

Along with the Bellygom NFT project’s rebranding, Daehong Communications is fully prepared to create a range of more expensive and unique NFT projects for the future to respond effectively to market patterns and trends and offer a broad customer experience. Depending on the immense infrastructure of Lotte Group, along with the marketing know-how of 40 years, the aim is to initiate a brand-new and unparalleled Web3 experience for all clients. 

Daehong Communications will issue L.PASS on the side of Lotte Group. L.PASS is a random Box-like NFT that allows token holders to take part in future NFT projects delivered by Lotte Group. L.PASS token holders will get all the priority to buy collections in the NFT ecosystem of Lotte Group through drawings. 


Additionally, Chainlink VRF will be implemented during the process to make sure that the drawings are transparent and provably random. The tokens will be distributed initially among the Bellygom NFT project holders and will subsequently be distributed to the Web3 partners of Daehong Communications.

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