Dash (DASH) Price Analysis: Dash on the Swing to Hit the Skies!

Dash (DASH), formerly known as Darkcoin until March 26th, 2015, was released on 18th January 2014 is a privacy-centric digital currency with instant transactions. Similar to cash, Dash allows one to remain anonymous while transacting, therefore protecting the privacy of the transactions that are made over the network using a technology developed by the Dash team called DarkSend. The payments are private and cannot be tracked along with balances. The CoinJoin project inspires DarkSend. Dash utilizes the power of its Masternode network to power an innovative technology called InstantX. When sending funds, one can use InstantX and transactions will be fully sent and irreversible within four seconds. As of the current design, there will only be 22 million Dash ever created, making it a bottom out currency.


  • Dash has an outstanding performance since last month.
  • As per predictions of experts and various analysts, the price may cross 900-950 USD by 2020.
  • Dash’s short term performance forecasts a “strong buy” for the investors.


Current Statistics:

Dash (DASH) is in the list of one of that growth making investments ranked 14th in the crypto market.

The important figures for Dash on 3rd April at 11:04 UTC time are as follows:

  • Market cap: The market cap of this growing currency today is 1,167,140,714 USD.
  • The price (USD) 133.69 has been noticeable since it is increasing from last eight days, the last being observed at a price (USD) 89.69 on 26th This shows that there is 45.05% hike in the price in comparison to the point 8 days back from where it started increasing and showing an up trending market. The boom is easily compared from the least price (USD) 66.36 observed in the first week of February. This shows that Dash has started the year with low price on board and has worked its way out to give exceptional Return on Investment (ROI) which is more than 9000%.
  • The BTC price of Dash is 0.02684049.
  • The 24h volume is 513,464,868 USD that is circulating a supply of 8,730,487 DASH.

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The swinging pattern in the graph above shows that Dash has thoroughly abode with “sky is the limit,” and the same is likely to be the situation for the coming days. Therefore, investors of Dash are expected to have blossom time with their investments as the Dash market shows a strong hit in the bull’s eye.

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