Dash (DASH) Price Analysis: Will Dash Be A Bull In The Long Race?

Dash (DASH), formerly called “Xcoin” and “DarkCoin,” is an instant and semi-private cryptocurrency introduced in 2014 on the blockchain platform. It is the fastest and most secure digital currency in the world and is a peer to peer decentralized payment network. Dash was designed to make transactions faster and to have a better governance structure in place to overcome the shortfalls faced by Bitcoin.

Dash Price ChartAs on May 1, 2019, at 09:14:00 UTC, the market price of DASH is 112.55 USD. Price is up by 3.8% from the last closing price. Currently, DASH market cap is around USD 0.99 billion; the 24h volume is at USD 0.26 billion and ROI is greater than 9000%. DASH is currently ranked number 13 in the cryptocurrency world.  52 week High/Low is 521.14 USD and 58.27 USD. As on April 01, 2019 at 09:14:00 UTC, the price was 112.71 USD. The price movement has been flat over the past month with an increase of only 0.14%. Over the last month, the price has been somewhat stable. Due to the market meltdown last year in 2018, Dash has gone through a lot of ups and downs in its price. That was the overall crypto market scenario. But now its price is moving at a steady rate though there are few instances of fluctuations.

Analysts’ Forecast for 2019:

After a challenging 2018 where it faced a lot of negative market sentiment, Dash is slowly regaining its place in the crypto market on the support of major upgrades and an increase in its network base. Dash has begun 2019 on a steady note. It had made its presence felt in Venezuela and is now foraying into the Columbian and Thai territories. Dash has collaborated with many payment platforms thereby making it a worthy coin to invest in. Dash was designed to provide an optional privacy feature to those desirous of keeping their transactions private. Users can transact faster on Dash network and also the transaction fees are very low when compared with other cryptocurrencies. Hence it is a likable coin. It offers InstantX, which guarantees and confirms payments in around four seconds. Also, Dash owns itself; this allows any changes to be made quickly and easily. The Dash blockchain developers are working towards building “Evolution,” which is going to be Dash’s core goal of building a sustainable merchant and consumer-friendly blockchain. Users who want faster transactions at a lower fee and greater privacy features can always opt for Dash. As per Dash Predictions, they are positive about a turn in its fortune in the future and feel that for long term investors, now is the right time to invest as the price of Dash is going to increase multiple times than its current price.


Roxanne Williams

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