DAO Maker – 3-35: Weekly Growth Summary

The DAO Maker team has been busy this week, with all the progress incorporated recently. This is a quick summary of DAO Maker’s recent weekly developments.

DAO Maker Narratives:

  • Successful Listing of the $YIELD Token.
  • Aluna Social Began its SHO Merit Round.
  • Dafi Protocol Made an SHO Announcement and Started its Community Round.
  • HAPI Made an SHO Announcement and Started its Community Round.
  • 3,209,535 Total Tokens were Burned.
  • $13,088,593 worth of $DAO Tokens were Burned.
  • 1% of the Total $DAO Token Supply Circulated.
  • Crossing 50k Followers on Twitter.

DAO Maker BizDevs:

  • Swedish Blockchain Association became our new Network Partner.
  • New strategic partnerships made with AllianceBlock, BidaoChain, and Lumos Labs.

New Exchanges:

  • XT integrated as the new crypto exchange.

New Crypto Wallets Integrated:

  • Lead
  • Coinomi

DAO Maker – SHO Updates

YieldShield ($YIELD) token is now listed on Uniswap and Gate.

DAO Maker has primarily incubated the YieldShield project, viewing its successful evolution after being listed on Uniswap and Gate. $YIELD token is now live for trade on these platforms. $YIELD trading started at $0.35, with an SHO price of USD 0.025. More Information on YieldShield.

HAPI Announces its SHO

HAPI, an open-source framework built for Node.js applications and services, announced its Strong Holder Offering. DAO Maker also started its Community Round. Check out the relevant tweet here.

Dafi Protocol Declares SHO

Dafi Protocol, used for incentivizing liquidity and staking of a blockchain,  announced a new SHO. DAO Maker also started a Community Round for Dafi Protocol. Check out the relevant tweet here.

Aluna Social Ready with its Next SHO

Aluna Social, a pioneering social platform for crypto trading, took a significant step since its launch in 2018. The beta version of Aluna Social currently surpassed 10,000 users, worth over $2.5 million. Aluna Social, which is also supported by Gate Labs and BitMEX, entered into Aluna Social’s SHO Merit Round via DAO Maker. More on Aluna Social SHO.

DAO Maker – Business Development Updates

Swedish Blockchain Association

DAO Maker partnered with SBA (Swedish Blockchain Assoc.) for expanding its network. As a new network partner, the SBA will help DAO Maker grow its blockchain community in Sweden by making the Sweden blockchain ready for DAO Maker products and services. Check out the relevant tweet here.


DAO Maker has officially collaborated with AllianceBlock. This working relationship will integrate AllianceBlock’s SSLP (Single-Sided Liquidity Provisioning), along with an Impermanent Loss Protection, into the DAO ecosystem. The partnership will also help DAO Maker become a part of AllianceBlock’s development of the first fully-compliant, layer-2 protocol-based decentralized capital market. Check out the relevant tweet here.


BidaoChain becomes the new strategic partner for DAO Maker, enabling $DAO token holders to use their tokens as collateral assets for building the $BAI stable coin. With this partnership, the $DAO utility increases in the BidaoChain ecosystem. Check out the relevant tweet here.

Lumos Labs

DAO Maker also partnered with Lumos Labs to expand its global community. This strategic partnership aims to increase the crypto sphere of DAO Maker, unifying its projects in India with Lumos Labs. It will modify its SaaS solutions for the Indian crypto market by adding Social Mining to the Lumos Labs’ Wizard Network, which has over 65,000 blockchain developers across 6,000 startups in India. Check out the relevant tweet here.

Crypto Exchange Updates – Introducing XT

DAO Maker introduces XT.com, a crypto exchange platform that supports DAO tokens for centralized trades. Headquartered in Hong Kong, XT has more than 200,000 active users every month. The DAO/USDT pair trading is slated to start from March 9.

Crypto Wallet Updates – Coinomi and Lead

DAO Maker launches its tokens on two new crypto wallets. It integrates Coinomi and Lead – two established mobile wallets for crypto traders. These wallets collectively provide native blockchain support to dozens of ERC20 tokens, where the DAO tokens have joined this list.

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