Daivat Announced Its Initial DeFi Offering (IDO) Worth $1,080,000

The Initial DeFi Offering (IDO) for DaiVat Tokens, a new decentralized smart contract-based cryptocurrency, will take place from 17th October to 21st November. The IDO will be housed on the DodoBsc system in collaboration with Coinmarketcap, a cryptocurrency price tracking tool.

A total of 36 million DAVT tokens will be available for purchase at a set price of $0.03 per token. Those who want to buy something can do so with Binance USD (BUSD). Some cryptocurrencies have achieved a high amount of liquidity, rendering price volatility less likely. The DaiVat IDO will aid in the raising of funds for liquidity, with all proceeds from token deals going into the DaiVat liquidity pool.

The IDO also wants to fund 1 million dollars to aid advertisements and marketing initiatives for potential app agreements. DaiVat will work with matchmaking and social networking firms in February 2022. They will use the DaiVat token to settle memberships and in-app purchases on the sites. At this point, DaiVat is unable to reveal the names of the applications or social networking websites.

According to a DaiVat representative, this will boost the efficiency and accessibility of cryptocurrencies to all. The DaiVat token will develop an economically developed structure that supports wallet and exchange connectivity on its platform.

The token will impact everything from amusement to purchases.

The DaiVat Token provides a high level of visibility by providing an independent audit for every token transaction logged on the Binance Blockchain. This provides more security while lowering the danger of deception. Another reason for people’s interest in DaiVat is that it has extremely low transaction costs, is simple to use, and has multi-blockchain compatibility. No KYC data will be needed for those who enter the IDO.

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