Darewise Entertainment and DFZ Labs partner to boost Web3 gaming

Darewise Entertainment, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, and DFZ Labs have formed a collaborative alliance to enhance their mutual support in the realm of Web3. Together, the strengths of these two organizations will be combined so that they may gain knowledge and contribute to the development of consistent communities on Web3. Undoubtedly, this is an essential stride in advancing into the dynamic realm of Web3 development.

This partnership is based on Deadfellaz, an active streaming and content-creating Horde community that has become well-known due to its efforts. By employing Streamingfellaz, which are animated and rigged avatars created by Hologram Labs, they have been capable of live-streaming games on well-known platforms, including YouTube and Twitch. This has enabled them to be an intermediary between traditional Web2 offerings and the recently emergent Web3 environment.

This partnership will see the joint development and integration of customized avatars along with their unique content into Darewise products, specifically focusing on some aspects of Life Beyond. Coming updates include the launch of BOTS in Q2 2024 as well as the Alpha and Beta versions of Life Beyond, slated for September and December in that order. A source for further information on this venture is available at playlifebeyond.com

As a token of appreciation for this collaboration, Darewise has made a substantial financial commitment to the Deadfellaz universe by purchasing three PFP NFTs and fifty packs of NFTs from a forthcoming Deadfellaz Trading Card Game. This demonstrates their commitment to amassing this material and employing it in conflicts and community service.

Betty, the CEO of DFZ Labs, expressed her elation over this partnership and emphasized the criticality of collaboration in the Web3 era. She expressed how intriguing it is to collaborate with forward-thinking partners like Darewise and Animoca Brands. This cross-pollination will benefit not only their respective organizations but also the environment as a whole.

Darewise Entertainment’s chief executive officer, Benjamin Charbit, was enthusiastic about collaborating with Deadfellaz, a Web3 influencer of the highest caliber. He praised their influence on the gaming community, not only for their visually appealing graphics but also for using gaming to spread values and empower communities. Charbit is optimistic about this partnership and is confident that their combined expertise will enhance it.


Bringing these two groups together in a strategic partnership is another significant milestone for the Web3 industry, demonstrating how collaborations are critical to innovation, community building, and growth. They combine their abilities and work towards a common goal, setting a high standard for future partners. This is especially important given the dynamic nature of digital ecosystems.

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