The downtrend in the market started a couple of weeks ago. The same has occupied the big forces of the market too. Bitcoin price dropped to $6,900, and so are the other coins. The price crash has disappointed the traders at large.

The intraday traders were anticipating a slight recovery that lasted for a day, and here again, the coin started falling. The tremendous fall in today’s chart is making them worried.

Dash Price Prediction:

Dash Chart by TradingView

Yesterday, Dash started dealing at $49.97. The price escalated to $51.15 by 2.36%. The price slipped to $50 in the later hours and marked a $2.34% loss. Further, the DASH price improved and touched $50.90. The progression was marked by 1.98%. The price slipped to $49.53 by 2.68%. Dash price improved towards the closing hour by 1.62% and touched $50.33. Today, the coin started moderately. The price moved from $50.33 to $49.02 by 2.54%. The price improved and escalated to $49.68 by 1.35%. Dash coin again slipped to $47.92 from $49.68 by 3.57%. The current price of Dash is $48.78.

The currency is battling with the bearish trend. The price counter is at $48.78. The coin has already breached the immediate support level at $49.92 and next level at $49.12. Dash price is slowly moving towards the major support level at $48.38. Dash is speculated to give best result to the long-term traders.