DAO Invest to Assimilate Chainlink Keepers

DAO Invest, a portfolio management ecosystem for decentralized crypto, announced on Tuesday that it will assimilate Chainlink Keepers, a industry yardstick oracle association for powering hybrid smart contracts, to automate passive income payouts for the entire DAO Invest community members on the Ethereum platform.  DAO Invest will activate Chainlink Keepers to enable passive income payouts for the holders of the VEST token. Chainlink Keepers use decentralized and provably dependable off-chain calculations to supervise user-defined circumstances and facilitate on-chain functions once these conditions are fulfilled.

This will lead to better management of the automated payouts and community crypto portfolio by DAO Invest Ecosystem, thereby growing the dependability of the entire platform. inSure DeFi Ecosystem controls and owns DAO Invest, whose primary goal is to  nurture a community-linked crypto collection that permits staking by pooling in community-voted cash pools. VEST is a home-grown service token of DAO Invest Ecosystem, which extends voting rights on future partnerships or framing the way ahead for other projects. 

DAO Invest has the potential to skyrocket on the back of community decisions and has been built keeping in mind a long timeframe. Community LP holdings and all dealings are confirmable on Polygon chains, BSC and the Ethereum platform. Chainlink provides a reliable, cost-effective decentralized solution that upholds similar safety guarantees of the blockchain. Chainlink Keepers will scrutinize the users’ VEST holdings, and based on the development of the VEST, passive income payouts will be facilitated. There are some exclusive characteristics of Chainlink Keepers that allow the automation of the portfolio. These are: high uptime, low costs, decentralized execution, and expandable computation.

David Cox

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