Dapp.com Partners With Neo Ecoboost to Lend Analytics Services

Dapp.com, the notable platform that serves as an all-in-one solution for the dapp lovers, has announced its collaboration with NEO EcoBoost along with the addition of its 8th blockchain NEO on the network. The partnership is likely to boost and lend support to developers as well as serve as a ground for the kickstart of efficient projects in the NEO ecosystem with an intention to cater to the requirements of the next-gen internet.

The interested users from around the globe will be able to get information about the development of the NEO solution on Dapp.com. Information about the activities of the on-chain users, including the transaction value and the concerned volume, serves as crucial tools for deriving values. Dapp.com allows users to indulge in the excitement of thousands of blockchain games, social networking platforms, tools, and other solutions working on Ethereum, EOS, Steem, TRON, and Blockstack.

Currently, there are 15 NEO dapps already being launched on the mainnet.

John Wang, who works as Eco Growth Director of NGD shared his views about the partnership by saying that

We are happy to be listed on Dapp.com, a service that proved to be always up-to-date and complete in the number of listed dapps, one of the reasons the platform has built its large user base. We are looking forward to sharing our exciting games and applications with Dapp.com users. With the advent of NEO 3.0, we will become even more developer-friendly and will have more new projects building on our technology added to Dapp.com soon.

Further, CEO of Dapp.com, Kyle Lu, stated that,

We’ve been following NEO since 2017 before we started Dapp.com. It has the largest developer community among all blockchains contributing to the ecosystem. NEO Devs community, such as NEL and CoZ had been with the blockchains for years and they had built a solid infrastructure for the NEO wave of dapps. It is time now.

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