DappRadar – a Distribution Channel for Dapp Developers to Reach New Customers

DappRadar has developed in recent years to be the starting line for the Dapp innovation. It functions as a distribution channel for the Dapp developers who are targeting to reach new clients. Dapps (Decentralized applications) can be described as applications that run on P2P computer networks with open source code and are deployed through blockchain. Moreover, Dapps eliminates the middle man and directly connects with the users. In this way, the control of the data is exclusive with the users, which eliminates the central authorities.


  • Founded in 2018, DappRadar tracks more than 2,900 Dapps over multiple blockchains, which includes EOS, Ethereum, and TRON, which are ranked by specified metrics like, daily volume, daily users and several more and have plans for expanding more.
  • DappRadar filters the Dapp data and eliminates irrelevant and fake activity while offering actionable market intelligence. Additionally, Dapps can be tracked regarding their active users, transaction activity and token volume to offer knowledge about the trends in the Dapp ecosystem.
  • Since 2018, DappRadar had tracked daily metrics of more than 2,500 Dapps and over 11,000 smart contracts through the EOS, Ethereum, and TRON Blockchains.
  • Every Dapp has a smart contract. A smart contract is a unique program that is self-governing and executes by itself when certain conditions are met with. Although, Dapp is a blockchain-enabled smart contract that functions as a connector.

Vision of Dapp

DappRadar had earlier developed a leadership position as a trustworthy Dapp platform. It aims to play an important role in developing the market for Dapps by working consistently with Dapp developers and offering reliable data.

Dapp in the News

  • Last January, DappRadar associated itself with EverdreamSoft to launch its first blockchain game named “Spells of Genesis” on Ethereum. EverdreamSoft is Geneva-based and they are leaders in the usage of blockchain technology in the gaming industry since 2014.
  • Most recently, Dapp provided the list of top-ranked blockchain Dapps in its platform. Dapps offers insights and information about the current Dapps. It also gives information about topmost 10 Dapps for the benefit of the users.

Wrap up

A Dapp is just like an app, offering more benefits. The technology behind the Dapp enables a higher level of data security and control for its users. Besides, the advantages of Dapp are enormous; definitely, they will bring a change in how people work together with products and services. We need to watch how this is going to move forward.

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