Crypto shake-up! Dash & Arbitrum sink, but VC Spectra reigns supreme!

How has Dash (DASH) performed since its halving in June? The Arbitrum (ARB) protocol is gearing up for the injection of over $1 billion in tokens. What effect will this have on ARB’s price? In all the doom and gloom, VC Spectra (SPCT) stands tall; why is this? Keep reading to get the answers to these questions.

The bear market compounds Dash’s woes after the halving effect wears out

On June 23, 2023, Dash completed its halving. The block reward became 2.3097 DASH at the completion of the halving at block height 1,892,161. The Dash blockchain is halved roughly every 840,000 blocks or every four years. 

After the halving, the DASH price rose until June 27. The price rose 9.6% from $32.95 to $36.10 in four days. Next, there was a two-day dip before the price rose from June 30.

However, the momentum was over at the end of July 6, with the token falling 5.7% from $35.07 to $33.06 that day. Dash’s bear run continued throughout July and into August. The cause of this run might have been a diminishing interest in Dash. The token lost 14% between July 6 and August 16, ending that day at $28.41.

During the crypto bear market, Dash (DASH) fell further to $25.78 on August 18 but rallied slightly to $26.30 as of August 21. Due to recent developments, Dash is predicted to rally further and reach $28.89 by August 26 as the market exits the bear run. 


The airdrop of $1.1 billion Arbitrum could trigger sell pressure 

On August 17, statistics from Token Unlock indicated an expected influx of $1.1 billion in Arbitrum (ARB) tokens. The significant unlock event is planned for March 16, 2024, including the Arbitrum Team and Investors, who will collectively unlock tokens worth billions.

However, the token unlocking is not a one-time event. Following the aforementioned date, future token unlocks will occur on the 16th of each month for the next four years. While unlocking may offer liquidity and increase Arbitrum’s distribution, it may also introduce sell pressure, affecting the price stability of the token.

However, before the impact of the news could be felt on Arbitrum (ARB), the crypto bear market kicked in, sending ARB price tumbling. At the beginning of the day on August 17, ARB was $1.047. However, Arbitrum’s price was soon $0.992 as of August 21, a 5.3% decrease. 

Arbitrum (ARB) is expected to keep falling as the effect of the news kicks in. It is predicted to fall by 5.9% to $0.933 by August 26. 

VC Spectra (SPCT) is on the ascendancy as stage 2 of the public presale draws to a close

VC Spectra represents a decentralized asset management protocol and trading platform that provides investors enjoy a secure, lucrative, and transparent investment encounter.

On VC Spectra (SPCT), you get access to various profitable Web3 enterprises. The platform also prioritizes a long-term and sustainable investment approach with the aim of reducing risk. Regardless of financial expertise, anybody can invest with VC Spectra.

SPCT, a BRC-20 standard token, is used for decentralized trading, exchange, asset management, & covering transaction costs on the Spectra platform. The benefits of owning the SPCT tokens are quarterly dividends & buybacks, exclusive access to pre-ICOs, and voting rights. 

At present, VC Spectra (SPCT) is in the second phase of its public presale, where SPCT tokens are priced at $0.025 each. If you participate now, you stand to benefit from a 220% surge at the end of the public presale. Those who joined early, in turn, have already capitalized on 212.5% returns!

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