Dapp.com Launches Exclusive Section For IOST, Just Seven Weeks After Its Release

It has been over ten years since Blockchain Technology was launched as the underlying platform for Bitcoin. And in the years gone by, it has become one of the most successful creations of the 21st Century.

Blockchain is now being implemented in several industries and sectors, which has also compelled various multi-billion-dollar corporations to join the DLT game. Giants like IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Amazon, TCS, and HSBC have invested millions in the space, which shows that the future for commercial usage of blockchain is very bright. However, adoption among the masses is still not completely achieved and remains a big challenge as well as a potent opportunity.

To capitalize on this and push mass adoption of blockchain technology, the IOST platform was launched earlier this year. It is a decentralized platform based on the next generation consensus algorithm “Proof-of-Believability.” IOST claims that the new PoB algorithm facilitates quicker transaction speeds, while also improving the usability and security essential for mainstream adoption.

Via its official Twitter handle, IOST tweeted on Wednesday that Dapp.com has launched a separate section for IOST, which gives developers greater visibility. This would accelerate the growth and development of IOST based applications globally.

Dapp.com is a platform which houses all the decentralized applications for common use. Dapp.com is to blockchain space, what Play Store is for Android and App Store is for iOS. It basically lets users download and use various blockchain-based applications like games, social networks, productivity tools, etc. Similar to IOST, Dapp.com was also launched to introduce blockchain based apps to the common public.

The announcement on IOST’s inclusion on dapps platform was first made by Dapp.com itself on its website, and then by IOST co-founder Jimmy Zhong, who stated that over 30 million transactions have already been completed on the network.

On its website announcement, Dapp.com stated,

“IOST now has over 29 million transactions with almost a quarter million wallets. It has just surpassed Ethereum in transaction volume with several milestones over the past few months. Now you can explore and enjoy 10 IOST dapps on Dapp.com, and more to come. Also, you will get a full picture of IOST dapps at a glance, deep-dive into the data when you need it and monitor real-time trading volume, users numbers and more.”

Blockchain technology is the future of global economies, as predicted by several experts. In fact, a few advocates of the DLT have claimed that the blockchain will cover about 50% of the world economy by as early as 2025-2027.

If this is to happen, dapps will have a major role to play. Major industries like supply chain management, e-commerce, healthcare, etc. have already adopted blockchain on a large scale. Dapps will further push DLT adoption among the masses. Virtual Games are one example, which is being used even by those who have minimum knowledge of the innovative tech.

More platforms like IOST are required on the blockchain scene, as the development of decentralized apps is an underserved area, as compared to other technology-based applications, like Android or iOS apps.

David Cox

David is a finance graduate and crypto enthusiast. He projects his expertise in subjects like crypto and Blockchain while writing for CryptoNewsZ. Being from Finance background, he efficiently writes Price Analysis. Apart from writing, he actively nurtures hobbies like sports and movies.

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